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Sure, it may feel like a cop-out to list Madonna's appearance in this influential backstage doc among her best, but make no mistake, it is still a performance because, as a celebrity, her life is a performance. Told in flashbacks, the film charts Eva's journey from poverty to power and all the joys and troubles that come with it.

At one point, Madonna herself addresses appropriation, though in a roundabout sort of way. Alek Keshishian's documentary follows Madonna's controversial "Blonde Ambition" tour as it travels across the globe. Directed by Guy Guido. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Here are 10 of her movies, ranked. Privacy Policy. But when attorney Frank Dulaney (Willem Dafoe) is tasked with defending the woman, he finds himself caught in a dangerous, psychosexual web. Grammy-decorated and in the record books as the second best-selling female recording artist of all time (after, surprisingly, Barbra Streisand), Madonna's film career has been somewhat less successful, but that has not stopped her from trying. Alek Keshishian's black-and-white look at the superstar doesn't play like a vanity piece or extended tour promotion, as pop stars' docs are wont to do.

Roberta Glass (Rosanna Arquette) is a forever-bored New Jersey housewife whose only escape is reading personal ads.

With eye-opening footage, this film also shows the benefit of closing puppy mills by sentencing those that have benefited from this corrupt system. Madonna’s experience in Portugal is an apt metaphor for the “World of Madame X” project as a whole. Sure, it may feel like a cop-out to list Madonna's appearance in this influential backstage doc among her best, but make no mistake, it is still a performance because, as a celebrity, her life is a performance. Madonna can play femme and fatale with the best of them, but she cannot compensate for a ridiculous script and direction that makes her character look like Basic Instinct's Catherine Tramell with about half of the sex appeal and even fewer IQ points. She’s been lauded and criticized ad nauseam for her ability to push people’s buttons, often to successful effect: There’s a reason there’s an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the “Cultural impact of Madonna.” If there’s one thing Madonna isn’t, it’s boring. Her favorite is a series of ads written by a mysterious girl-about-town named Susan (Madonna). HuffPost is part of Verizon Media.

This film could have been an opportunity for the artist to critically think about her role in the music world, but it falls flat in this regard. "Madonna: Truth or Dare" No shade, but, like, if Katy Perry thought "Part of Me" was a tell-all, she has probably never seen "Madonna: Truth or Dare." The Madonna Channel is the official YouTube home for Madonna. The documentary story of Madonna 's struggling days in New York with her first band "Breakfast Club," leading up to her first solo record deal. Famous detective Dick Tracy's (Warren Beatty) mission to put a brutal mob boss behind bars leads him into the arms of the enigmatic cabaret singer, Breathless Mahoney (Madonna), who, despite holding the key to dismantling Chicago's crime network, seems more interested in seducing him. Interscope Records/Courtesy.

Copyright © 2020 The Daily Californian, The Independent Berkeley Student Publishing Co., Inc. Not only does she effortlessly embody the part of a classic gangster's moll, but this is the movie that inspired her to write her album Vogue. Contact Camryn Bell at [email protected]. For nearly forty years, she has shaped and re-shaped the pop music landscape as we know it. Notable for its original George Harrison songs and a cameo by the former Beatles member himself,  this otherwise forgettable comic flop was the first film in Madonna's career to get her the "talentless" label that she has been struggling to scrape off ever since. It also feels strange that this documentary, with its focus on the role of Portugal and Portuguese artists in her new work, doesn’t address the fact that her presence in the country has been marred with controversy. There is no narrative here beyond a topical trotting-through of the album’s track list and Madonna’s loose interpretations of her songs. Use desktop site by default. James Foley's madcap comedy tries to capture the same lightning-in-a-bottle energy that Madonna brought to Desperately Seeking Susan, discussed later on this list, two years earlier, and he succeeds, mostly.

As "All the Way" Mae Mordabito, the queen of pop gets to serve up doses of adorable Italian spunk without sickening the audience, a technique she probably should have perfected over taking bigger roles in soppy dramas. Madonna is part of the supporting cast (which also includes Rosie O'Donnell) that makes A League of Their Own such a fun and beloved film. Rocco is a Chicago-based writer, editor, and programmer.

