Recent terror attacks, how fake are they? " Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see ", Tommy Mair / Jo Cox, Manchester 'bombing', Rendlesham UFO, Witness statement analysis of the 2017 Manchester Arena 'bombing', The 2017 Manchester MEN Arena 'bombing' documentary, Exposing the man behind the Corona virus scam.

Official website Richard’s website along with much of his content is available for free via YouTube or directly from He was also a regular on Not Necessarily the News from 1982 -1990 and his famous ‘sniglets’ segment was eventually compiled into two books. Horse psy-op, Saville psy-op, Horsham, Twins & UFOs! Rendlesham UFO case, statement analysis of witnesses, Prince Andrew, London Bridge "attack" & the Salisbury poisoning Skripal affair.

Nov 17 Tue. 2016 Tour, Mars rovers, NASA, animal mutilation. Jo Cox, Paris attacks, Fabricated Terror, Auschwitz. Manchester Arena bombing, Worldwide animal mutilation study, Croydon Cat Killer, Madeleine McCann cover up, a new hypothesis, The Wikileaks pantomime and the battle for Brexit, Brexit, Jo Cox, Manchester Arena "bombing", Richplanet activities update & a light hearted video diary, Statement analysis of the corrupt Jo Cox investigating police officers, MP Jo Cox Assassination investigation, Brexit, Thomas Mair, The Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill, new science, Hidden technology, secret space programme, Rendlesham UFO. University of Leeds, 2011 Exopolitics Conference, 7/7 London Bombings, Intelligence Analyst speaks out, HAM Radio, Pirate Radio, Lockerbie disaster, Nuclear weapons, earthquakes, military bases, Ancient knowledge, 360 day calendar, pyramid placement, Abduction/Contact cases reported to Richplanet, UFO cases reported to & BUFOG. Rich Hall was born on June 10, 1954 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Rich Hall has always included music in his shows since the Otis Lee Crenshaw days and in 2010 he began bringing his talented band of musicians with him to Edinburgh, London, and everywhere in between for a mash up of music and comedy in his distinctive Hoedown show.

Follow No One is an award-winning International Rock Act featuring Rich Hall & Pedro Murino Almeida.

Madeleine, EU, News, Subversion, LGBT, Hawking. Madeleine McCann & the establishment cover up, Ed Fouche, the TR3B & the U.S. secret space programme, Media subversion tac-tics, police corruption, The Discovery of King Arthur in Glamorgan.

At the Edinburgh Festival 2000, Rich Hall as Otis Lee Crenshaw won the highly prestigious Perrier Award. Rich is an American Born Singer/Songwriter & Pianist and all things synth. Richey Edwards, ancient aliens, evidence of E.T.s on Earth, alien abduction, UFOs & Evidence for alien visitation of planet Earth. Starting with their very First Release, Guardian Angel in 2016, Follow No One continues to wow fans with amazing guitar work and Powerful Vocals! Social Media behaviour, slacktivism & the CIA, UFOs, disclosure, Travis Walton, the media, Interview with computer expert Gary McKinnon, Is there a link between crop circles & 9/11, A new theory for the formation of planets, NASA Puppets, space travel & perception management, Fake Terror & Extremism, MH370, Mar Rovers, Patsy Driver - An Investigation into Cumbria Massacre, An update on UFO's & NATO - Human Mutilations, UFO spotting & unexplained seal mutilations. November 2020. This allows them to create unique and captivating music, whether it be for their Fans on Radio, Film or Media.

Agenda 21, "sustainability" global fraud. In 1998, Rich Hall created the character Otis Lee Crenshaw, a redneck jailbird from Tennessee, who has been married seven times, all to women named Brenda. COPYRIGHT © OFF THE KERB PRODUCTIONS 2020

Follow No One is the Brainchild of Rich Hall & Pedro Murino Almeida. More evidence of a NASA's Mars Rover deception ?

Their focus is to Incorporate the Greatest Elements of Rock and Roll's Past & Present into a unique and exciting New Brand of Rock.

Nov 08 Sun.

Postponed. Rich Hall Ilkley, King's Hall And Winter Garden.

This is a comedian who’s plain spoken growling indignation and acerbic observations have an unerring talent for hitting his targets with precision every time, leaving his audience hanging on every word winning him fans all over the globe. We Love all the Countries and can't wait to visit you Soon. A lecture about WHAT happened on 9/11 - Part 2, A lecture about WHAT happened on 9/11 - Part 1, Energy weapon used on 9/11 & the cover up, The Crown, murder attempts & extreme bizzarreness, State sponsored terrorism & Sandy Hook shootings, CIA media infiltration & mainstream propaganda.

Follow No One's Epic song, Bring Me Peace. 19-03-2020: Watch: 280: Danielle & Lloyd Bryant: The ground breaking medical discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer.

Rich is well known in the United States for appearing and writing on The David Letterman Show (1982-84) – for which he won two Emmy Awards.

Rich Hall was #10 in Ents24's Hardest Working Comedians of 2018 list. Hall has been described as a transatlantic messenger lampooning each country he visits with his common sense, and he is no less harsh to his homeland. Hypothesis of an alien satellite around Earth. Rich began performing at a young age in theater, but found his true calling performing & writing music. He was a writer and cast member on Saturday Night Live for the 1984 – 1985 season and he appeared a few times on Late Night with Conan O’Brien between 1994 and 2004. By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc. Spread the word and we'll get there sooner! Hall has also released two very successful stand-up DVD’s in 2001 and 2009 through Universal Pictures UK.

The award-winning Montana native is renowned for his expertly crafted tirades and quick-fire banter with audiences. Rescheduled. Otis Lee Crenshaw charmed sell-out audiences each year at the Edinburgh Festival, throughout the UK, at comedy festivals in Australia including Adelaide and Melbourne and at London’s famous Comedy Store, where he had a monthly slot for six months.

