NOAA weather radar, satellite and synoptic charts. [21] In 1775, the Spaniards built Presidio San Agustín del Tucsón, a military fort in what was then part of New Spain,[43] in part to protect against raids by Apaches. It's the perfect photo op to remember your trip to Tucson!

The park gets its name from the saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea),[4] a large cactus that is native to the Sonoran Desert and that does not grow naturally elsewhere. There are also some species of wildlife here as well, like snakes and other kinds of cacti, so be alert and careful when on the trails. Case in point: Saguaro National Park. [24], On a 40-acre (16 ha) plot adjacent to the Rincon Mountain District along Broadway, the Desert Research Learning Center (DRLC) supports scientific and educational projects related to a network of Sonoran Desert parks, including Saguaro National Park. These majestic plants, found only in a small portion of the United States, are protected by Saguaro National Park, to the east and west of the modern city of Tucson. About 50,000 vertebrates a year die on the park's roads when they are hit by a vehicle. The best time to visit Saguaro National Park is between October and April-- that's when the weather is ideal, and more park programs occur then. [89] The 800-mile (1,300 km) trail crosses Arizona from its border with Mexico on the south to its border with Utah on the north. Carved into the rocks by the Hohokam Native Americans about 800 years ago, they're still clearly visible even today. [32] Other ancient rocks, 1.4-billion-year-old altered granites, form much of Tanque Verde Ridge[31] in the Rincon Mountain District. Plus, right behind the visitor center is a nice little hike: the Cactus Garden Trail. The best time to visit Saguaro National Park in Arizona is from march until november, when you will have a pleasant till hot temperature and limited rainfall.The highest average temperature in Saguaro National Park is 36°C in june and the lowest is 16°C in december. Tucson, Arizona is home to the nation's largest cacti. Influenced by these and other conditions, the Madrean Sky Islands support unusual biodiversity. Come back from a hike through the park and enjoy complimentary ice cream, a drink at the bar, or the AC as you relax in your room. The dog is wrapped in bacon and topped with beans, grilled and fresh onions, tomatoes, mayo, crema fresca, mustard, and jalapeno salsa. [26] Some moisture at the highest elevations in the Rincons falls as snow in winter; snowmelt adds to the limited water available at lower elevations later in the year. Both districts conserve tracts of the Sonoran Desert, including ranges of significant hills, the Tucson Mountains in the west and the Rincon Mountains in the east. Temperature and rain fall amounts are quite different in the mountains, with temperatures and snowfall amounts on Mt. Both districts allow bicycling and horseback riding on selected roads and trails.

Get the monthly weather forecast for Saguaro National Park, AZ, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead.

[47] The most successful, the Copper King Mine (later renamed the Mile Wide Mine), yielded 34,000 tons of copper, gold, lead, zinc, and molybdenum ores, mostly during the war years of 1917, 1918, and 1941; it closed permanently in 1942 when it became unprofitable. Earlier residents of and visitors to the lands in and around the park before its creation included the Hohokam, Sobaipuri, Tohono O'odham, Apaches, Spanish explorers, missionaries, miners, homesteaders, and ranchers. Saguaro's Red Hills Visitor Center has videos and displays that provide cultural and scientific information on the park, and this is where you'll find ranger programs in the winter months. [84], Hohokam petroglyphs etched into large stones are easily accessible in the Tucson Mountain District. Attempts in 2002 to convert it to a hiking trail failed after the proposal met with stiff public resistance. [76] These ranges, resembling a series of stepping stones between the southern end of the Rocky Mountains—specifically the Mogollon Rim of the Colorado Plateau—in the United States and the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico, are continental "islands" separated from one another by "seas" of lower-elevation valleys that impede but do not completely block species migration from one sky island to another. The 1930s-era hotel is glamorous, with a pool that has a cantina and cozy rooms boasting a unique, old Arizona flair.

[37] The rocks under the fault, the lower-plate rocks, were eventually displaced 16 to 22 miles (26 to 35 km) east-northeast relative to the rocks above the fault, then uplifted, domed, and eroded to form the Santa Catalina and Rincon mountains visible today.

