John Hatten retires. Leland plays his final match here, but his final Gold Rush waits until the following day! Recorded at NBC Studios 3 and 2 in Burbank, California from October 1980 to March 1982. In the 1987 revival, it was a one on one affair. Also John's second loss occurs here.

Goodson-Todman staffer Steve Ryan pitched the game in mid-September 1980, and NBC bought it not only without a pilot, but without a title. NO SHOW AIRED TODAY DUE TO PRESIDENT REAGAN'S INAUGURATION.

Blockbusters episodes with Bill Cullen and Bill Rafferty ... 9/18/81 - Karen vs. Ruth & Alice - Pat and Liz McCarthy's 1st show. The contestant calls out the initials, Bill reads a clue, and the contestant either answers or passes. "Gold Rush" is now called "Gold Run", starting with this episode, Randy brings his cockatoo to the show and you can hear him squawking offstage during the Gold Run! NO SHOW AIRED TODAY DUE TO COVERAGE ON THE WEDDING OF PRINCESS DIANA AND PRINCE CHARLES, NBC AIRED RERUNS OF SELECT EPISODES FOR TWO WEEKS FROM AUGUST 17-27, PREEMPTED ON OCTOBER 6 FOR COVERAGE ON THE MURDER OF EGYPTIAN PRESIDENT ANWAR SADAT. Even today, it remains one of the more popular. -Joanie wins the match after a lengthy round. with Blue background. 4/24/81 - Pat & Russ vs. Joe - 21 second Gold Run win! While many shows on television are the result of months and even years of tinkering and toiling. These are the letters that lead to victory, on...Blockbusters!". This was changed a few weeks into the series to $500 for each game, with the first side to win two games and $1,000 winning the match and playing the renamed Gold Run for $5,000. -First appearance of the letter Q on the board. Contestants could remain on the show originally until winning eight matches; after the Gold Rush/Super Gold Rush format was dumped, this was extended to 10 matches. A great run by John! Puff(Eps 11, 12, 13) and Addie(Ep 41) would appear on Trivia Trap 4 years later! The entire series exists. In 1982, Bill received an Emmy nomination for hosting Blockbusters. Gold Run jackpot played for $15,000, but lost.

Blockbusters was a game of skill and strategy, where the game board was a honeycomb filled with letters, each of which were the beginning letters "that lead to victory" of an answer to a question. Sherry retires undefeated tied for the most money ever won on Blockbusters! For each hexagon, Bill reads a trivia question and the contestants ring in to answer. 1-30-87 - Randy vs. Maria - Maria gets bleeped. Monica vs. Pat & Liz McCarthy Leland Yung vs. Sylvia & Pat Blockbusters- Bill Rafferty (2 Episodes) Maria vs. Art (1987/OB) Jeanne vs. Robyn; 26 Second Gold Run Win! The goal is to make a connection from one side of the board to the other. South Orange resident Liz McCarthy got to live out a dream with . 11/5/81 - Roger & Jan vs. Sharon - BUZZR - awful Gold Run sees only $100 won! A right answer turns the hexagon gold, while a wrong answer or pass turns it black and creates a block that the contestant must go around to build the path. The first side to make the connection wins the game and the right to play Gold Rush for $2,500. The other two are the family pair (any relation to each other except married couple), and are represented by white. View the profiles of people named Liz McCarthy.

