All prices include VAT. The authentic design Yurt Specialists use is widely regarded as the strongest of the various types of yurts seen around East Asia. We believe that a weatherproof but breathable shell is the single most important part of a healthy fabric shelter. If not Yurta, then this. The yurts outer ‘skin’ is a heavy duty breathable poly-canvas designed for all seasons. Every piece of Yurta is sourced locally within eastern Ontario or Western Québec. Adding a round, insulated floor to your Yurta will create a draft-free micro-climate that can be effectively heated. If you do not want to build your own floor, we are happy to offer an optional click-together insulated floor. This is one of the important reasons we consciously avoid vinyl fabrics and bubble-wrap insulation whose “plastic bag” effect that tends to trap condensation, which promotes mold growth. Yurts are tents and are meant to be lightweight shelters.
Start with a basic Yurta with zippered door, then upgrade to a solid door, add insulation or even connect additional yurts or outbuildings without losing a thing. Vinyl (Poly-Vinyl Chloride) presents serious toxicity concerns in its manufacture, use and disposal.

This technical felt is a superb lightweight insulator. If you wish to create an eco-friendly yurt site, please check out our web page regarding stoves, solar panel, and etc. To make them suitable for more challenging weather conditions, we have made some minor adjustments, just to make our yurts more suited to 21st-century living, by raising the wall height and adding windows as standard. Cut and sewn by hand with care and precision that cannot be beat by automated machines. • A long established family business with 30 years’ experience in making authentic gers/yurts in Inner Mongolia for the UK; We recommend crating your yurt prior to shipping, to protect your yurt in transit. Our largest model can even be packed into a minivan. Bubble wrap provides little thermal insulation to help regulate ambient air temperature. Highest Quality Purpose-Built Construction and Hardware. The structure is visible from inside Yurta, and forms a beautiful and functional frame. Why Buy a Yurt from Yurt Specialists? External rope and canvas strapping. Wool is hand-felted into a thick but coarse layer that does not reflect the radiant heat from a wood stove. The Yurta design allows you to adapt the structure with relative ease. We accept major credit cards for your deposit. The ultimate in lightweight insulation. Due to its persistent and bio-accumulative nature (i.e. We offer a deck kit with necessary hardware and plans to build a portable, self-leveling deck called Octopad.

Our insulation is made exclusively for us and combines the thermal benefits of 100% real wool felt with the radiant performance of a reflective layer. Buying a yurt from Yurt Specialists means you are getting a fair trade product, we don’t use agents or middlemen, this means we can supply high-quality yurts at affordable prices. Designed for and made in the dry Steppes of Asia. With our best fabrics, we expect the outer shell to last the better part of a decade.

We encourage you to touch the earth as lightly as possible for your needs. The outer cover will require care over time, and eventually, will need to be replaced. The frames of our Yurts and Gers are not rough and ready but are shaped, highly polished and oiled to perfection, bringing out the natural beauty in the wood.

This connector can also be used to connect your Yurta to a small outbuilding. We have proudly designed, sourced and manufactured locally in Canada since 2004. However, we don’t believe that modern building codes were intended to govern tents.

Yurta is the super duty tent you will own for a lifetime. A Mongolian Yurt, or Ger as it is traditionally known, is a unique structure that has been used by nomads for millennia. Your use of Yurta should determine how you approach your platform or floor. Our unique open lattice design makes the Yurta feel like an extension of the outdoors. Municipalities may even have provisions for tents – sometimes requiring them to be taken down periodically. Do you already have a Yurta? Our Groovy Tour Provides Door-To-Door Delivery, Anywhere In North America. This tradition is indeed what give yurts their true beauty.

We offer replacement parts outside of warranty at cost to our customers. If Yurta is right for you, we can provide a shipping quote to your door. It is impossible for us to know whether you will be required to permit your installation, or for what portion of your setup if any. We love what we do and the care in our production will be evident in your Yurta. A super-duty, minimal footprint, functional shelter that is a joy to be in. The yurts are made from 12ounce waterproof, fireproof, rot proof, heavy duty canvas.

Why Are our Yurts … If you are interested in news regarding our yurts, please check out our Blog.
Yurt Specialists is a family company with 30 years of experience in making beautifully handcrafted yurts.We make a variety of sizes, from 3.5-metre diameter up to 10-metre event yurts.Our customers include the National Trust, the Environment Agency, many schools and playgroups, healing practitioners, campsite owners,farmers and a lot of people simply wanting an alternative way to live.

A yurt is, first and foremost, a tent. Our Gers are styled on traditional Mongolian Ger which has straight roof poles and a heavy weight solid roof wheel. Yurta can be joined via a simple connector that we provide. All Fron Farm yurt frames are made using locally sourced wood; Ash, Larch, Oak and Douglas Fir, which are in abundance in our locality. Yurta works seamlessly with this floor to create a draft-free environment.

Handcrafted in Montana, our yurts have generous standard features, certified engineering, and innovations you won’t find in yurts for sale anywhere else!

Yurtz By Design Yurts are available in sizes ranging from 8 feet to 32 feet in diameter, and every one is hand-crafted and uniquely designed just for you. These yurts are more shed than tent. Our Yurts Are Hand-Made By Baata & His Family To Bring You Truly Authentic Mongolian Yurts In North America.

As portable structures, the surface preparation should allow the ground to recover quickly and leave virtually no trace. Weatherproof out of the box for its lifespan. Yurts and circular-tents like them have housed people in Central and East Asia for thousands of years.

Installation requires only a free-standing ladder.

We use high quality materials and technology to produce durable, sustainable long lasting yurt components, and kit sets. Door and doorframe: made from larch with cast iron t-hinges, or stainless steel butt hinges and latch. • We offer after sale support to all our customers;

It is not structural, requiring a level deck or surface. Come visit Yurta at our shop east of Toronto Ontario, and rediscover the welcoming and comfortable space that is a circle. No. Meet YURTA, the finest yurt made in Canada.

The portability and easy assembly of their homes was, and continues to be, crucial for nomadic communities. Its perfect balance of strength and portability makes it ideally suited to a most any climate, site or use.

You are welcome to view our show yurt, as well as check out our Available Yurts and Prices page. Read also: Best Airbnbs With Pool In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Updated 2020; Is it suited to a real winter?

This high-touch ensures the very best quality of materials and finish.

Seriously. No worries. The wood is bought from source from sustainably managed forests in West Wales. All doors fitted with waterproof beadings and threshold strips.

The quality of the craftsmanship of our Yurts and Roundhouses are of the highest standard. Lightweight structures should not require the ground to be disturbed. Limited functionality. If you are looking for a truly beautiful, handcrafted structure then look no further. At Lifespace Yurts, we take pride in helping you to create beautiful, comfortable, living space. Canvas roof, wall, wall band and roof wheel star: made from 12oz Regentex blended polyester/cotton canvas. In the spirit of a tent, Yurta features no urban building features.

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