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This song absolutely slaps. I expected to like ‘Nobody Like You’ but weirdly I can’t get into it. Release Date March 9, 2020. Just wanna be me, be me I do what I wanna *shrugs and sends comment*. Title: WANNABE. ( Log Out /  Be sure to add your own rating by participating in the poll below! Wannabe feels more confident and self-assured though, which is probably one of the main reasons it pulled me in, to the point I consider it not only Itzy’s strongest title track but one of the best of this year as well.

[Post-Chorus: All] Nuga mwora haedo nan naya Nan geunyang naega doego sipeo Just wanna be me, be me I love the rap break, which is even surprising to me but the pullback when Ryujin says “aw yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah” is so addictive, I have it stuck in my head all the time. I love how JYP isn’t scared to bring rock elements into the group’s music.

It least had a chorus. hold on... is she singing "everybody everybody everybody touching me"????? I wanna be me, me, me

I wanna be me, me, me

TWICE's Jihyo & Kang Daniel break up after 1 year and 3 months of dating, The concept that fans want SM Entertainment to do again for a girl group, Netizens talk about why NiziU has no fans in Korea, Hyeme former Rania & BlackSwan member admits to scamming allegations refuses to payback, Mnet's 'Idol School' revealed to have manipulated votes to include three members in fromis_9's debut, Actor Kim Sun Ho offered male lead role in next drama while still in the middle of filming tvN's 'Start Up', New tvN drama 'Day and Night' unveils dark, ominous posters of Nam Goong Min, Seolhyun, & more, AKMU siblings go emo in 'Happening' comeback poster, Black Swan's agency to file counter-lawsuit against individual 'A' accusing member Hyemi of scamming + girl group to halt promotions temporarily, Fans say TWICE looks traumatized in singing live during their "I Can't Stop Me" encore stage due to all the criticism they have received about their live singing skills, Chinese netizens angered over BLACKPINK members coming in close contact with pandas, YG Entertainment will not release the last episode of '24/365 with BLACKPINK' after recent baby panda controversy. Change ). 5. In other related news, ITZY took out all of the new female artist awards during the 2019/2020 awards season, including the 2019 Kpop Review Award for Best New Female Group. ‘Nobody Like You’ The comeback will be the group's first since the release of their 2nd mini album ' IT'z ME' back on March 9. I don't wanna be somebody Each week, I’ll be taking a listen to the newest kpop releases and giving my thoughts. ‘That’s A No-No’ [Bridge: All, Ryujin, Yeji] The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion, Song Review: Ha Sungwoon – Forbidden Island. ‘Ting Ting Ting’ Predictability can be a bad thing, but in this case I’m delighted that ITZY have established such a strong brand for themselves. ( Log Out / 

[Pre-Chorus 1: Yuna & Chaeryeong] Nothing much to say about it. Nan geunyang nail ttae wanbyeokhanikka I wanna be me, me, me © 2007 - 2020 6Theory Media, LLC. ‘Wannabe’ God I love Itzy so much… Ryujin can step on me, I particularly love the long break after the 2nd chorus, and totally hope it can become a trend!

And, the comeback is everything you’d expect. ’24 Hours’ Itzy started the year with the continuation of their showcase tour in the United States, starting on January 17 in Los Angeles. I'm so bad bad charari igijeogillae On March 9, 2020, Itzy released their second EP, It'z Me, and its lead single "Wannabe".

ITZY haven’t made a comeback since last summer, but their presence has definitely been felt within the K-pop industry during that hiatus. This song has what ‘Ting Ting Ting’ lacks. I almost wish it could have been the title track, although that would have been a huge shift in style for them, and I do like their signature sound. The song grows more powerful as it goes on, culminating in a breathless, stuffed-to-the-brim dance break. Check back frequently for new reviews and commentary on everything kpop! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Pyeongbeomhage saldeun maldeun naebeoryeo dullae? Jansorineun Stop it araseo halge When it comes to this particular style of girl group pep, no other act is doing it better. Personally enjoyed Nobody like You and I don’t wanna dance. The only problem I had with it was the vocals.

(I wanna be me, me, me)

Its so good and so catchy! And I just love the attitude in the delivery. I do my own business => ZippyShare.

I also really love the male vocals in the instrumental hook which gives this an anthemic feel. The guitar on the refrain sold me instantly on the song, any buried treasure here? No No hae malhaebeoriljido molla neona jalharago Very happy that ITZY continues to stick to their signature sound. 2, but there’s no shame in aping one of the best tracks of 2019.

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