This is the zone where the two plates have been locked together since the last great earthquake occurred in the year 1700. The earthquake registered 188 miles from the western coast of the US, but no tsunami warning has yet been issued by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Yaquina Bay Bridge is overhead. It could be tomorrow, or it could be many years from now. Flooding and dangerous currents may last for days. Near their boundary, the plates can lock together for centuries, then suddenly let go as a giant earthquake. Today a 6.3 magnitude earthquake rocked the western coast of the US, sparking fear the ‘Big One’ could hit anytime now. In central and southern California the ancient volcanoes have largely eroded away. St. Helens in 1980. The Cascadia Subduction Zone, extending from northern California through western Oregon and Washington to southern British Columbia, is a type of convergent plate boundary. Pillow basalt layers formed more than a mile (1.6 kilometers) below the surface of the ocean are now almost a mile above sea-level on Hurricane Ridge Road in Olympic National Park, Washington. But the incident highlighted the importance of monitoring volcanic activity and making the information immediately available to the airline industry and other segments of the public. If the Big One is to happen soon it can devastate and affect the regional and national economy.

When mixed with water from glaciers, snowmelt, and streams, these materials can make very dense, fast-moving volcanic mudflows (known sometimes by the Indonesian term “lahar”). The Sierra Nevada are the eroded remnants of the volcanic arc developed when the Farallon Plate subducted beneath the continent. If so, learn how you can prepare. Solids and gases are also part of the mix. This is what has happened in the Sierra Nevada of central and southern California, as represented by the granite-type rocks of Half Dome within Yosemite National Park shown on the California state quarter. The tsunami will travel across the Pacific and bring flooding and strong currents to coastal communities throughout the basin from Alaska to as far away as Japan and the islands in between. Without warning the plane flew right through the eruption cloud at 25,000 feet (7,500 meters) altitude. During a A visit to Olympic National Park is an opportunity to witness features of an accretionary wedge as they develop.

The Pacific Northwest is an exciting place to observe geologic processes in action.

Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The Cascadia Subduction Zone has a history of producing very Plate Tectonics and Our National Parks (2020), Text and Illustrations by Robert J. Lillie, Emeritus Professor of Geosciences, Oregon State University [E-mail]. Most of the sedimentary rocks formed from layers of sand and mud deposited in the ocean. Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve is on the Alaska Peninsula. Tilted layers of thick sandstone (pink) and thin shale (dark) along the coast at Olympic National Park reveal the enormous forces that lifted and deformed the oceanic layers as the Juan de Fuca and North American plates converged. About 200 million years ago a large tectonic plate (called the Farallon Plate) started to subduct beneath the western edge of North America. Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Visits to coastal NPS sites in the Pacific Northwest can help us appreciate the landscapes that develop over time because of these large quakes, and learn how we are preparing our homes, communities, and infrastructure for the next “Big One.”. Northwest will be unprecedented. Hood in Oregon, Mt. a very powerful and damaging earthquake and subsequent shaking whereas shaking during a local earthquake will be confined to areas around the epicenter.

It may be as high as 30 to 40 feet (9 to 12 meters) in some places.

Wrangell, a 14,163 foot (4,317 meter) volcano that last erupted during the early part of the 20th Century.

be displaced from their homes. Cascadia Subduction Zone map: Recent quakes have been ranging from 2.8 to 5.6 (Image: USGS) As fear is continuing to spread, communities in the Pacific Northwest are organising drills in … A Megathrust Earthquake Fault in Our Backyard.

Volcanic and metamorphic rocks exposed in Kenai Fjords National Park reveal the incredible forces that occur at an ocean/continent subduction zone. The lake partially fills a collapsed crater (“caldera”) that formed when a 12,000-foot (3,700-meter) composite volcano, Mt. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is a 600-mile fault that runs from northern California up to British Columbia and is about 70-100 miles off the Pacific coast shoreline. The Cascadia subduction zone is a 700 mile-long convergent plate boundary that stretches from northern Vancouver Island to Northern California. A transform plate boundary developed where the Pacific Plate was in contact with the North American Plate and the volcanism ceased in central California. extensive damage and requiring months to years to repair. Basalt lava is thin and runny and will flow for miles and miles. Another, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, is a vast region that extends across the accretionary wedge and volcanic arc, and is built of accreted terranes. Beginning about 30 million years ago, so much of the Farallon Plate was consumed by subduction that the Pacific and North American plates were in contact, forming the San Andreas transform plate boundary in western California.

