After an hour and a half of the drill with one of my friends, I’m sure I gained 15-20% on my forehand. In this video, Ken Westerfield is throwing distance with a Wham-O Midnight Flyer Frisbee (140-150grams) in the 1970s, but he also used this same technique for ultimate pulls with a 175g Ultra-Star.

Grasp the disc with your thumb on the inside and four fingers on the outside. It will be worth the time. If done right the disc will roll as far, if not further, than you can regularly throw it. Then slowly move your wrist towards your back, the further you can, the better. Alright, so we have been over the basics. Very useful when the time is right. Although there is progress to be made on both our parts, such a quick progression is very encouraging.I even experimented with your 3-finger grip and had some success so it’s something I’ll consider moving forward. The elevator pass isn’t suitable for the outdoors because the wind can easily interfere with the disc movement. A 360 body rotation before the backhand release can give you the additional throwing power for an extra 10-20 yards and help to power through erratic winds, this isn’t a theory, its physics. The scoober is very similar to the hammer, but it is not thrown over your head. We use cookies to improve your experience. The 360 arm rotational whip is where the additional speed and power is generated.

With your index and middle finger under the disc and your thumb on top, start by facing your target. It’s similar to the position you take when throwing a football. You should hold your disc upside down and bring it above your head like a hammer before releasing it. The playing field of the Ultimate Frisbee sport is usually rectangular. These are the throws that you will want to master first. Ultimate can be played outdoors, indoors and on sand (with slightly different rules for each). Westerfield was a 1960s freestyle, ultimate and disc golf  pioneer and a top overall competitor with world records in the 1970s. The easiest and probably most commonly used throw. Good for short, medium, and long range.

I tend to struggle with self-confidence but I will definitely shoot for A Team and leave it all on the field. Your wrist will help you control the spin as you snap. This throw is also good for windy days since the wind will not affect the disc while rolling on the ground as much as it would while flying through the air. Only short range. Knowing and being able to perform multiple throws is useful because different throws will help you in different situations. This is a lot easier then I am making it sound. Be sure your computer/browser is up-to-date or the images will not play. Pull your wrist all the way back along with your forearm. The history of Frisbee can be traced way back before the invention of popular childhood plastic discs. It’s amazing to see how much more distance I’m getting with only the wrist. If done right the disc should start out tilted and slowly turn upside-down. The Ultimate HQ may receive commissions from Amazon and Universe Point for some products posted on the site, these commissions are used to 1) Keep this site running 2) Cutting edge research on the latest dad-jokes and 3) To keep the Ultimate knowledge flowing. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Difficult to maneuver but very useful if done right. It’s achieved through the combination of both the hammer and the thumb. We have an entire page dedicated to teaching beginners how to flick. The best way to achieve this is to behave like you’re about to launch an axe at your opponent.

Ultimate Frisbee Throws: The Basics.

There are many different ways to throw a frisbee, all wielding their own unique characteristics.

Can be used for short, medium-range, and long range if you get good with it. The trick is to cast it strictly over your head and across your statue, fast and furious. Except for the players that don’t have it and their excuses for not needing it.”. Know them and practice them for they are the most useful throws in a competitive environment. But exciting and unique throws make the game that much better. The backhand is the first and easiest throw that a player learns, and it is the most commonly used because it is the most natural way to throw a disc. In the two Frisbee pulling articles on this site, “360 Whip Forehand Throw” and “360 Backhand Pull,“ Ken Westerfield offers you a way to increase your power for ultimate’s two primary huck and pull throws. The “360 whip forehand” is thrown with a slightly different release, than a pass. With a slightly bent arm hold the disc like a backhand at a downward 45 degree angle in front of you. The psychology of a game depends on the level you are playing on.

Backhand can be used for short, medium, and long-range passing. From here, pull your arm straight back and bend your wrist all the way back while still keeping your arm and the disc parallel to the ground. The disc will start out tilted at an angle, but it will naturally straighten out in flight, eventually being upside down when it reaches its target. But don’t try rolling the frisbee to a teammate in the middle of a game, that will be an obvious turnover. By you unbending your arm slightly you should have given the disc some forward thrust. The players in these videos are each using slightly different 360 techniques, but all are equally effective. But sometimes a situation will call for a little more spice. Not ready to sign up for the training video? No worries, I know it’s uncomfortable giving your email out. You’ve seen softball pitchers do a similar 360 arm rotation when pitching and how much whip and speed they can generate with that pitch, as opposed to an underhand pitch. If the disc corkscrews then you are probably throwing at too much of an angle for for that particular distance. This throw would not be ideal for a long-range throw. Begin by focusing just on the arm rotation and the release. 1.Position your arm directly above you and turn it around like you’re opening a doorknob. First, hold the disc with your pointer and middle finger on the inner side of the disc, your thumb on the other side. The top of the disc should be facing your left side.

Wheeler. It marks the beginning/ continuation of the game/playing. Hold your disc in an upside-down position like a hammer and charge for a throw while your arm attains a bent position. If done right the disc will be level and go up about 15 feet then back down, still level, and land about 10-20 feet away. This does not have to be a fast rotation to be effective, make it slow and deliberate. 360 Whip Forehand Instruction and Practice. Now, move your arm forward and release everything with massive speed. How many ways are there to throw a Frisbee? Also, regarding the mindset I appreciate the kind words from you. Your email address will not be published. Not recommended for outdoors because the wind affect it greatly due to the lack of spin/power. The following advanced throws are all variations of the three basic throws already discussed. To throw a roller with a backhand, you should angle the disc a little less than vertical—about 70 degrees. Remember that most of the disc’s propulsion comes from the wrist snap and not much from the arm. My forehand, which kept turning over and was extremely inconsistent, has improved immensely even just with that tiny training session. To achieve the desirable spin, let it “fall” off your thumb. This is the best way to learn how to throw, so let’s get started.. (All throws will be explained as if you are right handed). Focus on making it more fun by adding a little spin. I can’t say enough how much your free training means to me.

We did your inside out forehand drill for about half an hour and all I can say is… wow! To give it a spin, snap your thumb towards the left. Let's launch some plastic!

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