MrEasyUK, October 12, 2017 in General Discussion. I have a tendency of once shooting at a ship to be like a bulldog and bite and hold it until it is dead, which often gets me killed quickly. I haven't been up the British line at all, but honestly... the Russian cruiser line isn't that bad. With that fire rate and 6 inch guns. That being the case I have quite a bit of experience with Tier 8 and 9 gameplay which often means Tier 10 gameplay. I enjoy playing my Minotaur though often it is a very short game for me. In order to sway matches in the Nevsky, you need to find the balance between staying far enough away to dodge incoming fire, and being close enough to land most of your shells on target. Rarely do I see a Minotaur successful, or make much of an impact in a clan battle game. Honestly the Nevsky seemed somewhere in between the two which means no other ship really gives you the skills to use the Nevsky without a learning curve.

I want a ship whose PRIMARY armament is these 3" guns with their 90 ROF and then just sail around with the left mouse button stuck down. Belfast, Conqueror, Orion, Fiji, Leander, Lion. As far as the Donskoi, I have heard the horror stories so rather than spend the credits on a ship that I am probably not going to like, it just seems it would be best to FXP up to the Nevsky if I decided to go that direction.

What you really need to know is that this ship is classified as a light cruiser, featuring good maneuverability and dynamic acceleration, but with very poor armor protection. In World of Warships, Minotaur is a U.K.

Not a huge fan of the Chappy at T8 but the AP on the Tallinn has been a blast. As you can tell, the image with all the main stats is pretty damn pixelated. Developed after the end of World War II from the Neptune-class cruisers. If I was asked to point out national bias in this game, I would have pointed straight to the British ships. Also, it is not as if I have zero experience with either line as I am currently at Tier 7 on both. @ 15k tons it's lighter than the des moines, it's got the guns of a T8 ship. I think its the easiest from all RN CLs to play as its very strong and has good Matchmaking. I have a Minotaur and it is also a fun ship, supported by other fun ships from tier 7 on up. With that high of a ROF and hopefully stealth, it's basically a stealth fire machine with fire starters. Besides that, it was equipped with an automatic ammunition supply mechanism from the under-turret compartment, while the American mount weighed just 14 tons but was unequipped with a similar automation device. NOTE: One other thing guys.

Minotaur became flagship of the China Station in 1910 and Defence served as flagship of the 1st Cruiser Squadronin the Mediterranean from 1912; Shannon remain… Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that the T10 RN cruiser would be a modified County-class cruiser with 9.2 inch guns.

Nevsky's playstyle is far too boring, because it's just "sit at 17km and watch BBs burn as comedy relief", similar to Smolensk, but without the smoke. Here's the two images I can find, one and two. I like them both - both are very strong in their respective roles. I have grinded though the Budyonny and Shchors but went on to the Tallinn from there. With guns. Plymouth British Tier X Light Cruiser 1936 One of the variants of the project preliminary to the construction of the Edinburgh-class cruisers. Developed after the end of World War II from the Neptune-class cruisers. Get the Nevsky. Yeah to be honest, that is one thing I don't like about the Minotaur, how fragile it is though the ship seemed very fun when I have tested it. It's much more player friendly (though Nevsky's armor is not strong. All that being said Minotaur is by far the harder ship to play. Within the previously used separate loading system, the charge was loaded into the gun in silk powder bags or powder containers, while under the new system the charge was placed in a metal case, helping to improve the rate of fire. The underlying idea was to create a ship that could be on par with cruiser Worcester, built on the basis of American technology and armament systems. Show just the tiniest broadside and you are deleted in less than a second. The main features of the ship are sixteen 152 mm guns in four turrets and the availability of only AP shells, similar to the ones available to the British light cruisers tech tree branch. The line is going to feel like Kutuzov when your smoke is on cool down, so it sounds like you have a feel for it already. I vaguely remember the 9.2" design. Sure each ship has its own nuances but the Nevsky doesn’t fill the void for something different like the Minotaur does for me. If u buff certain ships even more then the good players will be even more OP with it.

The right commander can make a difference... You need to play a total of 20 battles to post in this section. The ship was designed using the experience gained in World War II, resulting in excellent protection and very powerful AA armament.

lets hope WG'ing found some long lost blueprint of a ship the brits came up with but never decided to build that fits T10 better. I actually Searched for Yorck alot. Nevsky is far more forgiving of small mistakes. Also I have quite a bit of experience playing this game. Those are things that can greatly sway a match. Your IJN Cruisers are worse than your RN Cruisers.

Larger dimensions of artillery mounts led to an excessive increase of the standard water displacement of the designed cruiser, reaching 15,500 tons with a ship length of 174 meters.As an alternative, by 1947, the Minotaur-class cruiser project was created. If I remember right, someone drew one on the EU forum. I have to say, I find Mino to be a more match influencing ship - she can absolutely deny caps to the reds, while being quite capable of taking caps and quickly deleting any red DDs within range. Hell, Henri IV with her 240mm AP shells can Overmatch and Citadel Minotaur through the bow. It's a duller game I guess? But I … Although I'm skeptical of the 6 inch guns on a tier 10 cruiser.

Neptune is a BEAST and in many ways, better than Mino. I would probably also be a bit more comfortable with the Nevsky due to it being a bit more resilient and able to function better as a traditional open water cruiser.

I hated Shchors, but then it all clicked with the Chapayev, and I’ve loved the line ever since. I have played both on the PTS but since it is almost impossible to get anything resembling a normal match to actually test and get a feel for a ship I wanted to get some feedback from the community.

Afterwards this mount was used on the Tiger-class cruisers that were completed by the early 1960's. Within my very limited time testing the Nevsky on the public test server, I would say that the Nevsky has more in common with my Kronshtadt than my Kutuzov while the Kutozov actually plays more or less similar to the Shchors or Chappayev. Midnitewolf, September 25 in Cruisers. Nevsky's long range HE spam is better in the current meta.

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