The Cylon colony is struck by a volley of nuclear warheads accidentally launched from a dead Raptor, and Adama orders Kara Thrace to jump the ship before Galactica is destroyed in the conflagration.

The incoming Cylons on the advice of Gaius Baltar do not come in firing instead send a delegation to negotiate with Roslin and Adama for the Eye. He rarely raises his voice and only does so for brief moments when necessary or when he loses control of his emotions. During this second career he rose to become a Commander, the lowest rank possible to command a Battlestar. The fleet is soon confronted by four Cylon Base Stars and Adama orders all civilian ships to jump away. Two thousand civilians and the battlestars Galactica and Pegasus at half-strength.

Since Adama fought in the first Cylon War, he knew that the Cylons could use electronics as part of their offensive repertoire.

After Adama starts considering not only an alliance with the Rebel Cylons, but to let them join the fleet. Adama agrees to allow Cavil's Cylon faction access to the resurrection technology held by the Final Five in return for a promise to never again assault humanity. The Cylons eventually attempt to land on the planet and take the temple.

Species Come on in, Cylons. The CNP was later purged from Galactica's systems as well as the remainder of the Mark VII fighters. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Although Adama does not join the applause for the Colonel, he cannot hide a small smile. In the Caprica spinoff series, Markus Towfigh plays William "Bill" Adama as a young boy. Like many servicemen after the end of a conflict, he was discharged. Nuke us into oblivion. Biographical information After spending the night at the ruins of a holiday resort, they made their way to the hub, losing Sgt. Along the way they are joined by most of the crew and they reach CIC and retake it without firing a shot, arresting Gaeta and Zarek who are both there. Although he survives this assassination attempt, the brush with death changes him somewhat: some say that his more emotional leanings are a post-traumatic reaction to the shooting, but Adama jokes to Roslin that he thinks that he is "just a wuss.". Why are we as a people worth saving?

He commonly gives orders in formal tones and words, even to his son. Adama was born to Joseph and Evelyn Adama, and was named in honour of his half-brother per Tauron tradition.

Look at us. Adama himself was inspired to sign up because of men like Ezra Barzel and Deke Tornvald who were hailed as heroes across the Twelve Colonies due to heavy censorship by the govern… Unlike many other characters, he is rarely angry for an extended period of time, and seldom holds grudges. He calls for volunteers and is able to rally enough of the crew and civilians to execute the mission. Although not immune to all negative emotions, during such times, he is able to rebound from them quickly and rarely allows them to influence his decisions. He reached the facility to find it to be a laboratory where civilians were being experimented on. Once he had been promoted to the rank of Major, he secured Tigh's reinstatement in the Fleet as well. "Good!

In the final season, religion, and by extension fate and destiny, play a major role in his decision to execute the final mission to rescue Hera Agathon from the Cylon home world - and through these course of events, and by fully submitting to himself to the ideas of religion, fate and destiny, ultimately allows mankind to find their new home, later renamed Earth. These events precipitated his transfer to the ageing Galactica as a graceful swan-song to his career before returning to haunt him three years later. To prevent Cylon forces intercepting wireless communications that would endanger the mission, the two officers were made to believe they were being sent to a nearby asteroid field to search for automated missile batteries until they were out of Galactica's DRADIS range, whereupon their real mission began. Sina Najafi portrayed a William Adama (Willie) as an eleven year old in Caprica. Xander Toth had survived to meet with them. Even at times of intense stress, when his son was in harms way, he has been shown to treat him similarly to other members of his squadron, almost never showing favoritism - strictly maintaining rank and treating those under his command in an extremely formal manner when addressing or interacting with them.

[3] He in turn was named after their mutual grandfather, William, who was killed during the Tauron Civil War with his wife, Isabelle. Even with his later romantic partner Laura Roslin, he is shown to mostly call her by her formal title, again showing the importance he places on formalities and rank. Adama brought Tigh with him as his XO. ", Soon after Galactica and the Colonial fleet discover the lost planet Kobol, Adama is shot by "Boomer", a Cylon sleeper agent, which places him in mortal jeopardy. Admiral William Adama was an officer in the Colonial Fleet.

Adama eventually commands Galactica on her final mission: an operation to rescue the half-human, half-cylon child Hera from the Cylon colony. He found himself serving on a commercial freighter on the Caprica-Tauron run, where he met a fellow former Viper pilot, Saul Tigh.

1. The brief negotiation leaves both sides in a stalemate, if the Cylons attack Galactica or attempt to land on the planet Adama would nuke the temple, if the Colonials attempt to take the Eye the Cylons would attack. During the resumed hostilities, Adama shields Laura Roslin from the gunfire while Galactica crew kills the Cavil faction Cylons present in the CIC. This tragedy drove a wedge between Adama and his surviving son, Lee, who blamed his father for pushing Zak into military service. More of an excretion. When the Cylons locate New Caprica after a year of no contact with the human race, Adama is forced reluctantly to flee with all the ships still in orbit.

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