Elizabeth McCarthy Assistant Director, Communications, Global Experience Office at Harvard Business School Cambridge, Massachusetts 500+ connections Leland wins the Gold Rush in a record(so far...) 20 seconds! Even with a run of only eighteen months, this was one of the more successful series of his later career, and certainly one of the better games. John and Kathy retire undefeated as the second highest money winners and the highest family pair winners in Blockbusters history(so far! No, that isn't the lawyer Clarence Darrow! - BUZZR, 11/16/81 - J.C. @ Gold Run - BUZZR - TWO $5,000 wins, 11/17/81 - J.C. vs. Cinthianne & Terri - Buzzr skips this - I have a GSN copy, 11/18/81 - Cinthianne & Terri vs. Pat - BUZZR, 11/19/81 - Cinthianne & Terri vs. Evon - BUZZR, 11/23/81 - Sandy & Bev vs. Bonnie - BUZZR, 11/25/81 - Sandy & Bev vs. Alfred - BUZZR, 11/26/81 - Thanksgiving - No show broadcast, 11/27/81 - Alfred vs. John & Clyde - BUZZR, 11/30/81 - Alfred vs. John & Clyde again - BUZZR, 12/1/81 - John & Clyde vs. Musetta - BUZZR did not air as scheduled, 12/2/81 - Musetta vs. Janet & Nancy - BUZZR, 12/3/81 - Musetta vs. Patty & Val - BUZZR, 12/4/81 - Musetta vs. Patty & Val again - BUZZR, 12/7/81 - Musetta vs. Shannon & Valerie - BUZZR, 12/8/81 - Musetta vs. Josie & Len - BUZZR, 12/9/81 - Musetta vs. Jeff & Alan - BUZZR, 12/18/81 - Ray & Ginny @ Gold Run - BUZZR, 12/22/81 - Mike vs. Karen & Kathy - BUZZR, 12/23/81 - Karen & Kathy vs. Terrie - BUZZR, 2/4/82 - Ed ($2400) @ Gold Run - George of the Jungle episode, 2/15/82 - Gloria vs. Paul & Margie ($1400) - episode with home game blooper, 2/18/82 - Deborah vs. Margie & Paul ($19900) - Bill's birthday is mentioned, 2/19/82 - Margie & Paul ($26400) @ Gold Run - Funny contestant interview session, 2/25/82 - Sue vs. Kathy & John - Kathy and John return for their 2nd run, 3/4/82 - Pat & Sylvia at Gold Run, then vs. Paul, 3/5/82 - Leland Yung ($51,000) vs. Sylvia & Pat, 3/8/82 - Leland Yung ($51500) vs. Sylvia & Pat, 3/10/82 - Leland Yung ($63,500) vs. Harvie & Dottie, 3/12/82 - Leland Yung ($70600) vs. Garry & Otto, 3/16/82 - Leland Yung vs. Foster & Sandra, 3/18/82 - Leland Yung ($95,100) vs. Dave & Vicki, 3/19/82 - Leland Yung ($100,600) vs. Bob & Tom, 4/6/82 - John Hatton ($60000) vs. Margie & Nancy, 4/7/82 - John Hatton ($66000) vs. Kelly & Ryan, 4/8/82 - John Hatton ($72,000) vs. Gold Run, 4/9/82 - John Hatton ($72500) vs. Susan & Janet - Bob Hilton's last show as announcer, 4/12/82 - John Hatton ($78000) vs. Debbie & Linda - Rich Jeffries first show as announcer, 4/15/82 - John Hatton ($96000) vs. Bill & Larry, 4/20/82 - John Hatton ($114,000) vs. Matt & Stephanie, 4/21/82 - John Hatton ($114,500) vs. Matt & Stephanie - John Hatton retires with $120,000, 4/23/82 - Marge vs. Nina & Kim - Gene Visich returns for the final game - Series finale. Finale! Liz was a Harvard economics major, while her mother was called out by Cullen as the series' very best player. Episode where John reveals his house burned down during a taping, but he keeps going strong! A question is thrown out because buzzers were not reset. - CBN and BUZZR, 10/22/81 - Don & Kim ($6,000) vs. LaRae Dillman - BUZZR, 10/23/81 - LaRae ($48,000) @ Gold Run - BUZZR and CBN recording, 10/26/81 - LaRae ($54,000) @ Gold Run then vs. Lynn & Scott - BUZZR and CBN, 10/27/81 - LaRae ($65,000) vs. Kitty @ Elinor - BUZZR and CBN, 10/28/81 - Kitty & Elinor ($1,400) vs. Kenny - BUZZR, 10/29/81 - Kitty & Elinor vs. Helen - BUZZR, 10/30/81 - Helen ($1,000) @ Gold Run - Tom Kennedy appears to promote Password Plus! 6/18/81 - Jamie vs. Betty & Shirley - BUZZR SKIPS - COMING SOON! . 7/8/81 - Bob vs. Alpha & Kim - Gene Visich appears at the end of the show, 7/10/81 - Gene Visich ($1,600) vs. Monica & Maggi, 7/13/81 - Gene Visich ($2,100) vs. Monica & Maggi, 7/14/81 - Gene Visich ($8,100) vs. Don & Bob, 7/15/81 - Gene Visich ($14,100) vs. Judy & Joyce, 7/16/81 - Gene Visich ($20,600) at Gold Run, 7/17/81 - Gene Visich ($21,200) vs. Johnna & Dianna, 7/20/81 - Gene Visich ($27,200) vs. Wilma & Debi, 7/21/81 - Gene Visich ($33,200) vs. Hank & Joe, 7/22/81 - Gene Visich ($39,200) vs. Debbie & Donna, 7/23/81 - Gene Visich ($45,200) vs. Jody & Anne - Gene retires undefeated with $46,700, 7/28/81 - David vs. Barry & Marcia - BUZZR SKIPS - NEED THIS EPISODE, 9/11/81 - Mary Lou & Kevin ($13900) vs. Tom - 1st show with the 20 game limit for champions - Kandi Doyle returns, 9/14/81 - Mary Lou & Kevin vs. Kandi Doyle, 9/18/81 - Karen vs. Ruth & Alice  - Pat and Liz McCarthy's 1st show.

