Post-surgical tummy tuck scars are unavoidable.

This is because the stretching of the abdominal skin flattens the stretch marks, decreasing the degree to which they indent the skin. Additionally, your doctor might also do some other pre-operative tests to ensure that you can safely have an abdominoplasty if you have a pre-existing medical issue that puts you at risk of surgery, such as heart disease or pulmonary disease.

For best results, patients should also look for a doctor who has been working professionally for several years.

The cost of a tummy tuck will depend on many different considerations, including: With so many possible variations on a tummy tuck, it can be difficult to pin down an exact price one might expect to pay. Tenderness, bruising, pain, and swelling usually subside after about four to six weeks. It is important for patients to be honest and thorough when discussing their medical history.

Abdominoplasty is done for purely aesthetic reasons: to have a flatter and more toned abdominal area.

Will a tummy tuck affect my existing tattoo? You will have anesthetic medication inserted in your IV, and it will paralyze your muscles to the extent that you won't be able to breathe on your own.

Since smoking hinders recovery, your doctor may also ask you to quit smoking if you are a smoker. [3], The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that across the nation, the average cost for abdominoplasty is $5,391.

All hospitals run complete background checks, so if the doctor does not have privileges, there is serious cause for concern.

Your surgeon can foresee potential complications and take steps to lessen the possibility of these occurring. Any stretch marks located slightly below the navel are often removed along with the excess skin while the remaining stretch marks often appear less prominent after tummy tuck surgery. The thought of tummy tuck surgery can be scary or overwhelming for someone who is not familiar with the procedure. Here one can get the safe and desired result of the treatment.

Until then, they should take gentle sponge baths. Learn more here about Abdominoplasty surgery in Chicago If this is the case, an anesthetic medication will be injected into your IV to make you sleepy.

This elective surgery is one of several some may consider when looking to slim their midsection, such as may be desired after significant weight loss.

While a doctor's affiliations are definitely important, individuals should also check to make sure the doctor operates at a fully accredited center. Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

In: StatPearls [Internet]. A clean, sterile, operating room lessens the risk of contracting an infection during the surgery. Anesthesia, the anesthesiologist's fee, and the surgical facility fee are typically billed separately. Why do I need to wear a compression garment? Plastic surgery procedures performed include the surgical reshaping of facial organs, hair transplantation, breast reshaping, reconstruction, genetic reshaping, and other face and body contouring treatments. There are several things you can do to decrease the risk of blood clots, prior to surgery. When you have your doctor’s permission, you can return to work and start to exercise..

Read our, Medically reviewed by Maria M. LoTempio, MD, Medically reviewed by Jennifer Schwartz, MD, Medically reviewed by William Truswell, MD, Bad Plastic Surgery: The Complications and Realities, Blood Thinners Before, During, and After Surgery, How to Care for Your Incision After a Tummy Tuck, How to Reduce and Manage Pain After a Tummy Tuck, Panniculectomy for Removing Excessive Skin Procedure and Risks, Colorectal Surgery: What to Expect on the Day of Surgery, Splenectomy: What to Expect on the Day of Surgery, Surgery: How to Prepare for a Splenectomy, What to Expect From Minimally-Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery, What to Expect the Day of Your Gastrectomy Surgery, What to Expect After Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery, What to Expect on the Day of Your Exploratory Laparotomy, minimally invasive laparoscopic technique, Champagne Groove Lipectomy: A Safe Technique to Contour the Upper Abdomen in Abdominoplasty, High-Definition Excisional Body Contouring: Mini Lipoabdominoplasty (FIT Mommy) and Enhanced Viability Abdominoplasty, Surgical Management of Diastasis Recti: A Systematic Review of Insurance Coverage in the United States, Measuring Outcomes in Cosmetic Abdominoplasty: The BODY-Q. A tummy tuck surgery is an elective cosmetic surgery that you might consider if you want to have a flatter, firmer appearing stomach.

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