Have the volunteers stand in front of the room. My first idea was to design this vocabulary game with the  Heads Up App on my iPhone. However, you can keep customizing that ONE deck all you want without paying anymore. "position": "3",

Take your Heads Up game online - Diverse categories let you challenge your smartypants friends and entertain your kids for hours, all from one app!

Heads Up! Not sure if I would even need to bring technology into this one, worked out great on the cards. The kids LOVE it as do I! It’s not 100% perfect but my students love it, so until I can find the time to tweak it to my liking, it’ll work! Nicole :), Looks like fun! Can I keep track of points for each player? ), Hi Suzy!! If you are playing with more than 2 people, you can combine the points on each team, and whichever team gets the most, wins. Can you change the time you have in each round? […], […] Bonni shares about teaching with Ellen’s Heads Up iPad game […], […] Ellen's Heads Up Game is a Lively EdTech Tool […], […] Heads Up Game is a Lively EdTech Tool – it still continues to be the case, four years later. Is the custom deck available with the Android version of the game? (Warn them about trading ahead of time, if you’re going to ask them to do this.) I’m wondering how you find/download the custom Heads Up deck? Kids replaces text with pictures so that kids who can't read can also play along. Getting Better at Heads Up! We spent the first 5-10 minutes of class seeing how many of the words the class could get. I teach high school and would need my students to use their own phones. For those of you without an iPad, or who are looking for a different game format, Richard Byrne introduces us to Jeopardy Rocks. Filed Under: Educational Technology Tagged With: games. Then, you can add a subtitle in the bigger, middle box. This article has been viewed 189,028 times. You can use the Heads Up ESL game as a warmer or to practise almost any type of vocabulary. app to see how many decks they allow. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a97665f51df3d083d428b6c1b64ff0f6" );document.getElementById("fcd3c55a4b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Tags: advanced, beginner, grammar, intermediate, kids, vocabulary, warmer. You can give any clues, just don't say a word that is included in the answer. Heads Up, Seven Up (sometimes called "Seven Up", ... head. As far as I know, there aren't any specific rules about passing. I do an activity similar to this but with paper, using the app would be a great addition. It will sync the purchases, though, of the decks! Better still, they are having fun while learning and are getting to know each other. If at any point the player holding the phone can't figure out the answer, they can tilt the phone up to skip to the next answer. It also taught them the rules. :) We played this at our Fall Party!! We’ll call them the Seven. ***. One person on that team holds the phone up to their forehead with the screen facing out. Card Decks include: Celebrities Movies ️ Animals Accents ‍♂️ Superheroes Characters And lots more! You may need to adjust your microphone settings. It sure is much more engaging than handing them a list of words and telling them to memorize them.

} Use the latest version of, Get the latest ESL resources in your inbox, Enter your email address below to receive our newsletter, Teaching vocabulary? Something easy and low-barrier to engage students from the get-go. By: Mary Kienstra on: April 22, 2016  in: #tlap, geometry vocabulary, vocabulary I frequently refer to “Don’t Do Their Work: Active Learning and Database Instruction,” a fantastic article in LOEX by Jennifer Sterling, which covers different active-learning activities she uses in her classroom. After one teams turn is over, the next team gets a turn. Do you know if this option is available on Android? The game then starts again. (“Cereal? Why not use games to help kids learn vocabulary? My classes played Ellen's HeadsUp game, again, today. "@type":"HowToStep", It’s a great way to get students thinking about synonyms and related words for keywords, and it absolutely starts the class session off with a high energy level.

