You said cephalopods. At least, until Humanity was discovered. PM They have many cousin species of incoherent speech-imitators, such as the Salamancer and the Pink Tortoise. Slam dunk the Pogs and grab the grey paint. CC Thus, most Carapaces introduced the following species of Squid-Bug Predators to combat them naturally: The Blinking Bees are domesticated hive-living arthropods and extremely useful companion/utility animals. A group of blue skinned iguanas with yellow eyes are the residents of the Land of Frost and Frogs. CD. They are Jade's consorts, but she has not had any interaction with them as of yet. - A group of blue skinned iguanas with yellow eyes are the residents of the Land of Frost and Frogs. GG These animals were domesticated by Carapaces long ago, but they could never be trained to do any tricks. Insects? It's not clear whether he personally reanimated them as undead or merely got the attention of pre-existing undead consorts. MS Paint Adventures Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. The consorts of the Land of Crypts and Helium left behind tablets for Jane. The angels, who had been mentioned before as demonic initiators of the end in Alternian mythology, inhabit the Land of Wrath and Angels in Sgrub, and were initially scattered across the planet, until their order was disrupted by the arrival of the Prince of Hope. Your chumHandle is ??. GT EB/GT * Every consort is a herptile; salamanders are the only amphibian amongst the four; thus, expanding the criteria to include amphibians in addition to reptiles. Known consorts include the yellow salamanders on LOWAS, the pink turtles of LOLAR, the red crocodiles of LOHAC, and the blue iguanas of LOFAF. It seems consorts are normally quite stupid. They were not initially given a name in-story with only an outside source confirming them to be iguanas, until Myststuck where they were confirmed in-story to be iguanas. They also played this role in the Land of Crypts and Helium, however, they had died out long before the players arrived. Music SS Next episode will have us looking over Xefros’ complex and interesting Classpect.

TC Maybe I just have a strange fascination with NPCs, but I am yet again devoting an essay to them. uu * According to Andrew Hussie, consorts were designed as a parallel to the residents of the four kingdoms in Problem Sleuth. It's not clear whether he personally reanimated them as undead or m… There are Iguana statues in LOMAT as well, however it's unclear how reliable this is as they were seen in a dream bubble where different memories tend to merge. WK It has been heavily implied that the four consorts originally seen with the B1 kids are the only four kinds of consorts available in the realm of Sburb, as they have been seen (at least depicted) on the lands of the B2 kids and A2 trolls, as well as one of. Each have an adorable, rounded design, are endearingly bumbling and harmless, and a goofy onomatopoeia (“glub”, “thip”, and “naknaknak”). The closest relative to the Carapace is this guy: While the Ram-garoo and the Carapacian don’t seem to have much in common, that’s simply because it’s related taxonomically rather than physically. AR They are the Consorts of the land, making them a target for the forces of evil. Likewise, as the statues on one of LOSAZ's puzzle temples are almost identical to several of the consort statues scattered around LOFAF, it can be easily derived that Tavros had iguanas serving as his consorts. Shown here in its adolescent form, before the tentacles have molted off but after the fur coat of its adulthood has grown in. The icon color of Abraxas is associated with Jake and Jade's chat text color. They seem to fear Rose and sweat in her presence, possibly because of the callous disregard she has for their lives and property. UU Land of Frost and Frogs However, prior to their communal rage, the angels were a sapient race that inhabited the planet engaged in their own affairs. The troll consorts are left mysterious and of unconfirmed species, though it’s implied that the angels Eridan fought–since they didn’t drop any grist when they died–were his consorts, turned hostile by Eridan’s aggression against them. GC: 3V3N 1F YOU 4R3 4 HUG3 CRYB4BY WHO 1S 34S1LY UPS3T BY CHOPP3D V3G3T4BL3S, TG: ok im gonna change out of this wet suit, TG: and into a dry shut your fucking mouth. These animals are notable for being domesticated by Carapaces and taught tricks. Into Homestuck And Hiveswap? Even kings can be spooky. They are Jade's consorts, but she has not had any interaction with them as of yet. It seems consorts are normally quite stupid. The Ground Dog is an eyeless, long-necked, underground creature that uses its fur to brush topsoil out of the way and maintain body heat in sub-zero temperatures, because these creatures evolved in the icy tundras close to the poles of Skaia. They are Rose's Consorts. TG Left to right: An Iguana, Turtle, Salamander, and Crocodile, in their secret robes. uu They are yellow in color and tend to blow bubbles when excited.

However, all consorts worship the Genesis Frog, and have erected monuments of frogs all across the areas that they inhabit, to the delight of the people of Prospit, who worship the Genesis Frog in a manner similar to their own, and hated by the Dersites, especially monarchs and upholders of the law. Specifically, magic tricks. Statues on the Land of Sand and Zephyr suggest that Tavros Nitram's Consorts were iguanas as well.

