Characters in the Guilty Crown series are sorted according to their main allegiance within the anime, manga, and video games.
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Then I have to act that way because that's how everyone treats me! Notably, this also ends up being the last thing Mana says to him. Turns out that Mana's psychotic post-infection personality got passed along in the cloning.

Turns out that Shu was the much stronger one out of both of them when they were children, and he was determined to one day become like Shu.
To Gai. It's when Yuu stepped in that things started going downhill. He was a genius scientist who died during Lost Christmas, before the start of the series. Later when the other students find out that they can die if their Voids break, they believe that Shu was aware of this all along and rebel. Shu and Hare pursue them, and they all end up getting surrounded by Anti Bodies.

He acts so cocksure largely because he sees it as the best way to lead Funeral Parlor. ", Voiced by: Takahiro Mizushima (Japanese) and David Trosko (English). Gai: Greetings, deceased fellows. Mana begins taking control over Inori's body to hurt people, leaving Inori horrified at what Mana makes her do and fearing that she's slowly losing herself to Mana's possession. His Void is an odd pair of shears with the power to end life.

Shu doesn't remember this at first because he suppressed all his memories related to Mana and Gai after the trauma of Lost Christmas. By Episode 22, he wants to return to his old ways and is convinced that killing. Only Inori's blood helps stave off the crystallization and even that starts failing later on. King? A real doozy. Shu becomes a villain protagonist, although her relationship with him is still platonic. It gives him... After Hare's death, Shu blames Souta due to the fact that he indirectly got her killed out of a misguided desire to prove he isn't useless. He saved Daryl because he thought that deep down Daryl was a nice guy. after getting broken by Hare's death and deciding that he'll become king and separate the good from the trash. an experimental facility where young boys would have horrific experiments involving the Apocalypse Virus performed on them. Finding out what the destruction of their Void can do to someone.

told her to heal the car that exploded when Daryl attacked them. Shu's rejection of Mana ends up causing the Lost Christmas event and dooming Japan, Yahiro and Inori consider it to be the only way to get it to work.

His Void forces him to take on the 'sins' of those he uses through absorbing their weaknesses. It was Keido's fault--creating the Void Genome on his own had been the absolute last straw.

He was actually good friends with Keido, though his string of successes (including the creation of the Void Genome) caused their relationship to sour spectacularly, eventually resulting in his murder at his old friend's hands.

Using his second Void Genome leads to him contracting the Apocalypse Virus. His forced Void extraction on Inori after.

but is, in fact, deeply affected by their deaths and doubts his abilities as a leader.

Using his second Void Genome leads to him contracting the Apocalypse Virus. However, he also absorbs out the donors' weaknesses, whether physical or psychological, taking them upon himself. It's just that I don't know what to say to other people. He is the driving force behind Shu's plans. From that point onwards, one of his primary goals is to see Shu's Genome in action as much as possible.

His Void allows him to absorb the Voids he has drawn from the time he acquired the arm onwards.

This might have to deal with the fact that she turns out to be an.

She has feelings for Shu.

He. The three main characters of Guilty Crown themselves.

Shu OumaVoiced by: Yūki Kaji, Minami Tsuda (child) ( …

Shu's classmate and a member of the motion picture research club. Inori denies him attempting to join her in death, pushing him out of the energy field that turns her into crystal and sucks her away.

He takes advantage of Arisa twice in Episode 17. after the Lockdown. While he'd already been through a lot of shit and held up remarkably well, Episode 9 breaks him.

Her Void is a set of sleek, high-tech leg braces, boosting her leg strength and allowing her to 'rollerblade' at extremely high speeds. Because I... belong to you now. Yes, this includes machines like Endlaves.

Shu agrees with him and proceeds to punch him repeatedly. Yuu is an mysterious blond-haired boy who first appears in Episode 11 to aid Keido in his quest for world domination. Even after the Apocalypse Virus destroys Mana's sanity, Mana threatens and nearly kills him, and the virus results in her triggering Lost Christmas, he continues to try and save Mana and eventually succeeds in reaching her in the end. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Episode 9 hints that he had the Apocolypse Virus (as this is why he can see Voids) and is reinfected by it in Episode 10 and Episode 11. Voiced by: Yu Shimamura (Japanese) and Tia Ballard (English). The popular internet idol singer of the band Egoist, who Shu is a fan of, sixteen-year-old Inori doubles as a member of the resistance group, Funeral Parlor. His mother Saeko Shijou was infected by the Apocalypse Virus, and pulled a. is the embodiment of self-sacrifice, which is what he tries to do for humanity in the finale.

He starts to feel this in Episode 5 towards Inori's and Gai's relationship.

It's deconstructed since doing so led to Hare's death. she can face off an Endlave battalion by herself and hold up very well.

The, and in Episode 16 when he's revealed to be. After a covert mission to steal the GHQ's Void Genome goes wrong and she ends up injured, Inori meets Shu and entrusts the Void Genome to him. Hare's death, only this time with a heavy emphasis on "jerk". I wanted to get close to her and touch her hand! Hare's death, and to a lesser extent Jun's, causes him to become seriously deranged. An unsociable seventeen-year-old high school student at Tennouzu High School and a member of the modern motion picture research club, Shu gains the ability "Power of Kings," enabling him to extract weapons from other people, after a chance encounter with Idol Singer Inori Yuzuriha.

A GHQ anti-drug officer with an impressive arrest record, brought in to take on the Funeral Parlor. Maybe it's true that my mind works out of step with everyone else's.

A real doozy. He was rescued in Episode 4 by Shu and Funeral Parlor. He loses his rank and becomes a prisoner in Episode 18 for betraying the other Ghost Units.

Have you forgotten? After Hare's death, he's set on going through with it after all. "I'm not going to apologize. He later does this to Gai and Mana in Episode 12. Hare's death, and to a lesser extent Jun's, causes him to become seriously deranged.

Yahiro's younger brother, who is infected with the Apocolypse Virus. After all his adventures, he's rewarded with blindness and a missing arm requiring prosthetics.


Shu calls him out on this later.

And even then, he doesn't always stay dead!

he might not even be his father's child at all. Category:Characters | Guilty Crown Wiki | Fandom. And by the end of the last episode, she's the only love interest of Shu's that is still alive (or, at least, still has her physical body).

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