is an American television game show created by Merv Griffin. Law & Order 's signature "doink doink" sound … Cookies help us deliver our services. Let others know what they should also watch ... No suggestions yet. Jeopardy! Archive is created by fans, for fans. This was NOT taken from Netflix. Game 6: 199: Thu Nov 16, 2006: S23 Celebrity Jeopardy! backstage at the 33rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on April 28, 2006… The original Jeopardy! ", This type of screw head has two partial slots crossed at right angles, The 1987 book "And the Band Played On" alerted many Americans to this disease, Chuck Barris created & hosted this show, a sort of talent-free show, The "henge" part of the word Stonehenge is a term meaning an ancient monument arranged in this shape, At Marshall Field's in 2002, life was like a 3,226-pound box of this. A great Greek warrior, or a tendon attached to the heel, (Alex: You have to identify the film, players. Doug Dorst, Sally Vaughn, Jimmie Bise Jr. Doug Dorst, Greg Little, Jacqueline Lovell, Gigi Gilman, Margaret Holz, Michael Lapthorn, Michael Lapthorn, Jaime Thomson, Don Minyard, Fred Schultz, Nathan Thornton, Barbara Tarlau, Robbi Rogers, Bob Collins, Stephanie Smith, S22 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 1, S22 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 2, S22 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 3, S22 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 4, S22 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 5, S22 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 1, S22 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 2, S22 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 3, Harvey Cormier, Devin Landin, Tricia Barreiro, Tricia Barreiro, Matt Sojot, Karla Sortland, Eric Dolansky, Kristen Meinhold, Ken Hinton, Eric Dolansky, Steve Friedman, Nathan Meyers, Nathan Meyers, Kathy Daum, Jonathan Spencer, Jonathan Spencer, Dan Sander, Richard Vehlow, Dan Sander, Stefanie Morales, Marcia Jensen, Dan Sander, Roberta Ellington, Quinn Saunders, Roberta Ellington, Jessica Tanner, Kerry Rucidlo, Roberta Ellington, Thomas Talbot, Craig Westphal, Craig Westphal, Matt Wauben, Bill Weylock, Craig Westphal, Danielle Kolker, Bob Puett, Craig Westphal, Doug O'Brien, Maggie Parcells, Craig Westphal, Gerald Bergen, Josh Kennedy, Josh Kennedy, Sioux Stoeckle, Clark Floyd, Clark Floyd, Amanda Ross-White, Tony Mahler, Clark Floyd, Kathy Damstra, Theresa Larson, Mark Edelson, Ryan McMillen, Priya Bhatia Yerasi, Sidney Tison, John Hooper, Jennifer Casey, Jennifer Casey, Jeff Knorr, Susannah Jacobson, Susannah Jacobson, Mike Pesca, Judy Rudnick, Susannah Jacobson, Michelle Bondurant, A.K. Sorry, no streaming providers are yet available for this show from your country. on May 13, 2020. In the 2006–2007 season, Deb Dittmann and Brett Schneider became the producers, and Finneran, Schmidt, and Johnson were promoted to supervising producers. The Germans wore gray, you wore blue", The harp is a national symbol of this European country & also the name of a popular beer from that country, This company, XOM, is mobile because they're full of gas, This branch of physics focuses on radioactivity; this type of family has a mother, father & children, Get some Latin under your belt, like amo, amas & this third-person singular form of "to love", "I tell you things, you tell me things, not about this case, though, about yourself. on this show that debuted in 1974, One legend says that this magician who helped King Arthur used his powers to build Stonehenge, Run as fast as you can, you can't catch this