Electroilers were either indoor chandeliers or streetlights where banners could be hung from. In March 1939, then, as Standard Oil salesmen watched The Standard Parade, they were seeing an unofficial “preview” of the new Mickey Mouse—and Minnie too. In 1939 Patten was instrumental in organising the Cummeragunja Walk Off, for which he was arrested and charged with ‘inciting Aborigines’. *Wallace Beery (and Jackie Cooper) from The Champ McQuiggan. For the Academy Awards banquet in November 1932 (honoring the films produced in 1931-32), the Disney studio produced a special Technicolor trailer titled Parade of the Award Nominees. Others would come up with other names they would use to expand out of their limited geographical areas. Sharpsteen’s parade animation was seen again the following year, but only by a private audience of film-industry professionals. Following high school, Patten was unsuccessful in joining the Navy and worked for the Sydney Municipal Council. My great great great grandmothers name was Charlotte Briggs or Lotte Knight? The dire state of affairs at Cummeragunja resulted in the station’s residents sending a telegram to a former resident Jack Patten, whose family still resided at the station. Just saw Stanchfield’s restoration of HELL’S FIRE, and Iwerks uses this same gag. Required fields are marked *. It provided him with valuable experience, and shortly afterward he became a regular director in the Disney shorts department. Interesting about cummergunja, use to live there.

I didn’t expect SOHIO to be that good (outside of Ohio, they went by the name “BORON”). This film was only one part of the campaign; the studio also committed to a series of newspaper ads and other promotional aids in which Disney characters extolled the virtues of Standard Oil. Throughout 1939 Jack Patten led a campaign for Aboriginals to serve in the Australian Army. McQuiggan. For anyone who’s interested, those Academy Award nominee caricatures are… McQuiggan's response was to call in police and have Patten and his brother George arrested for 'incitement'. Illness due to a lack of investment into sanitation, quality housing and clean water were again major issues of concern for the community. He was called A.J. Earlier that year, Patten had been involved in campaigning for Aboriginal people to be able to enlist in the military (without needing to lie about their identity, as many had done previously). Your email address will not be published. The station was founded in June 1888 when many of the residents of the Maloga Mission Station grew dissatisfied with its founder Daniel Matthews, and his authoritarian and highly religious …

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Kurrajong (Brachychiton) – Traditional Aboriginal usage, food & technology. • Volus Jones (Dopey) The Pointer, the theatrical short that did serve to introduce Mickey’s new design to movie audiences, wouldn’t be released until July 1939. Unlike many Aboriginal people at the time, Patten attended high school and became an experienced organiser and public speaker, speaking regularly on Aboriginal rights at the Domain on Sunday afternoons, along with other Aboriginal activists like Pearl Gibbs and Tom Foster. What makes it especially interesting to the Disney enthusiast is that the animation is drawn from multiple sources. Patten was educated at public schools in Tumbarumba and West Wyalong, and attended high school at West Wyalong. Interesting question here: Which Standard Oil company bankrolled this short? Riley Thomson, a former animator, was appointed as the director of The Standard Parade. Two firms did use the Standard name on their signage and advertising. This however was to be short lived. The provenance of the opening scenes is especially interesting. Hopefully I’ll be able to research it and write it up in the near future.

Jack Patten goes to Cumeragunja Aboriginal Reserve in late January 1939 to talk to the residents about their failed campaign to remove manager A.J.

The NSW Commissioner of Police, who was ex-officio Chairman of the APB had strongly argued for McQuiggan's sacking, but the Chief Secretary's Department chose instead to transfer McQuiggan to Cumeragunja . We see trumpeters, drummers, little lackeys who sweep the path and unroll a carpet, a flower girl who scatters petals, and more trumpeters, before King Cole himself finally makes an appearance. As the parade continues, we see one more recycled piece of animation: Toby Tortoise, in a scene originally animated by Dick Lundy for the 1934 Oscar winner The Tortoise and the Hare. Yes, this was made for Standard of California, the future Chevron Corp.

Patten was arrested, and Stephensen bailed him out: a magistrate had him bound over.

Understanding the Statue & Memorial Debate. Life at Cummeragunja under the control of George Bellenger proved to be disastrous for the station’s residents.