[84][85] Horses and other livestock are allowed on some of the trails. [55] The monument's visitor center opened in the 1950s. Saguaro National Park lies within the watershed of the north-flowing Santa Cruz River,[20] which is generally dry.

Of these, 21 were found in the Tucson Mountain District and 29 in the Rincon Mountain District. [72] Despite the aridity, three amphibian species inhabit the park:[60] the canyon tree frog, the lowland leopard frog, and Couch's spadefoot, which lives in burrows, emerging to breed during summer rains. In 1933, President Herbert Hoover, using the power of the Antiquities Act, established the original park, Saguaro National Monument, in the Rincon Mountains. [78] More than 165 miles (266 km) of hiking trails wind through the park,[79] where perils may include extreme heat, dehydration, flash floods, cactus spines, snakes, cougars, bears, and Africanized bees. Summer high temperatures are most often over 100, and the winter lows are almost never below freezing.

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Summers can be extremely hot with daytime temperatures exceeding 110 degrees F (43 degrees C) in the shade, and evening lows averaging 72 degrees F (22 degrees C).. Winters in the Tucson area are delightful with mild warm days averaging 65 degrees F (19 degrees C) and cool nights averaging 40 degrees F (5 degrees C).. Saguaro National Park is dry desert located at 2,400 feet. [84][85], Manning Camp Campground is the main staging area for firefighters, trail-maintenance crews, and scientists working in the Rincon Mountain District. Each parcel comes within about 10 miles (16 km) of the center of the city. [16] The Rincon Mountain Wilderness, a separate protected area of about 37,000 acres (15,000 ha)[17] in the Coronado National Forest,[18] abuts the Rincon Mountain District on the east and southeast, while the Rincon Valley lies immediately south of the western part of the Rincon Mountain District.[16]. It's 8 looping, winding miles of untouched saguaro beauty, with plenty of pullouts for photo-taking opportunities and hikes to check out along the way. The Rincon Mountain District offers limited wilderness camping, but there is no overnight camping in the Tucson Mountain District. Theories include spiritual symbols, boundary markers, records of important events, clan symbols, or even solstice/calendar marks.

[33], About 80 million years ago tectonic plate movements induced a period of mountain building, the Laramide orogeny, which lasted until about 50 million years ago in western North America. The best time to visit Saguaro National Park is between October and April-- that's when the weather is ideal, and more park programs occur then. [51] This western district of the monument was carved from Tucson Mountain Park, managed by Pima County. The Arizona Game and Fish Department lists the lowland leopard frog as a species of special concern. Right on the edge of the park, you'll find the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which is a great way to learn about what makes the Sonoran Desert so unique. Part nature reserve, part botanical garden, part zoo, all awesome.

It's also a filming location for lots of historical productions and Westerns, so if it looks sort of familiar, that's why. Summers get hot and rainy, but prices for hotels do drop between June and September. If you only get to eat one thing in Tucson, make it a Sonoran dog from El Guero Canelo. [77], The park is generally open to hikers all day every day except Christmas; the Tucson Mountain District is open to vehicle traffic from sunrise to sunset and the Rincon Mountain District from 7 a.m. to sunset. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the Plant Hardiness zone at Red Hills Visitor Center 2,553 feet (778 m) is 9b with an average annual extreme minimum temperature of 25.8 °F (−3.4 °C), and 9a with an average annual extreme minimum temperature of 23.4 °F (−4.8 °C) at Rincon Mountain Visitor Center 3,091 feet (942 m). Did I mention that the hot dog is wrapped in bacon? Their other projects involved road- and trail-building, landscaping, erosion control, and enhancing water supplies for wildlife. Some tips for visiting Saguaro National Park: *The park is split into two districts, one directly to the east of Tucson, the Rincon Mountain District, and one directly to the west, the Tucson Mountain District. Cacti, ancient artwork, and desert landscapes, Created by Roadtrippers - August 11th 2016. It's definitely a more classically Tucson experience than a chain hotel... plus, just look at that patio! *For many reasons, the park is strict on making sure that visitors leave the wilderness as untouched as possible.

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