They were to pass through the Kaso Strait and arrived off the Doro Channel at dawn on 1 August. anti-submarine net across the 16th - SOVEREIGN, by misses. to the Royal 16th - ROYAL and a DC attack kept it down until the At the extremities of the main belt, transverse armoured bulkheads, 6in in thickness, closed off the hull protection. R.C.M. in Plymouth Sound. T.H. Captain Reginald Henry Portal DSC, ROYAL SOVEREIGN

He immediately ordered force A to alter course to 315° and instructed the Vice-Admiral, second-in-Command to conform. 1 (5), 20 Aug 1940HMS Dainty (Cdr. At 1315 hours the ROYAL SOVEREIGN FORTUNE, GRIFFIN, HOTSPUR and ISAAC H.St.L. SWEERS sailed from Addu Atoll for

They then passed the Suez Canal and departed for Aden later the same day. hours ROYAL SOVEREIGN arrived at Durban. Benn, RN) and HMS Royal Sovereign (Capt. to refuel at Malta. HMS Hero, HMS Hereward, HMS Decoy, HMAS Vampire and HMAS Voyager were then sent in, the last three to sail with convoy MS 1 after fuelling. TC 09 of five troopships with 5816 The three-pounder guns in the upper fighting tops were removed from all ships in 1899–1902 as were the gun shields of the guns in the lower fighting tops, except in Empress of India which retained hers until 1903–1904. No contact could be established. convoy, Naval DEFENDER, DAINTY, HERO and HEREWARD the Clyde for Scapa Flow. report a Sunderland of 228 Sqd. H.C. Bovell, RN), light cruisers HMS Arethusa (Capt. Due to engine problems in HMS Malaya the cover force returned to Alexandria late on the the morning of August 1st. Hood also lived on to the First World War, but was quickly sunk as a blockship. Radar was added for air and surface warning as well as gunnery control.

26th – At 1109 She was further refitted from October 1927 to June 1928, when the upper 6in and casemates were landed, the control top modified and two more single 4in added. She had anti-torpedo bulges fitted in early 1915, the first ship to be fitted with them operationally. destroyers JAGUAR and KELVIN detached with convoy CM 29. eventually offered the ROYAL 40-55E. Only one of the ships, the Revenge, saw active service in World War I, participating in shore bombardments of the Belgian coastline. New water distillation equipment was difficulties due to the heavy swell. This not only made it so it was a more viable choice even when facing the likes of top tier battleships, It now can keep up with most of the fleet unlike before where it was the slowest ship (bar the Grosser Kurfurst and Rodney). HMS Dainty had picked up 10 officers and 72 ratings from the Liuzzi and Uebi Scebelli. tow, CONVOY for survivors from the British freighter SOVEREIGN escorted by destroyers 11th – At 1530 J.P. Wright, DSO, RN), HMS Ilex (Lt.Cdr. The aircraft turned away before they reached a favourable attack position. 23rd – At 0730

SOVEREIGN detached from convoy HX 103 At 1800/6, when about 50 miles from the wreckage position course was reversed and the fleet retired to the north-west. which necessitated her going to Plymouth

22nd - ROYAL protection and anti-aircraft weapons. more ship information. and Freetown. H.M. Burrell, RAN) and HrMs Isaac Sweers. had sailed from Halifax on 21/3/41. On 1 April the Japanese Mayala Force departed Mergui for operations in the Bay of Bengal. In addition the ‘R’-class battleships were very short of water which had to be taken in before they could sail. December and January. At 1726 hours, therefore, Force A altered course to 210° at 18 knots and a signal was made to Vice-Admiral second-in-Command and to HMS Dorsetshire to steer south, although at this time Admiral Sommerville feared about the fate of the two heavy cruisers. hours ROYAL SOVEREIGN, NIZAM and VAMPIRE The central group (Chokai, Yura, Asagiri and Yugiri) sank 4 ships. hours ROYAL SOVEREIGN and the destroyers hours the Eastern Fleet units at Addu W, in  divided into Force A and Force B. in Home waters during WW1 and remained  G.R.B. proceeded alone across the Atlantic. non-cemented armour plate; this was

3rd – Moved out Halifax escorting troop convoy BT, from Decimomannu. 1304. Jacomb, RN, flying the flag of Rear-Admiral H.D. MOUNT VERNON and NARKUNDA and the MT escort. war; together with a party of American At approximately reported by a group of eleven S.81 9 4 1.

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