Heads Up is featured in our article on the 15 Best ESL Games for Adults, which explores lots more great ideas for classroom games. "description":"The teams take turns playing." It worked great on my phone. I know my students are learning these words and enjoying it as they do. Hello Nicole,I'm a senior at Kent State University studying middle childhood education. Third, it's time to CUSTOMIZE!!! "name": "Projector" That night as I was drifting off to sleep, I came up with the idea to adapt the game for my class the following week. So much fun! […] Do a quiz using PollEverywhere, or play the HeadsUp game. Just be aware that in many of these instances players use gestures as well, which should be outlawed in this classroom game (for an gestures-based guessing game see Reverse Charades below). Adapted from the classic party game, try the Musical Chairs ESL game for a fun warmer or review game. I’m a huge fan of what the simple notecard can do for us as learners and teachers. "@type":"HowToStep", (This version includes different timer gifs on each page. We'd love to showcase your submissions- find out more here. This game comes with a variety of pre-loaded vocabulary sets (especially designed … Play the heads up vocabulary game to teach content words. What do I do if the words placed on the forehead continue to flash on and off when playing Heads Up? It’s a great way to get students thinking about synonyms and related words for keywords, and it absolutely starts the class session off with a high energy level. While the Heads Up app is fine for more advanced students and smaller classes, the vocabulary is often difficult for ESL/EFL students. We played a very short round as a class with me holding the index cards to my forehead while I listened to their clues. ?”) Probably the most laughter that’s ever occurred on my watch. Typically, I cover library research basics in the sessions I teach: breaking a research question down into keywords (this is hard for freshmen!) Heads up! for a PowerPoint presentation. % of people told us that this article helped them. The greatest part about this app is that you can CUSTOMIZE it with your very OWN deck!! How do I set up payment options for new decks when playing Heads Up? Nicole :), Hi Nicole, just came across your post, thinking of using a customized Heads Up deck for a corporate meeting. When you have a title you want, click EDIT YOUR CARDS. Preparation: – Best played in a classroom with desks. I wish I could show their faces because they are PRICELESS!!!!!! I'm only going to buy maybe 3 so I can have one for reading, one for math, and one for vocabulary that I can just keep changing. is an app that was created by Ellen DeGeneres and is great for parties or social situations. Students absolutely get the connection between Heads Up! Depending on the level of your students, and how many words you have available, you may want to allow zero, one or infinite passes per turn." based on the old game Password, wherein the player who’s “it” must guess a word they can’t see based on hints from their teammates. Heads Up! It has been a couple of weeks since we played the game. If you download and install the game, playing Heads Up! Alternate who holds the phone and who acts out the clues so everyone on each team gets a chance. This is the first year I can honestly say that my students are really internalizing the vocabulary!! Kids engage with the words by giving the clues and guessing the word. }. You will need a set of appropriate words for the students to describe. Ensure that a microphone is installed and that microphone settings are configured correctly. Receive a free Educational Technology Essentials Guide,weekly teaching blog and podcast show notes. It’s a great way to get students thinking about synonyms and related words for keywords, and it absolutely starts the class session off with a high energy level. She’s also a Professor of Business and Management and teaches a few times a year in an Educational Leadership doctoral program. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. "@type":"HowToStep", I created a custom deck on my phone using the geometry terms the kids are reviewing. Download “Keywords” Word Document (adapt and reuse freely) ». Select seven volunteers. Each correct guess scores one point for their team. How about snapping one next time you use it? I could try to scale it up to the iPads in my classroom, but that would require the tech department managing the app purchasing. These are just some ideas! No real deep learning was going on. Got a picture or video of this activity in action?

It worked great on my phone. If they guess correctly, the guesser takes the place of the person who pressed their thumb at the front of the classroom, and the person who pressed their thumb returns to his or her seat. If you don’t have an Internet connection, you will need to prepare your own list of words/phrases in a computer slideshow.

That's too bad because it looks like a great way to review. Can't get better than that!! app in our classroom a couple weeks ago, and it has been nothing short of a hit!!! Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. […], CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Teaching in Higher Ed | Designed by Anchored Design.

{ This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. (Nov. 9th) A Weekly Li... Sunday Savings Circulars!!! Make sure everyone is seated. Let me know if you use these or other active-learning approaches in your library classes. Kids broke off in groups of three to play, taking turns holding the cards to their forehead or providing the clues. Bonni Stachowiak is the producer and host of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast, which has been airing weekly since June of 2014. Once I purchase the customizable deck and create it, can I share with other who own the same app? "@context": "http://schema.org", However, there were sure some benefits to us starting out a class that way, early in the semester. Go to settings app and go down to Heads Up!

After each team has had one turn, repeat with new students guessing for future rounds. Summary: Classic game to play in the classroom! { Start Your CYBER Shopping EARLY!!! Heads Up! For instance, if the card says "alligator" you can say something like "It's a green reptile with a long mouth and lots of teeth.". If I have a card that says "YOLO," can I say "You only live once"? }, One of the terms was baby boomers.

}, Please check your entries and try again.

No speech was detected. What do I do when the option doesn't change after I tilt my phone? Spoon? Usually, students get between 2 and 7 words. If you are using a tablet, you can put the tablet in front of you instead of placing it on your forehead. How to Play the Heads Up Seven Up Game: 1. Then Seven Up, also known as “Heads Up 7 Up”, “Thumbs Up”, “7 Up” or “Heads Down, Thumbs Up”, is not only a game that can be played among all classroom sizes, but is super easy to learn and needless to say: super fun! Depending on the level of your students, and how many words you have available, you may want to allow zero, one or infinite passes per turn. They were completely involved in the games, helping each other figure out the geometry vocabulary. },

For example, if the word on the screen is "cliff" you can say something like "precipice, crag, or bluff. {

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