:0. duel consort carrier. WQ This implies that despite their typically low IQ, they have an internal drive to learn. CT Another example of it would be this: The Nakadile is named for its distinctive sound and its occasional ability to blurt out a complete sentence, even if they make no sense, such as “my glasses are talking to me!” or something similar. - and ?. The consorts of the alpha kids' void session are long extinct by the time they enter their session. Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave your thoughts! Salamanders are the indigenous people of the Land of Wind and Shade. CG The secondary spine could possibly be made of cartilage or similar material. This rudimentary “false speech” is not uncommon on Skaia. They range in size from a husky dog to the size of a wild boar, and no smaller. However, the Salamanders were able to duplicate John's bedsheets, also called secret robes, and many other objects using alchemy.

Abraxas was a word of mystic meaning in the system of the Gnostic Basilides. WV PM

Your interests include ? However, they can only hold a conversation on par with that of a parakeet and its owner, and spends more of its time eating and reproducing than forming any kind of actual society. They eat plants and are generally a huge hindrance to farms and gardens. Consorts are amphibious or reptilian inhabitants of each player's planet in The Medium. GT AT GC: 4ND B3S1D3S YOU MUST US3 D1PLOM4CY TO W1N OV3R YOUR CONSORTS GC: S33 LOOK D4V3, TH3Y 4LL LOV3 YOU NOW! All of the other animals on Skaia can be assumed to be “the lusus naturae of Alternia until otherwise stated” if you’d like even more variety. Their plight at the hands of the denizen and underlings inspires the players to action. Think of how different a human is from a gorilla and you’ll see what I mean. The brains dwell in the Land of Brains and Fire, and interact with Sollux and Feferi as they travel around it on their quest. would you please draw more kids-as-consorts, specifically john?

Another important trait of the consorts is their vulnerability. The consorts also serve the usual function of NPCs in video games: they populate the players’ worlds and make those worlds run in usually unnoticeable but ultimately highly plot-significant ways. The spikes on their backs might be related to Jade's Denizen Echidna and her Quills. I spent all night on my self insert story set up. TT Join the community. TT Any notable megafauna? Live(s) in In addition to consorts, Caliborn's session includes fourteen leprechauns. GA Concept borrowed from the I Like Doctor Who Project. LOCAH has the skeletal remains of all four consort types, although salamanders seem to be most common. As they develop similarly to frogs, their tentacles eventually molt off due to its unwieldy nature on land. This implies that despite their typically low IQ, they have an internal drive to learn. You wield the ? I hope this is enough information for you, anon! Iguanas can be seen on the inner walls of the Frog Temple. AR i love the salamanders.

YOU 4R3 TH3 H3RO, 1TS YOU >:] GC: NOW TH3Y W1LL G1V3 YOU 4LL TH3 S3CR3TS OF TH3 L4ND TG: what secrets TG: they dont have any secrets TG: look at them theyre morons Homestuck Consorts Denizens Planets Gnosticism Snakes Yaldabaoth Amphibians Carl Jung My MSPA Analysis. Unsurprisingly, frog carvings presumably made by followers of the consorts' religion appear scattered around the frog temple, with a large concentration near the entrance. The Tenta-Cat. rose, wiki, john. This hero-worship helps the players to believe that they are truly that great and powerful; for example, the consorts forming a Complacency to follow Rose almost certainly encouraged her to keep pursuing the dark magics as far as she did. Thip of the Tongue ♫ John’s first successful use of the “windy thing” was to put out a fire in the salamanders’ village. AT Consorts are amphibious or reptilian inhabitants of each player's planet in The Medium. Known consorts include the salamanders of the Land of Wind and Shade, the turtles of the Land of Light and Rain, the crocodiles of the Land of Heat and Clockwork, and the iguanas of the Land of Frost and Frogs. In Act 6 Intermission 1, an iguana is seen holding Ahab's Crosshairs, presumably the one Jade alchemized and threw out her window. Viceroy Bubbles von Salamancer successfully summons undead consorts of all four varieties from beneath the burial mounds of the Land of Mounds and Xenon. They’re having a meaningful conversation! AG On a side note, it seems that only one of the igauna's spines have bone, since only one appears in the skeletal version of the consort. YOU 4R3 GO1NG TO M4K3 TH3 MOST D3L1C1OUS SOUP GC: 1T 1S M4K1NG M3 HUNGRY JUST TH1NK1NG 4BOUT 1T >:O~ TG: the only thing im going to make TG: is like banana and split TG: out of this bubbling pail of misery GC: OH GOG... GC: YOUR3 R1GHT GC: YOU 4R3 S1TT1NG 1N 4 HUG3 P41L >:o TG: why whats the relevance of that TG: tell me its more alien nonsense it will be so awesome to hear more of that GC: 1 4M NOT GO1NG TO 3XPL41N 1 WOULD B3 TOO 3MB4RR4SS3D TG: man TG: why did i ever agree to go along with this horseshit GC: B3C4US3 YOU H4D TO, 1T W4S 1N YOUR FUTUR3 GC: 4ND B3S1D3S YOU MUST US3 D1PLOM4CY TO W1N OV3R YOUR CONSORTS GC: S33 LOOK D4V3, TH3Y 4LL LOV3 YOU NOW!

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