There's currently no news on this, but keep tabs on this page for all your 24 updates. But that’s just me. It also felt like in that moment, his “death” should be Margo’s point of view. No Thanks! that was uploaded to YouTube by the official StarKid Productions YouTube channel, the Father is named "'Jack Bauer", a name suggested by an audience member. So we consciously planned each episode to have a big moment, and to not let up.

Jack is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant from his years in the United States Army. [8], Jack Bauer was born in Santa Monica, California,[9] on February 18, 1966,[10] to Phillip Bauer, who placed his livelihood in his company, BXJ Technologies. (1079/1080):74-84, generated much controversy and discussion, "The 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years: Here's our full list! Finally, the friend he thought was dead (Tony Almeida), betrays him when he turns to terrorism in order to seek revenge against the person who killed his wife, Michelle. 24: Day 6 Debrief takes place 35 hours after the nuclear device exploded in Valencia, California.

14. I guess the only advice I can give you is try to make choices that you can live with. That Navarro episode we thought was a beautiful reversal of everything that had happened since episode one. Created by Robert Cochran, Joel Surnow. It just occurred to us as we were writing that it would be ironic and devastating that if he were able to, in these terrible final moments, extract what for him is a silver lining —. No matter how many lives he saves, there’s a balance that needs to be paid. In the spy film series Kingsman, main character Gary "Eggsy" Unwin named his dog JB after Jack Bauer. 24 doesn’t really do that kind of thing. So since Fox has been busy rebooting everything else lately (including Prison Break, The X-Files, and things like Lethal Weapon and The Exorcist), why not bring Bauer back? Though living a quiet life in Virginia, his past comes back to haunt him, pulling him back into the action. In war, in treachery, in espionage, does anyone ever come out unscathed? It remains to be seen who will take on the role of young Jack Bauer at this early stage. The thing that made me cry the hardest was what Heller says about losing his Audrey, and how because he has Alzheimer’s he’ll soon forget she ever even existed. Kiefer wanted Jack to die at the end of Live Another Day, to give fans closure and to allow him to leave the character behind for good. Then it ends horribly for everyone — Jack, Heller, Kate, Chloe, Mark. It wasn’t anything to do with us wanting to see Navarro shirtless, although, you know, a lot of people liked that. They were like, Okay, great, he’s alive.

Billions of lives were saved, but there are losses. Logo Concept by: Illumination Ink. To this day, I don’t know how they did it.

Well, I think we were just preserving a twist. First 'Joshy' Trailer Finds Thomas Middleditch Getting Awkward with His Friends, Jon Bernthal on the Very Human Elements of the Punisher in Netflix's…. Jack’s in the custody of Russians eager for payback.

You never know. Twenty-four is almost impossible. Watching Bauer make the ultimate sacrifice may have seemed cleaner in 2014 than leaving the character to rot indefinitely in a Russian prison, and been more satisfactory for those who have trepidation about the upcoming reboot. JB was a pug owned by Eggsy. 24: Legacy will debut with a two-night premiere on Sunday, February 5th and Monday, February 6th 2017 on FOX. In a strange way, that’s probably the ultimate, tragedy and probably the most politically correct ending, but it wasn’t something anybody wanted to commit to.

Although Sutherland has expressed his support for the rebooted series and will be serving as an executive producer for the show, it does not seem likely that fans will see Bauer in anything more than a possible cameo role in the future. For us, it was a parallel pair of scenes. Address all pleas for renewal — maybe in the form of “dammit!” voice-mails — to new Fox Television Group overlords Gary Newman and Dana Walden, and in the meantime, read our conversation with 24 co-showrunner Manny Coto about the gargantuan task of bringing Jack’s journey to a close. Affiliate links used when available. Panel members, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, discussed the use of torture "in times of great crisis". Web design by Pro Blog Design. The thing that made me cry the hardest was what Heller says about losing his Audrey, and how because he has Alzheimer’s he’ll soon forget she ever even existed. If Fox wants another season, how would you feel about that?

© 2020 Vox Media, LLC. You weren’t considering the possibility of doing another season? I long for the days where Kiefer Sutherland’s raspy voice would yell at me from my TV screen on a weekly basis. Within the 24 storyline, Bauer is a key member of the CTU, its director in Season 1, and is often portrayed as their most capable agent. Pick your favorite line: “Wake the bitch up!” or “Immunity isn’t on the table — but your hand is!”?I would say “Immunity isn’t on the table — but your hands is!” I think that’s my favorite line. Warner Bros. That’s a long way of saying why we felt this tragedy had to befall Jack and Heller at the end of the season. ", "Kiefer Sutherland: he's been around Hollywood for more than 20 years, but these days, this bold talent has them counting the minutes", "24 SEASON 3 Q&A with JOEL SURNOW, ROBERT COCHRAN and HOWARD GORDON", Link to Amazon page on '24 and Philosophy: the World According to Jack' (book), "Jack Bauer's Official Character Profile",, Fictional United States Army Delta Force personnel, Fictional United States Army Special Forces personnel, Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 2007– Season 1 Box Set (Jack Bauer, Nina Myers, David Palmer, Kim Bauer), 2007– End of Day 1 Two-Pack, PX Exclusive (Jack Bauer, Andre Drazen), 2007– Season 2 Box Set (Season 2 Jack Bauer, Tony Almeda, Michelle Dessler, George Mason), 2007– End of Day 2 Two-Pack, Suncoast/FYE Exclusive (Stretcher Jack Bauer, Prisoner Nina Myers), Canceled– Season 3 Box Set (Undercover Jack Bauer, Sherry Palmer, Chloe O'Brien, Chase Edmunds), Canceled– End of Day 3 Two-Pack (Jack Bauer, Stephen Saunders), 2005– Jack Bauer (Suit) Season 4 7:00 am – 8:00 am, 2005– Jack Bauer (Tac) Season 4 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, 24: One Shot (takes place on Jack's first day on the job at the Los Angeles Unit of the Counter Terrorist Unit), 24: Midnight Sun (Jack has to stop a rough environmentalist group from using explosives to get their point across), 24: Stories (takes place in the 3-year gap between Seasons 2&3. Twelve episodes you can plan. In my mind I know that's right. Jack Bauer wants to have a normal life and to be happy, but is continually denied this by the events of 24. It never comes out roses.