treat; one made in 2003 was 13' 11" in height. Which TV Series would you suggest to people who enjoy Jeopardy!? From Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Consider upgrading to a modern browser for an improved experience. Och aye! In 1993 chefs from Glasgow's Hilton & others used 80 ox stomachs to make the largest this on record--668 lbs.! Hon. "Here lies Lester Moore / Four slugs from a .44 / No Les, no more" is a marker at this cemetery in Tombstone, Az. Andrew Chaikin, Monisha Crisell, Ben Lewis, Tom Kavanaugh, James Calhoun, Leslie Birdwell, Tom Kavanaugh, Craig Smith, Stephanie Lutz, Tom Kavanaugh, Marty Miller, Carolyn Proulx, Tom Kavanaugh, Constance Swinger, Kevin Marshall, Kevin Marshall, Kerri Griffith, Jesse Liu, Kevin Marshall, David Grant, Michelle Hickman, Kevin Marshall, Merle Capello, Chris Casper, Kevin Marshall, Amanda Pompili, John Stratford, John Stratford, Rick Hoffman, Jeanne Perrier, Rick Hoffman, Lisa Peabody, Marcus Jackson, Marcus Jackson, Cynthia Pearson, Bob Mesko, Bob Mesko, Margaret Mitchell, Peter Booker, Bob Mesko, Miranda Schwartz, Glenn Barnes, Miranda Schwartz, Candy Murphy, Paul Canty, William Love, John Moore, Eleanor Ainslie, Eleanor Ainslie, Dave Halliday, Joanna Stromberg, Eleanor Ainslie, Joanna Stromberg, Tawney Pearson, Eleanor Ainslie, Jennifer Kelly, Jared Poppel, Jared Poppel, Pinki Mishra, Paul Callaway, Marah Eakin, Samantha Kaji, Steve Toffler, Samantha Kaji, Bonnie Clair, Carolyn Eichner, Bonnie Clair, Trevor Pritchard, Dave Lombard, Jessica Epstein, Julie Seitter, Jimmy Orsag, Jimmy Orsag, Melanie Perreault, Amit Bose, Jack Deschauer, Deborah Melman-Clement, Kim Clemmer, Deborah Melman-Clement, Bruce Brown, Matt Bregman, Chris Smith, Gerald McClanahan, Lucretia Manning, Chris Smith, Erynn Masi de Casanova, John Ward, Christine Black, Mike Hagesfeld, Scott Gardiner, Scott Gardiner, Lara Beaton, James Washick, Kate Miller, Patricia DiMaggio, Margaret Kickliter, Patricia DiMaggio, Mary LoSardo, Dave Binnig, Ed Angleton, Lars Jacobsen, Louise Hauser, Ed Angleton, Trisha Murai, Nemanja Dundjerovic, Nemanja Dundjerovic, Ben Goggins, Amanda Mapel, Ben Goggins, Barbara Watkins, Doc Hamilton, Doc Hamilton, Chrissy Hoffman, Craig Mobley, Michael Falk, William Lee, Melanie Madden, Kathy Lisiewicz, Melissa Ahart, Tom Ricketts, Melissa Ahart, Brian Lamb, Raena de Silvia, Bob Mesko, Kathleen Larkey, Rodney Waites, Kathleen Larkey, Doug Dorst, Erika Engstrom. A quiz show with a twist: contestants are provided with the answers. bigblue999 ", If you have a drafty house, you can play the Aeolian harp; its strings are sounded not by hands but this, This company, TWX, likes initials such as AOL, HBO & TBS, As you know, Dr., the frontal this in the brain is key to emotion & reason; stay away from the one on the ear this time, God willing, you'll learn enough about religion to know this word defined as belief in a single god, "Magandang umaga", Tagalog for "good morning", would come in handiest in this world capital, "I know that you & Frank were planning to disconnect me, & that's something I cannot allow to happen", In the Bible, this ancient Hebrew king & psalmist played a harp called a kinnor, This food company, MCD, gobbled up Boston Market & Chipotle Mexican Grill, Among the many movies that have premiered here at Radio City Music Hall was this 1962 film based on a novel by Harper Lee. Game 3: 196: Mon Nov 13, 2006: S23 Celebrity Jeopardy! Is there a September 12 episode? On April 29, 1994 this man was elected president of South Africa in that country's first interracial national election, The Fonz told people to "Sit on it!"

