A famous poet, Walt Whitman, worked in what capacity for the Union Army in 1864? Burns frequently collaborates with author and historian Geoffrey C. Ward, notably on documentaries such as The Civil War, Jazz, Baseball, and the 10 part TV series The Vietnam War (aired September 2017). [18] Blu-ray and DVD editions were released on October 13, 2015. It aired on PBS from September 7 to 11, 2015. The pianist not only changed the songs' original mood but also allowed herself some harmonic liberties so as to make these century-old marching tunes into piano lamentations that contemporary audiences could fully identify with".[8]. xtrememotives. The series followed a fairly consistent chronological order of history. In "Bleeding Kansas," abolitionists battle for free soil. The theme song of the documentary is the instrumental "Ashokan Farewell", which is heard twenty-five times during the film.

As the episode ends, Lee decides to invade the North again to draw Grant’s forces away from Vicksburg. The Civil War | A Film By Ken Burns | PBS America - YouTube Lee wanted to destroy the Union army's resolve to do what?

Ken Burns talks about how he, Geoff Ward, and Ric Burns created THE CIVIL WAR film. Burns also interviewed Daisy Turner, then a 104-year-old daughter of an ex-slave, whose poetry features prominently in the series. Turner died in February 1988, a full two-and-a-half years before the series aired.

As the main editor on the film, I always wanted to go back and improve the overall quality of the film. U. S. Grant daringly sneaks up from behind on the crucial Southern city of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Southern deserters are shot. In Richmond, women riot over the price of bread. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Home > The Civil War: Episode 4-Simply Murder (1863). To commemorate the film's 25th anniversary and the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's assassination, the film underwent a complete digital restoration to high-definition format in 2015.

Where did Sherman make a mistake, though he never admitted to it?

A large cast of actors voiced correspondence, memoirs, news articles, and stood in for historical figures from the Civil War. The entire series was digitally remastered for re-release on September 17, 2002 in VHS and DVD by PBS Home Video and Warner Home Video. New York, NY 10001 Distributed by PBS Distribution.

Ungar, his band Fiddle Fever and pianist Jacqueline Schwab performed this song and many of the other 19th-century songs used in the film. Described as a "foxhole yip and a banshee squall," the rebel yell was a particular Confederate warfare cry used on the attack. Start studying Ken Burns The Civil War - Quiz 4 (Episode 7). The final entry in a Massachussetts volunteer's diary said, "June 3, 1864--Cold Harbor Virginia- I ___ ____.".

On the home front, Southerners cope with terrible inflation and lack of basic consumer goods. The American Civil War Documentary by Random Nilsen. Computer Science and Information Technology. "[4] It is the only modern piece of music heard in the film, and subsequently became the first ever single release for the Elektra Nonesuch label, which released the series' soundtrack album. The film has also been criticized for propagating the Lost Cause of the Confederacy myth. In the North, soldiers desert over Emancipation, and the Copperhead movement tries to undermine Lincoln and the war effort.

How badly did Sherman's men outnumber Gen. Joseph E. Johnston's force? At Petersburg the armies dug in for how many months? In approximately __ minutes the Confederates shot down 7000 men. (62 minutes) Length: 62 minutes. But the fragile Confederate coalition is also coming apart. Despite the Northern victory at Antietam, despite emancipation, and despite the Union's superiority in men and material, the North is coming close to fumbling all it has. Ward, Geoffrey C.; Burns, Ric; Burns, Ken (1992) [First published 1991]. Its filmography was groundbreaking for the time, and spawned film techniques such as the Ken Burns effect. The series was extremely influential, and serves as the main source of knowledge about the Civil War to many Americans. "Instrumental Soundtracks Chime In. Prior to the series, the Civil War had receded in popular historical consciousness since its 1960s centennial.

Morale of the rebel army is very low. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman hated the newspaper reporters & was convinced that if he "killed them all, there would be news from ____ before breakfast". General Lee said, "We must destroy this army of Grant's before he gets to the _____ river. He states both sides agree that killing has not advanced the war effort--and is simply murder. The 4th episode in the award winning PBS documentary by Ken Burns. Prices include public performance rights. Burns was not a historian, and neither was most of the production team, which has led to accusations that Burns did not give a thorough enough histiographical overview. Each episode was divided into numerous chapters or vignettes,[7] but each generally had a primary theme or focus (i.e., a specific battle or topic). The film was co-produced by Ken's brother Ric Burns, written by Geoffrey C. Ward and Ric Burns, edited by Paul Barnes with cinematography by Buddy Squires. Who was in charge of all nurses in the Union army & orked 4 years without pay? The Civil War is a 1990 American television documentary miniseries created by Ken Burns about the American Civil War.

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