Did that idea ever cross your mind?No, that was never really the idea. Her favorite music artists included 2Pac, Built to Spill, Coldplay, Green Day, and Linkin Park. Fox entertainment president Michael Thorn recently gave fans a rare update about the show's status. There was a ton of action this season, but the car chase — or rather, drone chase — in the streets of London was especially impressive. Yes, it was more pre-planned than ever before. How awesome is Silent Bauer? They could text long-distance. 24: The Game takes place between Day 2 and 3. Or a movie?

Who knows if he’ll come back? There is nothing formal yet; we are still having discussions with 20th Century Fox TV and the producers on a way to come up with some other incarnation. [22], Geier, Thom; Jensen, Jeff; Jordan, Tina; Lyons, Margaret; Markovitz, Adam; Nashawaty, Chris; Pastorek, Whitney; Rice, Lynette; Rottenberg, Josh; Schwartz, Missy; Slezak, Michael; Snierson, Dan; Stack, Tim; Stroup, Kate; Tucker, Ken; Vary, Adam B.; Vozick-Levinson, Simon; Ward, Kate (December 11, 2009), "THE 100 Greatest MOVIES, TV SHOWS, ALBUMS, BOOKS, CHARACTERS, SCENES, EPISODES, SONGS, DRESSES, MUSIC VIDEOS, AND TRENDS THAT ENTERTAINED US OVER THE PAST 10 YEARS". They were like. I will be honest with you — we were playing with various endings. That’s the way it is in real life as well. She tells him, “The reason you’re here is because of Heller and Audrey,” and he kind of admits it. He is also one of only two Male Lead Drama TV Actors ever to have won all 4 awards, the other being Bryan Cranston for his role as Walter White on Breaking Bad. "We are wide open," he said at the TCA summer press tour (via Deadline). But there are no plans for anything more.

But fans of course want to know: what about Bauer? While in the U.S. Army, he married Teri Bauer and had one child, Kim Bauer. Disney’s ‘Chicken Little’: Inside the Troubled History of the Studio’s First CGI Feature, Exclusive: ‘Mosul’ Trailer from Russo Brothers Finds Iraqi SWAT Team Fighting ISIS Militants, The Best New Shows to Watch on Netflix in November 2020, ‘Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’ Review: An Escapist Epic That Would Make Odin Proud, ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2: Baby Yoda Devoured a Woman’s Children and We Need to Talk…. We ultimately came to this car thing, wrote it, and sent it off. The twist is that this time, the 24 revival, called 24: Legacy, will feature an all-new cast. Any trailers or first-look teasers are but a distant dream at the moment. I see 15 people held hostage on a bus, and everything else goes out the window. We didn’t know if it would be on foot or what. Jack: You took an oath. Now 24's longtime writer and showrunner, Howard Gordon has offered some insight into the factors that led to that uncertain end to Bauer's story line in the 24 universe.

According to Assignment X, which managed to score an interview with Gordon, Bauer was supposed to die in the series finale.

I can’t wait to see the next one. The well-received limited run series took place four years after the events of season eight and saw Jack once again attempting to stop a huge terrorist attack in London, while also trying to evade capture by the Americans. According to Fox, Carter comes from a rough background, but turned his life around in the Army Rangers. But dammit if the production crew and director–executive producer Jon Cassar pulled off.

Gives Johnny Depp the Boot From. What was good about the next episode is, yes, he was alive, but by then, Jack was already racing to Margo so people couldn’t catch their breath. At the end of the series, the agents announce that they have no conclusive evidence about his involvement, but Ramirez promises to keep a close eye on him until he is certain.

Why was Navarro shirtless for his interrogation? The Debrief consists of Agent Ramirez and other agents attempting to discover more about the supposed-death of an undercover agent, Marcus Holt, who disappeared shortly after Jack's imprisonment in China at the hands of Cheng Zhi. He was fluent in a wide array of styles while wielding a distinctive point of view, despite only recording seriously since 2017. In the episode, he is accidentally called by Bart in the middle of a shooting, who then plays a crank call on him (as he did to Moe Szyslak in the early seasons of "The Simpsons"). Earlier in the season, it looked like Margo had succeeded in blowing Heller up with a drone.

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