When an elderly millionaire leaves his fortune to his mistress (Madonna), she becomes the prime suspect in his mysterious death. The Madame X moniker actually has an interesting background; the documentary details how it was given to the artist by Martha Graham, with whom she studied dance in the 1970s and who deemed Madonna ever-changing and unknowable. But throughout the film, this influence feels less like a serious inspiration and more like another means for Madonna to reinvent herself in a parasitic way. The two initially cannot stand each other, but loathing turns to love as their social roles reverse. Madonna is an artist best known for her chameleon-like qualities. Perhaps Madonna has always had a poor screen presence because acting is about "telling the truth," and this documentary proves how little she cares about that. Mobile site. RELATED: 10 Thrillers To Prepare You For Edgar Wright’s 'Last Night In Soho'. Written and directed by her now ex-husband Guy Ritchie, Madonna's turn in this waterlogged disaster got roundly savaged by critics (more so than usual) and, to date, is her final film performance in a starring role. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls.

RELATED: 5 Comedy Films From The '80s That Are Way Underrated (& 5 That Are Overrated). Madonna is better known for her music but she has acted in many films. In a similarly off-key fashion, Madonna briefly addresses some of the loose political themes of the album, including (extremely broadly) gun control and fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and of women.

But can this very modern family survive?

Which Tenet Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Your support is essential to maintaining this coverage. The film is a classic '80s vehicle for the queen of pop but is also a bit of a rehash. In this remake of Lina Wertmüller's 1974 original, Madonna stars as Amber Leighton, a spoiled socialite who finds herself shipwrecked on a tropical island with hired hand Giuseppe (Adriano Giannini). Perpetually unlucky-in-love besties Abbie (Madonna) and Robert (Rupert Everett) would be a perfect couple if it was not for one issue: Robert is gay. An avid devotee of all things weird and outrageous, he's most in his wheelhouse discussing cult oddities and horror classics. Fueled by too many cocktails, a night of experimentation leads to a surprise pregnancy, and the duo decides to make a go of it as a couple. This film dives into the puppy mill problem and the corrupt industry that has taken advantage of this species for years. The 50 Best Music Documentaries of All Time. Filling the gap left by World War II, an ambitious candy maker assembles an all-female professional baseball league to make up for America's lack of young male athletes. American entertainer Madonna has appeared in 75 music videos (including 1 as a featured artist), 11 concert tour videos, 2 documentary videos, 4 music video compilations, 2 music video box sets, 9 promotional videos, and 4 video singles.In 1982, Madonna signed a recording contract with Sire Records and released her first two singles before launching her eponymous debut album. Sleazy con-artist Glendon Wasey (Sean Penn) is out of luck.

Sisters Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis) and Kit Keller (Lori Petty) see a shot at fame and join the team under the tutelage of the cantankerous, past-his-prime coach Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks). The film was largely shot in Lisbon, Portugal, a central source of inspiration for the singer’s latest release.

Rather than being a measured look at her new work or even an interesting retrospective of her multifaceted career, this 23-minute vignette is a testament to how decades at the top of an industry can lead to artistic complacency. When she is paroled, she is taken under wing by a tightly wound attorney (Griffin Dunne) who agrees to help her expunge her record at the expense of his personal life. Like Madonna of the Mills, Dog by Dog looks at the puppy mill industry in the United States. With Madonna, Oscar Pavlo, Denisa Juhos, Samantha Nicole Dunn. However, in Madonna’s current interpretation, the idea becomes an exceptionally grandiose way to frame what is a fairly basic pop album — one that is also largely augmented by its features, which include artists such as Maluma, Anitta and Quavo (whom she refers to in the film as “one of the Migos”).

RELATED: The 5 Best Sports Movie Coaches Of All Time (& The 5 Worst). If there’s one thing Madonna is, however, it’s shockingly out of touch. Having appeared in at least twenty-six cinematic endeavors, Madonna absolutely refuses to quit, even when all of the world is against her. Alek Keshishian's documentary follows Madonna's controversial "Blonde Ambition" tour as it travels across the globe. Her persistence has, in a few instances, paid off, having worked with acclaimed directors like Spike Lee and Woody Allen, and taken home a Golden Globe for her performance in 1996's Evita. Though she started making these jokes in the mid-90s, The Next Best Thing may actually be ground-zero for Madonna British accent jokes.

In many ways, Madonna: Truth or Dare was the bedrock of reality TV as we know it today, providing a "candid" look at the private lives of the rich and famous that is actually highly controlled and manicured. Eva Perón (Madonna) becomes the toast of Argentina as an actress and wife of President Juan Perón in this cinematic rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber's celebrated 1978 musical. In both the film and the various music videos that accompany the album, she assumes multiple personas to suit her different moods. By Noel Murray.

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