IT has pleased God in some measure to connect my name and labours with an extensive movement of the church of Christ, regarded by some as a new era in its progress, especially in relation to revivals of religion. CF Autobiography of Charles G. Finney Edited Helen Wezel - Charles Finney.pdf. THE author of the following narrative sufficiently explains its origin and purpose, in the introductory pages. CHARLES G. FINNEY, 1792-1875 AUTHOR OF "LECTURES ON REVIVALS OF RELIGION," "LECTURES TO PROFESSING CHRISTIANS," ETC.

A MEMORIAL ADDRESS by William C. Cochran. Charles Grandison Finney (August 29, 1792 – August 16, 1875) was an American Presbyterian minister and leader in the Second Great Awakening in the United States. Finney was best known as a flamboyant revivalist preacher during the period 1825–1835 in upstate New York and Manhattan, an opponent of Old School Presbyterian … T HE author of the following narrative sufficiently explains its origin and purpose, in the introductory pages. PREFACE. CHARLES G. FINNEY AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY (1908 version) 6 PREFACE. He left the Charles G. Finney Chapter 1 Charles G. Finney: A Biographical Sketch Charles Grandison Finney (1792-1875) was a lawyer who, after converting to Christianity, became one of the foremost American ministers of his day. CHARLES G. FINNEY by J. Gilchrist Lawson, A very brief Biography. AUTOBIOGRAPHY BY THE REV. The life of President Finney fell in times well adapted for the development of the remarkable natural abilities with which he … Charles G. Finney for 30 years. by G. Frederick Wright, A Biography by someone who knew and worked with Rev. I COUNT myself fortunate in the subject of this Memoir. MAN OF LIKE PASSIONS by Richard Ellsworh Day, a brief Dramatic Biography. - - - - 1876.

His ministry efforts played a central part in a widespread 19 th century revival of American A Biography of Charles Grandison Finney By G. Frederick Wright, D.D., LL.D. As this movement involved, to a considerable extent, the development of views of Christian doctrine which had not been common, and was brought about by changes in the means of carrying forward the work of evangelisation, it was very natural that some misapprehension should prevail in reg… CHARLES GRANDISON FINNEY. He has been called The Father of Modern Revivalism. He left the manuscript at the disposal of his family, having never decided, in his own mind, that it was desirable PREFACE.

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