The history of the great revivals in America has been misinterpreted by the critics of revivalism. More than fifty-eight years later, when Park wrote of the occasion, he declared he could recall the impression made upon him as distinctly as on the night itself.

Vance Havner gave the sense of the Scriptures on this subject when he said, “What we call revival is simply New Testament Christianity, the saints getting back to normal.”  It is God that gets us back to normal in response to our wanting to be made normal. In published form they immediately commanded widespread sales. Rice, John R., Dr. Rice, Here Are More Questions. Calvinism can stifle or hinder this Scriptural motivation. See all the topics in the series, Watch the latest video message from Shyju, Text Won’t Do – A Video Message to the Revival Generation, Three Key Factors That Make Way for Revival – Part 6 | Revival Series. The truth is that Fundamentalism does not need to be revised; Fundamentalists need to be revived! Ibid., p. 125. . Moody; and they read the works of Finney. The teaching which Finney was concerned to see overturned could not be of God because it was so useless in obtaining the conversion of souls. He had little practical appreciation for the concept of “eternal security” as most Fundamentalists believe it today. There is false rumor in Fundamentalist academia that Mr. Finney promoted an “easy-believism” and would do anything to claim large numbers of conversions. Christ’s death on the cross, according to Finney, was not a payment for sin as much as it was a demonstration that God was serious about keeping the Law. With that comment he dismissed the meeting.’ James L. Snyder. He had moved away from the strict Calvinism of the Puritans. So there was a visual demonstration, it seemed, of the truth of Finney’s teaching and a justification of his claim that revivals could indeed be promoted by the right use of means. What the critics are saying about the history of revival in America and about Finney’s influence is very simple: (1) they say that the Great Awakening of the Eighteenth Century was our country’s purest experience with God-sent revival. In using this article, link back to this blog, do not alter wordings or charge for it.]. If preachers will only do the right thing they will not only secure the conversion of individuals but they will secure revivals. God’s people began to understand more and more that the reviving of the saints and the conversion of sinners, although both distinctly works of God, nevertheless came in response to the repentance, faith, and obedience of believers seeking revival.

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