Pat and Liz McCarthy, the only family pair to win 20 consecutive matches and the maximum $120,000. 1st ep. For unlimited access to the Village Green, subscribe now and get access to all our content for just $45/year, $15/quarter or $5/month. The intricate Blockbusters game board contained 60 slide projects--three for each hexagon, one for the letters of the alphabet, one for red slides, and one for white slides. . 9/23/81 - Pat & Liz ($12,000) vs. Mike. Elizabeth has 3 jobs listed on their profile. If the player/team made a mistake, a second round of the regular game was played to determine the winner. 5/18/81 - Kevin & Sharon vs. Forrest - Kevin finally wins the Gold Run! All of the slide projectors were operated by a set of remote controls near the stage. Leland retires here. -NBC was on the Gold Run board, but obviously didn't represent the network this show aired on. Kandi retires here as the 4th highest money winner in Blockbusters' history!

Camera catches Bill walking to contestants at end (OOPS!!!). 11/9/81 - J.C. vs. Roberta & Debra - BUZZR, 11/11/81 - J.C. vs. Marcia & Emily - BUZZR, 11/13/81 - J.C. vs. Debbie & B.J.

Final game is played for $5,000, no Gold Rush. 5/19/81 - Kevin & Sharon vs. June - Kevin wins his 2nd Gold Run! Earlier it had been ruled incorrect and Donna got the "correct" answer and had won.

Bill Rafferty Blockbuster episodes - Original Broadcasts! After 18 weeks, Letterman was cancelled and replaced by Bill and Blockbusters. Reruns have aired on CBN, Game Show Network, and Buzzr. The solo player has to connect from top to bottom and, since there is only one of them, they have a shortened path and can win with as few as four correct answers. He also had Emmy nominations for Three on a Match and Hot Potato. In 1983, after Bill's version left the airwaves, ITV in Great Britain introduced Blockbusters as a game played by teens. Tom Kennedy cameos at the start to announce a new timeslot for Password Plus. In June 1980, Bill's game Chain Reaction had been cancelled to make way for David Letterman's daytime talk show. In May, HBS staff members Jill and Liz will travel with MBA students and faculty to Helsinki, Finland to help support the 2017 FIELD Global Immersion (FGI). The only time the letter X appears on the board. A solo player, John Hatton, and a family pair, Liz & Pat McCarthy, both accomplished this.

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