.ally-gallery .et_pb_gallery_item .et_overlay, Much of the ecological expertise has been rendered from work with the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia's northeastern waters. border-color:#ffffff!important; Missing Not specified  [90], The tsunami also reached Malaysia, mainly on the northern states such as Kedah, Perak and Penang and on offshore islands such as Langkawi island. Lion Geometric Art, Reports indicated that the tremors were not felt by the population. 1,500-metre-high (5,000 ft) thrust ridges created by previous geologic activity along the fault had collapsed, generating landslides several kilometres wide. [144] The announcement generated panic in the Indian Ocean region and caused thousands to flee their homes, which resulted in jammed roads. Chestnut Mare Horse,

Valentina Shevchenko Peru, We welcome submissions, http://www.reliefweb.int/rw/RWFiles2008.nsf/FilesByRWDocUnidFilename/KKAA-7GL5UZ-full_report.pdf/$File/full_report.pdf, Indonesia: Notes on reconstruction the December 26, 2004 natural disaster, Handbook on Good Building Design and Construction, Improving Earthquake Resistance of Small Buildings, Forced Relocation after the Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004, Post disaster governance, complexity and network theory, Post disaster governance, complexity and network theory: evidence from Aceh, Indonesia after the Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004, Building on Success:Effectively Responding to Multiple Disasters, Housing reconstruction and rehabilitation in Aceh and Nias, Empowering People After Natural Disasters, Governance, Linking environmental management and disaster mitigation, International assistance for recovery: UN institutional and regulatory mechanism for post disaster recovery, Organizational and institutional arrangements : Indonesia, Aceh economic rehabilitation and reconstruction strategy, Back to business in a conducive environment, Post disaster livelihood planning - the Sri Lanka experience, Rebuilding a safer Aceh against earthquake hazard, Measuring shelter recovery in Aceh - Indonesia, Two years after the Tsunami (Aceh and Nias), Post Tsunami restoration (Andaman and Nicobar Islands), Rebuilding homes and communities after disasters, Recovery reports: Thailand (from Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004), Progress in building an "end-to-end" Tsunami Early Warning and Mitigation System, Tsunami Recovery Status Report: Sri Lanka, Tsunami Recovery Status Report: Indonesia. Brief Overview of the Disaster by Countries    Missing Not specified  Consequently, tsunami runup heights vary from 5 m (16 ft) to 9 m (30 ft) with inundation distances varying from 44 m (144 ft) to 704 m (2,310 ft).

This considerably outweighed the allocation by the government to disaster relief and reconstruction of £75 million and came to an average of about £5.50 (US$10) donated by every citizen.

Types Of Barfi, On 9 February 2005, President Bush asked Congress to increase the U.S. commitment to a total of US$950 million. The rise in fertility reflects behaviors of two groups of women: mothers who lost one or more children had additional children earlier and women who had not yet had any children at the time of the tsunami initiated childbearing in its aftermath earlier than similar women in communities that did not have tsunami-related mortality. Approximately 5,400 people were killed, and 3,100 were reported missing. Georgia Bulldogs Football Schedule, However, the public health risks may have been exaggerated, and therefore this may not have been the best way to allocate resources. Dead 298  Communities along the surrounding coasts of the Indian Ocean were severely affected, and the tsunamis killed an estimated 227,898 people in 14 countries, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history. The deadliest-known earthquake in history occurred in 1556 in Shaanxi, China, with an estimated death toll of 830,000, though figures from this period may not be as reliable. Five years after the tsunami, fertility was higher in communities that had been affected by tsunami mortality, but not in other communities. Salted-over soil becomes sterile, and it is difficult and costly to restore for agriculture. 10,749 casualties were confirmed on 27 January 2008, most of them in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The 2002 Sumatra earthquake is believed to have been a foreshock, preceding the main event by over two years.

[83][84][85], At Port Blair, the water receded before the first wave, and the third wave was the tallest and caused the most damage. The rupture proceeded at about 2.8 km/s (1.7 mi/s; 10,000 km/h; 6,300 mph), beginning off the coast of Aceh and proceeding north-westerly over about 100 seconds. Because of the distances involved, the tsunami took anywhere from fifteen minutes to seven hours to reach the coastlines.

.ally-blurb2:after, In addition to a large number of local residents, up to 9,000 foreign tourists (mostly Europeans) enjoying the peak holiday travel season were among the dead or missing, especially people from the Nordic countries. There were no tsunami warning systems in the Indian Ocean to detect tsunamis or to warn the general population living around the ocean. NBA Basketball Teams Quiz. Am I Genderqueer, Wie du in nur 5 Minuten ein leckeres Brombeer-Eis zubereiten kannst,[...]. In deep ocean water, tsunami waves form only a low, broad hump, barely noticeable and harmless, which generally travels at high speed of 500 to 1,000 km/h (310 to 620 mph); in shallow water near coastlines, a tsunami slows down to only tens of kilometres per hour but, in doing so, forms large destructive waves. The earthquake generated tsunamis which swept across the Indian Ocean within hours. [80], Many villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh were destroyed. Celtic Squad 2005,

on December 22, 2014Australia's Bureau of Meteorology map showing the earthquake epicentre and what countries were affected.This photograph taken by tourist Eric Skitzi shows a tsunami wave hitting the beach of Batu Ferringhi on Penang island, Malaysia.An overview shows Meulaboh city under water 28 December 2004Along with the dead, thousands more remain missing 10 years on from the disaster. “Mental health in Sumatra after the tsunami.” American Journal of Public Health. Destruction was greatest in the Indonesian provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra, where an estimated 170,000 people perished and the built and natural environment was damaged along hundreds of kilometers of coastline.

Thirty-five fishing boats from Taiwan in Phuket, Thailand, were beached and damaged; sailors suffered minor injuries. Ufc Fight Videos, Leah Emanuel,

Injured 2214  A major bridge in, One boy died after swimming in the Quinera River at, 10 killed, an unknown number of people missing. Schopenhauer On Human Nature Summary, Other aftershocks of up to magnitude 6.6 continued to shake the region daily for three or four months. The tsunami heights from the 2004 December earthquake Over 2,200 Swiss nationals are estimated to have been in the affected area at the time of disaster. [31] This energy is equivalent to over 1,500 times that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, but less than that of Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated. Despite early worries about Cocos (Keeling) Islands, no casualties were reported. Man In The Wilderness (1971), Alison Riske Wimbledon,

Missing Not specified 

Injured 8,457  width: 1em !important; Eyewitnesses often compared the December tsunami heights with the "rainy-season high tide"; although at most locations, the tsunami height was similar or smaller than the "rainy-season high tide" level. We also consider height of children, a marker of health and nutrition predictive of later life health and prosperity. The impact of the waves was so severe that four Oil tankers of IOC were thrown almost 800 m (2,600 ft) from the seashore near Malacca to Air force colony main gate. Sri Lanka TS-2004-000147-LKA  [62], Lhoknga is a small coastal community about 13 km (8.1 mi) south-west of Banda Aceh, located on a flat coastal plain in between two rainforest-covered hills, overlooking a large bay and famous for its large swathe of white sandy beach and surfing activities.

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