And they’re based in western Colorado, an extra bonus. This helps wrap your hips much more securely and prevents the belt from sliding down. The best way to do this is to have your camera and lenses organized in a padded camera case, which you can then insert into the pack and pull out when you need it. I had owned a McHale Super Inex years ago, but was relieved of my ownership by someone who apparently thought they needed it more than I did. I’ve been tracking Thule’s packs for few years and decided it was time to take a closer look at one, especially since the Thule …, I really like the Deuter Spectro 38 backpack. On the seek outside website is not much to see. Seek Outside packs (also formerly known as Paradox Packs) are I think better known in hunting circles due to their capacity to comfortably haul extremely heavy loads (such as carrying elk out of the woods). Our detachable Roll Top Closure Straps let you cinch the roll top down to the sides of the backpack, rather than simply clipping it together. Made in the USA. This is absolutely crucial for us photographers, who need to be able to pull our camera gear out as quickly as possible to catch the light. The pack has enough straps and/or connection points to make this possible, and like I wrote it carries a heavy load great, so strapping stuff to the outside still handles well. It works like a conveyor belt. ZPACKS.COM: The 2021 Free-Duo Freestanding Duplex Tent Backpack is now available. I’d rather carry a 5lb pack with a great suspension vs a 4lb with a so-so one. Enjoy Montenegro! So despite the lack of panel loading, I would still recommend their Divide 4500 Backpack. Seek Outside’s packs compress very well, and very easily. The zipper is a #5 waterproof zipper. The belt is removable and interchangeable. The Exposure, on the other hand, is pure luxury in comparison. can be worn as a stand-alone item while bagging a peak or for a night out on the town. I myself rarely get too far off trail anymore but I would like to hear your comments on this since you own both a McHale internal and the Exposure. Seek Outside Exposure: The Ultimate Panel Loader Backpack for Backpacking…. Since personal preferences are different for different people, I was wondering if you would consider adding to a good review some close ups and details of why this is more comfortable and carries better than yout McHale? ENLIGHTENED-EQUIPMENT.COM: 10 Day Holiday Sale. From the summit to the streets, the versatile Front Utility Pack Accessory provides quick and easy access to all your essentials. Please see our. And unlike most photography-specific backpacks which fail miserably for serious hikers in the ergonomics department, a backpack from a real outdoors company will almost always perform much better on long hikes and backpack treks. So the balance is very good, just like an internal frame pack if not better. Thank Jack, very helpful! For years, i’ve lugged an external-frame, Kelty Tioga 5500, which has always done well by me in terms of comfort and durability. Hope that helps!

I can hike for miles without having to remove my pack. This saves weight compared to a full-length zipper, and also a full-length zipper is totally unnecessary anyways since usually the bottom part of the pack is stuffed with a sleeping bag. Side compression straps are made from non-stretchy cord for squishing down the pack volume. My overall impression of the Baltoro is that it’s got a whole lot of bells and whistles, but all those features (zippers, pockets, compartments, etc.) That region is high up on my “to go” list , Hello Jack. Additionally, we designed the Exposure in such a way that you only have to unclip two compression straps in order to unzip the entire zipper.

Get your 15.3 oz DFC ONE ($539) or 20.8 oz DCF TWO ($589) while supplies last!

Be prepared for whatever the trail may bring by keeping your essentials close in hand with our belt pouches. Is it possible for you to make more detail pictures of the pack. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too!

The back back does not carry as good when overloaded, so you should stay within recommended weight carrying limits. The hole size is a about 4 mm (a little over 1/8"). The belt is done with "V-Style" webbing so that the top and bottom circumference can be adjusted independently. It easily attaches to the daisy chain on most backpack's straps.

At 2,320 cubic inches (38L) capacity, it’s a great pack for longer day hikes, hut-to-hut routes, or fast and light overnight backpacking trips. Three days doing the Georgia AT up and downs carrying roughly 24lbs.100 % humidity and lots of Rain, testing my arc zip and Duplex Tent.

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