Regards Tim Beadle, can someone help me please i am searching for a list of people buried at CUMMERAGUNJA CEMETERY, my mothers father and mother came from the cummergunja tribe, ive tryed to find my mothers history, this was great page thx, Part of my family history lies with Cummeragunja. Tytla’s original scene had shown the characters walking from screen left to screen right; now the artists reversed direction to show the dwarfs, in line with the rest of the procession, walking from right to left. In this post we’re looking at one such cartoon, produced for special showings at Standard Oil sales conventions in 1939. One was Standard Oil of Indiana, which used such names as “American”, “Amoco”, “Utoco” ad “Vico” wen getting out of their assigned Midwestern bailiwick. • Claude Smith (Three Little Pigs), Assistant director: Jack Bruner

Jack Patten goes to Cumeragunja Aboriginal Reserve in late January 1939 to talk to the residents about their failed campaign to remove manager A.J. These animated celebrities were preceded by an honor guard: Mickey Mouse as a drum major, Minnie carrying an announcement banner, and Sharpsteen’s company of pages and heralds, repainted in color. As a result of Patten's advice 200 Cumeragunja residents decide to 'walk-off' the reserve in protest at APB policies. At Patten’s urging, a majority of the station’s residents packed up and crossed the river into Victoria, in an act of defiance known today as the Cummeragunja Walk-Off. Prior to World War II, military regulations officially excluded Aboriginal people from enlisting in Australia's armed forces. A number of Yorta Yorta families live there today. It's great to get some... Great work! • Ozzie Evans (bass drummer and helpers) I am wondering what is the name of Jimmy Little’s Mother and Father’s Names please? But he was a brilliant speaker, one of the best of his era. About the “Parade of Award Nominees”- who is the fellow who turns green at around 2:06? McQuiggan. Great post today. They built new communities in Mooroopna, Shepparton, and beyond. As big a fan as I am of original Disney animation (and that goes back to when I was a child, more than 60 YEARS ago! Station finances were being directed back into the community for community benefit. In 1939, Jack successfully campaigned to have the rules changed, before enlisting in the army himself.

As Jiminy Cricket would say, “What a build-up!”. Tags: Aborigines Protection ActCumeroogungaCummeragunjaMalogaSoldier Settlement SchemeYorta Yorta. This is a really fantastic summary. • Nick De Tolly (Pluto, Big Bad Wolf)

Koori History – Aboriginal History of South Eastern Australia © 2020. When Federal “trust busters” broke up John D. Rockefeller’s original Standard Oil company in 1911, several companies were created, each of which was allowed to use the Standard name in a specific geographical area. *Marie Dressler from Emma, And Walt, himself, received two awards at this ceremony: Station profits were delivered to the APB, bypassing the community, and Cummeragunja once again fell into a state of neglect. Could you let me know in which one of the Treasure Tins may I find these two shorts. These were in addition to a small number of farms taken up in the surrounding area by those who had decided to step away from the stifling controls of mission life. By their own hand, the community at Cummeragunja thrived. He went on to serve in Palestine and Egypt as a private, until a piece of shrapnel damaged his knee. Feb 4, 1939.

*Helen Hayes from The Sin of Madelon Claudet

In June Patten toured north-coast reserves rousing enthusiastic meetings.

Now the studio retrieved and repurposed it for The Standard Parade. // ]]>By early 1939, Cummeragunja had experienced a number of deaths which were directly attributed to the minimal rations, lack of sanitation and cramped conditions the station’s residents were being subjected to. Than you, Martin.

As a result of Patten's advice 200 Cumeragunja residents decide to 'walk-off' the reserve in protest at APB policies. The Pointer, the theatrical short that did serve to introduce Mickey’s new design to movie audiences, wouldn’t be released until July 1939. Illness and threats of expulsion or removal of rations were constant themes. Unit secretary: Dorris Pugsley. Donald Duck’s action is animated by Johnny Cannon, a Disney artist since 1927, who was by now established as one of the studio’s crew of “Duck men.” The Pigs are animated by Claude Smith, who had recently animated them in the theatrical short The Practical Pig. During the studio’s Golden Age these sponsored cartoons were rare, and were produced for such specialized use that they’re seldom shown today. While boxing at Casino in 1931, Patten married Selina Avery. Glad I had a dream to read this information about the land I grew up on. Following the attempt by the Ferguson led Dubbo branch of the APA to have Jack Patten dismissed as the organisation’s President, a meeting was held at La Perouse in April 1939. Created: 3 November 2005, Last modified: 10 March 2006, Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Australia License, Cite this: http://www.reasoninrevolt.net.au/biogs/E000338b.htm. • Rex Cox (drummers) The white manager of the mission expelled him. Once again the dwarfs marched past the camera one by one, the picks over their shoulders replaced by signs spelling out the name STANDARD.

It dates back to 1931, when the studio produced a Silly Symphony titled Mother Goose Melodies. He was removed from Kinchea after a Police investigation had found that he was an indebted drunkard and had been sadistic in his treatment of Aboriginal boys in the Home, beating them with hosepipes and stock whips. Thank YOU, J.P. As the credit list above suggests, most of the parading characters are reworked from scenes in previous well-known Disney films—along with some original animation, combined in an ingenious exercise in patchwork. Discharged in 1942, Jack joined the Civil Construction Corps. With both Patten and Ferguson in attendance, a vote on Ferguson’s motion for Jack Patten’s dismissal took place and was quashed by the delegates in attendance.

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