Fear No Evil. Did Boscovich discover a unified field theory? There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. ©2018 by Follow No One & Unsigned Bands Inc. @USBandsinc. Richard D. Hall: Exposing the man behind the Corona virus scam: 18-04-2020: Watch: 281: Richard D. Hall: Is this girl living in North Carolina ?

If this is the first time you have heard of Mr. Hall, then you are in for a treat.

Evidence which shows planes were not used on 9/11, UFOs and NATO : The Human Mutilation Cover Up - PART 2, UFOs and NATO : The Human Mutilation Cover Up - PART 1, Object resembling a pyramid underground in Wales, Military charities, UFO Truth Mag, Lloyd Pye, Control of TV, Search for Secret UK Bases, 2013 UK Tour: 9/11 cover up, media & money, BBC "Madness in the Fast Lane" documentary, Woolwich fake terror, UFO Citizens Hearings, UFO Truth Magazine, Nick Pope, Rendlesham film script, Indisputable evidence of King Arthur in Wales, Looking at inconsistencies in the Apollo missions. Apollo moon missions, did they go to the moon? ‘As close as it gets to a guaranteed good show’. He has brought three plays to Edinburgh Levelland (2006), Best Western (2007) and Campfire Stories (2009).

After the end of Fridays, Hall co-wrote and starred in the satirical comedy series Not Necessarily the News from 1983 until 1990 where he coined the term "sniglet" to describe newly created words and collected and published several volumes of books of them. Evidence of a NASA's Mars Rover deception ? Hall's first professional work was as a writer and performer on the original David Letterman Show (1980) and the sketch comedy TV series Fridays from 1980 until 1982. Rich Hall’s critically acclaimed grouchy, deadpan style has established him as a master of absurdist irony and the king of rapid-fire wit. Pick it up at the store. Where is Tommy? Other strings to his bow include being the inspiration behind Matt Groening’s character Moe Szyslak from The Simpsons as well as being an accomplished author, having released three books: Magnificent Bastards, Otis Lee Crenshaw: I Blame Society and Things Snowball, all released by Abacus Books, as well as penning articles for The Guardian and The Sunday Times.

The wrongful arrest of Tommy Mair and the staged attack on Jo Cox. Was Saville part of an MI5 child sex entrapment operation? His other UK TV credits include Have I Got News For You, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, QI, Live At The Apollo, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Stand Up For The Week, Comedy Gala Live At The O2, Stand Up For The Week, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, Jack Dee’s Sunday Service and Edinburgh Nights. A singer-songwriter, Otis writes bourbon-soaked, Tom Waitsian tunes and blends this with audience banter, producing a perfect fusion of music and comedy. His work has been featured in film & video, as well as a successful career involving his own musical acts.

Rich Hall’s latest album Working Dog has just been released and can be bought along with his debut album Waitin’ on a Grammy – available to buy on CD and download now here on the Off The Kerb store. He was also a regular on Saturday Night Livefor the show's tenth season (1984–1985), becomin… Tall White E.T.s, Grey E.T.s & "Norwegian" E.T.s, The economic crisis, central banks & money, Islamic Uprising, 7/7 bombings & "Beyond Knowledge II", MkUltra, Mind Control & UK Victims, Super Soldiers, Thy Pyramids, the holy grail, hidden knowledge, False Flag Terrorism & How the mind works, Making the Starship "Studio" & Dr. Rauni Kilde (Pt2), The Phobos UFO & Scott Felton's UFO interest, Turkish academia's knowledge of UFOs & Vimanas, The control of mainstream media and information, Mind control programmes, "creating" celebrities, The Astronautical Thoery of Strange Aerial Craft, 2010, Ulysees, The gay alien from Gateshead, Police UFO cases, Rendlesham UFO incident, Disclosure, The Disclosure Project 2001 Press Conference, Animal Mutilation & The Government Cover Up, London 2005 bombings, justice, Muad'Dib hearing, The Disclosure Project Press Conference 2001, Out of body experiences, UFOs & mind control, New World Order, media manipulation, UFOs, Animal mutilation, terrorism, UFOs, religion, Gulf of Mexico oil disaster & Peak Oil scam, Evolutionary theories, 1983 UFO case & Heapey Depot, Covert 1950s assasination team & hidden technology, Media mind control, Manchurian candidates, Mind control, MKULTRA, psychotronics, implants, hypnosis, 1973 helicopter UFO case, Aztec UFO, & LA 1942, UFOs cases, Malstrom '67, Stephensville '08, Alaska '86, 7/7 London bombings, false flag terrorism, 9/11 Physical evidence, what happened to the towers, 9/11 TV footage and amateur video analysis, Physics, light, gravity, space, time and dark matter, The truth movement.

Protocols, Julian Assange the fake truth seeker. Rich Hall’s critically acclaimed grouchy, deadpan style has established him as a master of absurdist irony and the king of rapid-fire wit. The Orion Mystery, Giza Pyramids, Egypt, Bitcoin, London nail bombings, MI5, MI6, Gareth Williams, Archeology on Mars, the Moon and the rest of the Solar System, King Arthur - Wilson and Blackett, Holy Grail, British History, Avalon, Phone hacking, Milly Dowler, police corruption, MI5, MI6, Searchlight, Notes from the Borderland, David Shayler, Self sufficiency, , nature, growing food, Anastasia books, fake reality, Jo Cox, Birmingham 6, Sex, climate, 9/11 technology, Jo Cox, Tommy Mair, LGBT, Birmingham Six, Alan Wilson, Cover up of discoveries in space & secret space vehicles, Kill Jill : The Dando Assassination Explained.

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