Being doted, she thinks nothing of everything, although his friends disapprove of it. Many years later, when she came back again, she had changed her name and had become the regional director of V.N Group. The characters in this game are part of our webcomic series "Braver Than Angels." 3.3m likes, Romance She gets insulted by the other party after waking up the next morning. Can love bring her true happiness in the end? Everyone is hiding emotional problems of their own, no matter how much they smile.

The eldest daughter of a rich and powerful family. Will she be together with her fiance? 1 most-praised & most-hyped in Romance list, "To be my wife, three conditions that you must have." Being a caregiver for a 18 years-old young man with the brain of a 5 years old boy? There can be love inside an office setting as well; Would you rather choose the thoughtful but apathetic director or the mysterious but alluring CEO?

To seduce the emperor of country, Yinqian Kingdom, the fox spirit turns into a horse so as to sneak into the imperial palace. • One is pampered and born with a silver spoon in her mouth while the other is impecunious and dependent on others for living.

Who will be the girl’s Mr. Condescending from a princess to a Cinderella and falling down from the cloud all of a sudden, Tong Xin Wan had no choice but to ask her fiance for help.

An accidental shooting task made her the object wanted by him?! A romantic relationship after marriage thus began... Due to an accident, she walked into his heart. "I want to have a baby, our baby." However, there are gaps of status, classes and hatred between them, in this confrontation between vampires and humans, will they finally break the rule and be together? Well because it's Richard Young who asked a favour. One of signs that someone likes you perhaps is that he or she is will to built physical intimacy with you. After the domineering man appeared, Lin zhi not only had her son be taken away, but also her heart!

What’s worse, Qiu Jinyao seems to be completely different, and she actually makes a match between Qinghai Ye and Gong Juren? Now the laughing stock of the industry and broken down, she could only flee the country and study overseas. 138.4k likes, Romance When she is a horse, the emperor Bo Liang likes her very much, but when she transforms into a human, he turns a blind eye to her ... being badly stricken, Hu Xiao Cha decides to go back to her homeland to continue her cultivation, and it turns out that behind her seduction, there hides a great secret. Warfare, revenge, love and hatred, happiness and sadness... At this time of turmoil, can their hard-won love be secured? She thought she was the onlooker of others' love story, never did she expect herself to be the focus of a love triangle?! This is the story of a peasant, a sick dragon and many princes. At the annual commemorative activity, Qianxia’s memory was roused, the truth of the accident also emerged, and behind all these there was a huge conspiracy! Could it be fate that they met?

(2nd Wiki) Chasing game? Lovely pets and hilarious relationship, trigger your adrenaline! Is their marriage a mere arrangement of their families, a exchange of interests or the beginning of their love...? Accidentally being saved by her classmate Cheng Xu, Ai Xin loses her heart to him, even if she fails in professing to him, Ai Xin still doesn’t want to give up and continues chasing her Mr.   •  People told me not to be fooled by his appearance. Sweet Home The one she never dares to offend. The female boss of the beautiful nightclub Lan plays the fool for the sake of getting a divorce appointed husband. She blushed, "You're shameless!". The comic is suspenseful from the first chapter, with unique imagination and distinct style. She would never ever fall for a guy like him!

THE VOICES TOLD ME TO. Why does he have three faces?! Four fiances died in one year... who's going to be brave enough to marry me now?! When he still didn't know why, he has protected Leia Gu relying on his instinct. And what about yours? With super weirdo personalities, Lamida and her love not only bring disasters to Gaavin, but also to everybody around her. Eleceed Bumpy love between Best Actor and popular actress. The love and hatred between two people from different countries and spaces thus begins... As an ordinary girl who lives a happy life, Chen Xiyan never imagined that she would be caught to another world and forced to travel in space. A-Student x F-Student, the ONE who you like x the ONE who likes you, who will you choose? Let's see how she's chasing after him like crazy! Nel is a cat with the ability to transform into a human. Bastard • He hopes to get back together with her, only to be involved in one conspiracy after another. 1.5m likes, Romance 36.7k likes, Romance

