His role will be as a minute taker and witness, not an advocate or spokesperson. At the meeting the employee should be advised of what the problem is and invited to respond and explain his actions.

At this point, it is better to take into account the Acas Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures. It can have very serious consequences going far beyond the simple loss of an income or job. If the offence is more substantial, or it is not the employee’s first, you may need to resort to formal procedure. What is a Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS)? 7 Steps to Implement Kaizen in your Organization, How To Ask For Informational Interview? © 2020 citrusHR. In the case of a minor or first offence, it may be most appropriate to issue an informal warning, avoiding the need to enter into a formal disciplinary process.

While it might be tempting to try to ignore the misconduct or performance issue you find yourself facing, in the hope things will resolve themselves, in a small business, where working environments tend to be more close-knit, any unresolved issues can quickly be felt by everyone, bringing down the morale of the whole business.

In turn, this can demonstrate that you’re dealing with employees fairly and consistently. The employer must check whether such an occurrence has happened before and if yes, then what steps were taken. A quiet word and a reminder of your standards may well be enough. This is not an exhaustive list and there may be other acts which could be considered to be serious misconduct within the context of a particular job or industry. He must choose from a colleague, an official of a trade union or a rep of the workplace trade union which is certified to do so. A written record of all meetings should be kept and confidentiality maintained.

The employee against whom the allegation has been made should be given copies of all written notes prior to and during the investigation, eg witness statements, details of the alleged misconduct, notes. Once you have made your decision, confirm it in writing to the employee. As a small business, it’s easy to think you’re not yet large or established enough to need a formal disciplinary procedure. It is important that strict confidentiality is maintained as the employee is innocent until proven otherwise and is entitled to the protection of his good name. Alternatively, dismissal can be considered for instances of gross misconduct. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Take the stress out of HR with help from our friendly experts and easy to use HR software.

Serious breach of health and safety procedure, Serious sexual harassment, harassment, bullying, Serious breaches of internet/email policy, Serious breaches of data protection policy. An investigation will be carried out and the employee may be suspended with pay pending the outcome of this investigation. }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-cqid7oifz")); Attention Employees-Are Your Rights Being Ignored? How to Increase Energy Levels Of Your Employees? Although the company has its code that suits its workplace better in case it reaches the employment tribunal, then it will take into consideration whether the employer has followed the Acas Code hence it is better to do so from the onset.

Establish the facts as soon as you can. Get the employee’s side of the story before you decide on next steps. This warning should also clearly set out the nature of the problem, suggest solutions such as retraining, and advise of the possible sanctions (including dismissal) if no improvement is observed within the 3 months. However, if the employee fails to improve or there is a repeat of the activity that caused the oral warning in the 1st place the employer can then issue a first written warning. This could be as simple as having a conversation with the employee and following it up with a letter reflecting what was said. But no matter your size, having a documented procedure in place for dealing with disciplinary issues will make it much easier, and quicker, for you to resolve issues. All rights reserved. Capacity Planning: Meaning, Strategies, Importance and Procedure. It should also contain the improvements required of the employee in respect of the behaviour which led to the warning and the timeframe within which the improvement must be made. 8 Essential Skills you should know, Secondary Industry: Meaning, Types, Characteristics, and Examples. Alternatives might include a transfer to a different part of the workplace, different role, or demotion. It is vital to investigate to gather relevant information. A disciplinary policy is important to establish a clear procedure that you will use in the event of serious or repeated misconduct. Please don’t rely on it as legal or other professional advice as that is not what we intend. This is usually appropriate for relatively minor issues, or the first issue you have with an employee. Our HR experts can help create employment policies tailored to your business' specific needs. Your policy should also contain examples of unacceptable behaviour, particularly those that would be considered an example of gross misconduct. If you have an employee who may have a potential discrimination claim, or who may be able to bring an unfair dismissal claim, this is even more crucial. Run through the allegations you hold against them and invite them to respond. Check that the employee is aware of their right to be accompanied if they have not brought anyone with them. If it becomes evident through the course of your discussion that the issue may be more serious and formal action is required, be sure to adjourn the meeting until you can carry out a full investigation and arrange a formal meeting providing the employee with the opportunity to attend accompanied. There is no right to bring a legal representative, unless the employer agrees. If at this point the employer shows consideration about the wellbeing of his employee he can prevent the situation from escalating, If the employee raises a grievance, then it is better for the employer if he pauses the disciplinary procedure and deals with it simultaneously or at first, The employer should make an effort and talk through the concerns of the employee and encourage him to actively take part in the procedure so that everything can be cleared, Make sure that the hearing is scheduled within a reasonable timeframe so that the employee also gets a chance to prepare his, The employer should put in writing to the employee about the evidence from the investigation, alleged issue, the location, time and date of the hearing and the possible outcomes, The employee has the right to bring proof in the hearing.

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