On March 15, there is a $100,000 loss; the puzzle, PUNCH BOWL, previously resulted in a $100,000 loss on October 7, 2002. On February 16, contestant Kerri's letter choices reveal the bonus puzzle VERY HUSH-HUSH completely. The bonus puzzle HONEYMOON PERIOD is categorized as Thing instead of Event.

The Round 3 puzzle COMBINATION MICROWAVE/CONVECTION OVEN is the third of only three known uses of a slash. On December 7, Round 1 is a Before & After of THE CALL OF THE WILD CARD. Around this point, Before & After puzzles start putting the connecting word on its own line whenever possible, possibly to make the connection easier for contestants.

Image size. On September 17, the Prize is $5,000 cash, the copy for which includes a trailer for. During this week, various people associated with New York City give greetings: Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa on February 1, Michael Bloomberg on February 2, Sam Champion on February 3, and Regis again on February 4. Charlie introduced last night’s Mystery Round puzzle. You’ll even have the chance to meet our mobile Hosts and try your hand at America’s Game. The yellow flipper is preset to Free Play at the start of the show. No cars are available in the Bonus Round, perhaps because the week is taped out of order. They were sitting behind the family 6. Unusually, the chyron disappears as soon as Vanna touches the last H, but before the timer starts. The contestant railing is redesigned with LED lighting and Plexiglas. This does not affect the outcome, as the red team wins regardless. The aforementioned puzzle results in a $13,150 Jackpot win. Pat foreshadows this before Round 1 by saying "They're generally trips — they have been lately — but we're kind of adding some different things to the mix, so they won't necessarily be a trip." If a contestant has friends and/or family in the audience on a Culver City episode, they are now shown from their seats, instead of at the railing in front of the audience. Nine of the first ten bonus puzzles are Thing(s). Sign up or log in by 11/22 for your chance to win what a contestant wins from our friends at Consumer Cellular. Pat and Vanna announce this from backstage before the opening. 3.

During this week, all maingame rounds have a graphic of a dashboard hula dancer atop the category strip. On September 14, the SPIN ID copy is changed to "Tonight's winning SPIN ID number, [number], belongs to [first name and last initial] of [city, state]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Speaking of that Round 4 puzzle, will Mira have a CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT in this segment? ( Log Out / 

The second-place contestant has $35,000, which may be the highest second-place total in the show's history. Pat switched clothes before the bonus round. In fact, it’s the “first time in Wheel history” big. Go back to Season 26, or forward to Season 28?

BGHO would’ve killed it, because it was BRIDEGROOM….

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