Start buying those really rusty pieces of iron because you love the challenge. Thank you for the information you've posted. Any manual charger that you see at flea markets. Aluminum pieces will dissolve. But an electrolytic cell can also affect the electrodes to which the voltage source is attached, either by adding material, removing material, or both. until today. The most common set up for an electrolysis iron cleaning tank involves a plastic storage container or the like, sturdy enough to be capable of holding eight or more gallons of water, and a car battery charger.

The one you want to clean and another you don�t. Or, completely surround the skillet with stainless bucket/tub. Now hook your red clamp to your scrap iron and the black clamp to your griddle. The very small ones just don't put out enough (.75A) amperage.

FORUM: Setup 1: Setup 2: Setup 3: Close Window: Rust Reduction Electrolysis Setup. Also, the battery charger you use must be a manual one, or have a manual charge mode. If the water gets to the point that it looks too funky to use, just dump it and start fresh. If you need to restore a rusty old skillet or other cookware, this easy-to-make E-Tank is the way to go .

Hello.I'm trying to strip an old Griswold 7 but the only battery charger I have is an automatic that refuses to put out more than 2 amps. If you have a 5" wide skillet, you need a 6" wide metal plate on both sides. Simply refill your water level when you need to due to evaporation loss. You probably have most of them laying around the garage already. Right now, I have my dad looking for an extra 55 gallon steel drum where he works. The carbon will fall off. Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning: A Science-Based How-To, two steel plates without holes (again Home Depot, about $2 each), Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda – which is sodium carbonate not baking soda which is sodium bicarbonate – (Ace Hardware carries this – Home Depot and Lowes do not).

I like to leave a corner up out of the water to clamp the charger to, but it can be submerged if you like. As long as it's a plastic tub that you are placing it in, yes. Always remember to unplug the charger before touching the water. Cast Iron pans can last generations if treated right.

The process also both coats and rots the "sacrificial" piece of metal over time, so it needs to be scraped down occasionally, or flipped so that a clean side faces the piece being cleaned, and, eventually, replaced. Can u simply use a plastic 5 gallon bucket w 2 iron rods one clamped on each side (one side POS and the other neg and then use a metal pipe or thread all to lay across the top to suspend the piece to be cleaned from?? I actually saw the website you linked to, which gave me the idea of using a steel container as the anode. To avoid the foregoing types of concerns altogether, the use of graphite as an anode appears to fit the bill quite nicely. .

Always turn off the charger before playing in the solution. Granted, buying a new charger specifically to strip your pans makes no sense. Another hour in the tank cleaned the handle and removed a few other spots; it now sports a layer of flash rust that’ll require another pass after I strip the other two pans…. ‘circuit computer’. Never touch the water without unplugging the charger first. You can't use the rebar. Any cast iron cooking utensil can be cleaned. The list of materials needed to build the tank is simple. Many of these products i would not want anywhere near cooking vessels i use, and even the most non-toxic products are quite expensive compared to this method.Cheers, Daniel. While out antique shopping about a week ago, Krissy brought home a nice Wagner #3 cast iron skillet from an antique mall in Delaware, OH. A little bit of rust won’t truly damage them. Electrolysis is largely a line-of-sight process, meaning the side of the piece closest to the sacrificial metal will become cleaner first. Just use a wire brush and clean them after each use. A supply of Sodium Carbonate.

If you already own a fully automatic charger and don't wish to purchase a manual one, there is a workaround, although it necessitates the use of a 12V car battery. Set your charger to a manual, 12-volt setting. until today.We have been using the deep cycle on a 10 amp automatic battery charger and were able to do so without the addition of the suggested “work around” of a 12 volt battery in between charger and bath.Today, we decided to try cleaning a modestly encrusted, gate marked, thin (suggesting old) pan. Sacrifice the lawn furniture! Or, completely surround the skillet with stainless bucket.

You have the idea down. Do you know whether that is true or not?Again, thanks so much. It is extremely flammable. Don't use aluminum or galvanized. It you can post before and after pictures, please do so.

If I didn’t see this post, that would be my #1 choice, or possibly just set it on a lit pile of charcoal in a grill until it burns out. Why does a trickle charger not work - does it just take lot more time? The ultimate is stainless steel as it will be less affected by the process, but don�t use your wife�s stainless steel potato masher without permission (voice of experience here). It is prudent, therefore, to insure the area around the setup is well-ventilated, or, better, to consider doing it outdoors. 4. 3. Make sure it is secure enough so that a bump won�t tip something over. the washing soda creates an electrolytic solution which permits the current to flow from the cathode (item being cleaned) to the anode.You know how rust is iron oxide? The larger the surface area of the anode and the more it surrounds the article to be cleaned the better. This does not have to be an exact measurement. Some of the answers allude to this, but nobody has said it explicitly: There is a big difference between "stripping" the pan, and simply cleaning it. Published: December 1, 2014 Last Updated: October 30, 2019. Which would be easy to do since you've got the two metals so close.

If you put something between the piece and the metal, a "shadow" of crud will be left on the piece where the object blocked the flow of current from the piece. Some may remember high school science class experiments in which electrolysis was demonstrated to break down water into its molecular components of hydrogen and oxygen. Two readily available sources are "PH+" (a swimming pool I just turn the piece around from time to time. Be ingenious with your setup.

If so, wash well with soapy water. There will be no lap marks. Among the variety of restoration tools available to the dedicated vintage cast iron cookware collector, perhaps the most useful of all is cleaning by electrolysis. It just seems simpler, but I was a little concerned about having the pot sitting out with a positive charge going to it, even if it is only 12v.

If you don�t it will let you know. A stick or section of pvc pipe to extend over the tote to suspend the cast iron with string. Also, I've read conflicting accounts about whether using stainless steel produces some sort of toxic by-product. Try a coffee can with the lid flipped up and the side split and spread out. If not, check your connections. A 6-volt charger or a trickle charger will work, but will be extremely slow. One of the great things about cast-iron cookwarRestore rusty cast iron with this easy to build electrolysis tank. How long does the electrolysis take? Hey Curt, I've recently become interested in many of the things my grandparents did, & cast iron cookware is one of them.

In fact, as I think on matters, I can’t think of a good sacrificial plate I have on hand, so….

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Don’t place the charger above the tote so that it might accidently get knocked into the water. Bars, rods, or plates of compressed extruded graphite are available from a variety of sources. Some advanced hobbyists use sodium hydroxide aka lye to achieve a double-acting electrolyte/cleaning solution, but for most, the simpler and less-hazardous washing soda will do. Two identically rusted Lodge #7s, before and after electrolysis: As you read about the usage of electrolysis for cast iron cleaning, you will often encounter a few caveats about the choice of materials for the sacrificial anode. How to Build an Electrolysis Tank for Cast Iron Restoration By Michael Pendley author of Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes September 25, 2019. I’m skeptical of forming magnetite in the kitchen, too. If something doesn�t look right, stick your hand in the water and straighten it out. An automatic charger will see the electrolysis tank as a charged battery and shut itself down. While any charger will work, a 12-volt charger capable of 35 to 40 amps is ideal. The pans required half a dozen hours each, so you’re definitely looking at many charge cycles.

The other, red connector goes to a piece of air conditioner cabinet steel sheet metal I get from an HVAC guy who often has panels of new, unpainted metal left over from his installations.

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