(8.0 to 8.5) in the next 50 years. Since most construction in the region was not designed to survive earthquakes, much less tsunamis, buildings will be damaged and destroyed, businesses will be crippled. As the Juan de Fuca Plate (lower cookie) subducts beneath the North American Plate (upper cookie), the layers are scraped off the ocean floor and pile up as the Coast Range.

residents in Japan. Should the earthquake and tsunami happen in the near future, it could affect millions of people, property, infrastructure, and the environment.

Not surprisingly, many of the engravings depict landscapes of national parks. anywhere on Earth. On this date a tsunami flooded the shores of Japan. Among them are Mt. Rainier National Park. USGS photo. Copalis River, Washington This region is called the Cascadia subduction zone. Visitors can witness mountains as they are forming, and sometimes experience the accompanying earthquake and volcanic activity. Ancient magma chamber rocks can be exposed if subduction stops and the volcanoes erode away. Subduction of the Farallon Plate beneath the entire West Coast created a line of volcanoes from Alaska to Central America. Do you live in the Cascadia region? The spectacular pillow lavas seen on the road up Hurricane Ridge indicate that lava formed on the sea floor and was later uplifted. The Cascades are the modern volcanic arc developing where the Juan de Fuca Plate subducts beneath the North American Plate. These mega-earthquakes occur every 200 to 600 years or so, and the last one was in the year 1700. Some geological processes act so slowly that we may think of the Earth as rock-solid and unmoving. We do not know when that will happen. USGS photo. Magmas high in silica are thick and pasty. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Photo courtesy of Robert J. Lillie. Either would have significant impacts.

The line of active volcanoes, from Mt. Rainier, a composite volcano rising to over 14,000 feet above sea level in Mt. The park is a complex amalgamation of blocks of continental and oceanic crust that have slammed into North America. Looking first at Washington, one sees Mt. Efforts include identifying tsunami inundation areas; mapping evacuation zones; establishing evacuation routes, assembly areas, and structures; posting tsunami hazard zone and evacuation signage; educating the public about preparedness and response practices; setting up local warning systems; adopting stronger building codes; and strengthening older buildings and structures.

Hydrothermal features on the flanks of Lassen Peak include numerous hot springs, mudpots and fumaroles that suggest there is still hot magma beneath the mountain.

Storms coming in from the Pacific Ocean drop most of their moisture on the Coast Range and Cascades, leaving eastern Oregon and Washington high and dry.

There are no written records from the last time a magnitude 9 earthquake struck, but it is understood to have unleashed a tsunami which travelled all the way across the Pacific Ocean to Japan.

Mount Rainier is a 14,000 foot (4,300 meter) volcano in the Cascade Range developed above the place where the subducting Juan de Fuca Plate reaches sufficient depth to release hot fluids into the overriding North American Plate.

In her version of the Oreo® cookie demonstration, the creamy filling is the layers of sediment and basalt on the ocean floor. In 2008 scientists found a correlation between seismic events on the Northern San Andreas Fault and the southern part of the Cascadia subduction zone. These quarters featured iconic images that have special meaning to each state. A study published online by the USGS indicates the southern portion Because it will take more time for the tsunami to reach these coasts, there will be more time to prepare and get to safety, and the impacts should not be as severe as those experienced in the Cascadia region. Photo courtesy of Robert J. Lillie. Katmai National Park and Preserve lies where the world’s largest volcanic event of the 20th Century occurred. Remove the Oregon quarter to reveal cooled magma chamber rocks below. A by-product of the metamorphism is the release of hot fluids, especially water. facilities for 18 months. An ocean data buoy is alerting to an “event” in the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the west coast of Oregon.This is where a magnitude 9 earthquake hit in 1700.

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