Romance of generations from business familes. Tracey met her childhood playmate Neil when she was back in town, but what had happened in childhood has made them strangers. Intending to pay her back and punish her, after becoming acquainted with her, however, his heart actually beat for this "man"? As a result, MiaoGe An started to fight a battle of wits and courage with XiaoJing the moment she stepped into the imperial palace. As a cub reporter who wanted to expose the truth, she was framed into an "artificial human", luckily, she met him. But Xiao Chenyang turned a blind eye to her indifference and he felt no ice cannot be melted. Lookism She's the labeled the despicable empress by countless men. Forbidden romance. The fourth brother is beautiful and likes dressing girls' clothes. "I know I'm handsome, but you can't keep looking at me like that, or else I'll get embarrassed." When the girl unpopular with men is targeted by the evil man, what should she do?!

This is safer for everyone (who has a baseball bat). The people around you know the good in you, after all the eye cannot see itself. Soul Cartel • • She died when she was 16 years old and her soul traveled to 17 years later. While it never comes to her that she would be stuck in gossip with such a cold, heartless and bossy figure. Miss Abbott and the Doctor • Xiao Jue didn't know the identity of Xia Nuanxin, but only felt funny to tease her. She tried to roll with punches but life really tore her apart. Although she is framed by her sister, she didn't give up and face all difficulty, setback and challenge bravely. On her way to catch the other woman, she surprisedly finds that the so-called the other woman is a super handsome young man?! Faced with the dangerous imperial harem and the extermination of her entire family, she never yielded! Aura from Another Planet Wiki What would you do if your favourite artist unexpectedly posts a drawing of you on the internet one day? A fantastic adventure of time and space is about to start!!! Now we have another comic whose contents include top woman killer and time-travel. Climbing through the window makes me feel better.".

Why does this man look so familiar, did she meet him somewhere? How nice of him to pay for the reparation cost of the glasses. When May opened her eyes, she found herself stuck in the body of Evangeline Amelia Alcmene, the infamous, useless heroine in an unfinished webnovel she was reading before she had died. Let’s see how the innocent on the outside but scheming on the inside heroine take the revenge! Unspoken relationship between domineering president and rich prince used to be, Story of fostering an independent commercial talents, Never try to figure out what's on a president's mind. The dissolution of engagement is about to begin! In Rascal High School the strongest and richest live at the top of the chain while the poor live as the food chain. Girls of the Wild's • Some people want love, Some people want power, and Some people want revenge... what about you? Born in a poor family, she was picked home(hole) when she wandered the street, and the one who picked her actually knew her for several generations. Simples. For the slower people out there: Boxing=sex.

The Boxer Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Contract before, hatred before and deep feelings after. Created by prestige Chinese comic creator Chen Lan and this comic won numerous awards, The heir of Rochester Group, the grim bodyguard, the leader of a mafia gang and the mystery private investigator, 4 heroes with different personalities x domineering private investigator heroine. How to put an end to it!? But... my wife seems to be unqualified! A reimagining of the Grimm Brother's classic tale of Snow White, from the perspective of the Evil Queen. As a top killer in the Killer Employment Center, after being framed by her own aunt, she is caused to be pregnant by a stranger. Why always run into him in awkward moments? The co-living life begins with sweet and many accidents! Author, this character setting isn't right! 114k likes, Romance Don’t take me for granted! She reborn. To help the girl, she provoked one of the four masters of Emperor High -- MuYi Chen and became the public enemy. This is the story of two men who love the same woman. This girl with a thousand-year-old jade in her body is the successor to the previous master of these Thousand Year Cat Men. A conspiracy that had been planned for years began to leak out... After a night, her boyfriend became her sister's fiance, while her parents wanted her to serve an old man. Taking the wrong road, on the first day of school, she accidentally witnessed the crying of Julian Summer, who is a delicate and good-looking top student in Mingtang High School, and their first meeting turned to be an unpleasant one. I’ve had a crush on you for a long time! Orange Marmalade • TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Elaine, disguising herself as an ugly girl to avoid troubles, took in a pair of twins at an especially dark night.

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