Game 7: 200: Fri Nov 17, 2006: S23 Celebrity Jeopardy! Margaret Spellings, a U.S. Secretary of Education from Washington, D.C. Michael McKean, an actor, writer, and director from This is Spinal Tap, A Mighty Wind, and The Pajama Game, The J! On January 10, 1982 the temperature in Chicago was -26 degrees F.; this made it feel like -81 degrees F. The U.S. launched Operation Desert Shield soon after Iraq's August 2, 1990 invasion of this country, Tom Selleck appeared as rival detective Lance White on this show that starred James Garner, Today some archaeologists believe that Stonehenge was used to track & observe these 2 heavenly bodies, Yes, we have one bunch of these, 473 individual ones in a bunch grown in Spain in 2001, Informally, if something is worth virtually nothing at all, it "doesn't amount to" this 3-word food term, In 1999, this 6-year-old Cuban refugee was the subject of a custody battle, The theme song to this sitcom said, "Well we're moving on up, to the east side", During the summer solstice, modern-day people who act like these Celtic priests hold cermonies at Stonehenge. The, Third in line to the British throne, he came into the world September 15, 1984, The Korean War lasted 3 years, but this TV show set in the Korean War lasted 11, The ancient monument known as Stonehenge is found in this country, You gotta break some eggs to make this item; in 1994, 160,000 were used to make a 1,383-square-foot one, We might recite these jokes whose second line is always "Who's there? Add your shows and see the site populate with them, Calendar and Homepage with your shows only, Track your watched episodes and see new ones come out, Define search engines to find episodes with one click, Get suggestions for new shows based on what you watch, Many other neat features and customizations. Show #5107 - Tuesday, November 21, 2006 2006 Celebrity Jeopardy! But what are the right questions? Be the first to recommend TV shows that people may like! Game 4: 197: Tue Nov 14, 2006: S23 Celebrity Jeopardy! game 10. Game 5: 198: Wed Nov 15, 2006: S23 Celebrity Jeopardy! Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Alex Trebek holds the award for outstanding game show host, for his work on "Jeopardy!" Subramanian, Michelle Bondurant, Seth Supcoff, Vanessa Meikle, Rich Small, Hanna Miller, David Nikithser, David Nikithser, Susan Matejko, Tom Waskom, Susan Matejko, Eric Allen, Rebecca Pinchoff, Eric Allen, Lisa Llanes-Simpson, Bruce Lin, Celeste DiNucci, Alex Hunnicutt, Steve Bingo, Celeste DiNucci, Erika Austin, Margaret J. McCarthy, Celeste DiNucci, Brent Tabacchi, Debra Mack, Celeste DiNucci, Matthew Mitchell, Theresa Kenny, Celeste DiNucci, Eugene Manning, Danelle Johnson, Eugene Manning, Reda Chambers, Brad Jeffcoat, Brad Jeffcoat, Lauren Hirs, Dan Cordova (Season 23 begins), Lauren Hirs, Timothy Benston, Nathalie Henderson, Nathalie Henderson, Meighan Larbi, Matt Thomas, Meighan Larbi, Jennifer Czechowski, Lou Bayard, Sara Terrell, Alexandra Petri, Nick Calton, Sara Terrell, Nick Calton, Cathleen Charleson, Sara Terrell, Donna Deans, Charlton Wilbur, Sherman Lo, Steve Jenkins, Maria Capucciati, Ruth Dammel, Jim McMurtry, Liddy Gerchman Barlow, Joe Leibrandt, Larry Clow, Brooke Wilberg, Joe Leibrandt, Andy Reese, Elesha Coffman, Joe Leibrandt, Linda Sue Park, Dave Singleton, John Bowen, Andrew Espinoza, Rachael Dietrich, Andrew Espinoza, Tracy Parrish Wolfe, Benjamin Tomkins, Tracy Parrish Wolfe, Jason Stuart, Chris Mazurek, Chris Mazurek, Connie Toohey, Michael Green, Jim Spilman, Caroline Waddell Zarzar, Dave Meddish, Jeff Spoeri, Jacob Cytryn, Teresa Cahalan, Ryan Friedman, Suzanne Ennis, Ehren Schwiebert, Ryan Friedman, David Maynard, Alexia Henke, Lynne Sherwin, Terry Pflaumer, Sean Dillon, Linda Flink, Christian Haines, Sean Gilsdorf, Christian Haines, Dan McMurray, Kate Harvey, Christian Haines, Gilbert Mercado, Rebecca Bizonet, Christian Haines, John Gershkoff, Robin Pelkey, Christian Haines, Lorraine Mariz, Perry Gentry, Lorraine Mariz, Tara Kolden, Cory Hartman, Steve Unite, Christian Ruud, Mariann Buonadonna, Steve Unite, Jen Anders, Sherri Schottlaender, Steve Unite, Sarah Callanan, Jeannette Harrison. Your browser may not be compatible with all the features on this site. ), In geography, you should know that this South American river has the world's largest drainage system, In Italian, to wish someone "buona fortuna" is to wish them this, "Maximus Decimus Meridius... father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, and I will have my vengeance", A member of this comedy team, Harpo was a virtuoso on the harp & played it in some of their movies, Call this company, VZ, if you want to hear me now, Einstein published the special theory of this in 1905; the general theory of it was announced in 1915, Learn the basics of chemistry, like this chemical formula for water, It's the rhyming way you'd say "please" to your Spanish-speaking friend, "Now... bring me that horizon. backstage at … Show #5100 - Friday, November 10, 2006 2006 Celebrity Jeopardy!

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