The outer face of the textile is treated with a durable water repellant finish that helps form droplets and repel water from the surface. snowHeads ski club 2.0 is the . Bitte befolge die Pflegeanleitungen, die du meist auf dem Etikett innen findest. News Information, Property, Management and Tecnology Fashion. The most versatile of the three.

The most important thing is whether DryVent is a teflon based membrane or not. DryVent fabrics can be found in a variety of products and will range in different types of weights, textures and performance characteristics. These are highly-technical garments designed to withstand the worst of weather while keeping you comfortable. Die Außenseite des Gewebes ist mit einer dauerhaft wasserabweisenden Imprägnierung versehen, die die Tropfenbildung begünstigt.

Die innere Lage ist mit einer Beschichtung überzogen, durch die sich der Stoff optimal von der Haut löst. The lightweight flexibility of 2L makes it ideal for multiple looks, style, cuts and finishes.

Das Gewebe wird im Allgemeinen für ungefütterte Kleidungsstücke und Accessoires verwendet, die ein möglichst geringes Gewicht haben, leicht zu verstauen, wasserdicht und atmungsaktiv sein sollen. How To Wash North Face Jacket Hyvent.

Now it’s time for the difficult bit, drying.

Kleidung und Accessoires mit Dryvent™-Technologie sind an den Nähten komplett versiegelt und verfügen über besondere Eigenschaften, die wirklich allen Bedürfnissen gerecht werden. Beforehand, make sure that you fluff as much of the down filling as possible. Most of the GoreTex replacements are not teflon, like GoreTex is, but a urethane treated fabric that works well for awhile but fails much sooner, especially in hot, humid conditions, like if you sweat. A Closer Look. Wash in warm water with a mild powder detergent. Line dry, or tumble dry on very low, or no heat. A special dry-touch print on the inside actually lifts the fabric from the skin, which means better comfort and better transfer of moisture vapour through to the outside of the shell fabric. Es gibt sie in den verschiedensten Designs und Finishes. Line dry, or tumble dry on very low, or no heat. Lift the jacket carefully from the machine, holding it at the bottom to support the weight. COVID-19: Lies hier die neuesten Updates für unsere Shops, KOSTENFREIER VERSAND FÜR ALLE BESTELLUNGEN. Urethane based products will fail pretty soon, usually at and around the hood. An extra spin cycle will also remove excess water. Das Gewebe wird in Kleidung und Accessoires verarbeitet, die im Normalfall mit Sekundärgewebe für zusätzlichen Tragekomfort und eine erhöhte Wärmeisolierung gefüttert sind. In most jackets, you will find the tag stitched in the seam at the waist.

Dryvent™-Gewebe ist komplett wasserdicht, winddicht und atmungsaktiv. I have a jacket called The Plasmatic made by The North Face and is part of their Summit Series from about three years ago. Rinse several times to remove all the dirty, soapy water. All The North Face garments have cleaning instructions on a tag inside the garment.

Every time I tried an alternative, I was disappointed.

DryVent, which was commonly referred to as HyVent in the past, is a PU-based fabric engineered to be not only windproof and breathable but fully waterproof as well. Required fields are marked *. Use a front-loading machine ONLY. Cookies Policy – We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This user requires a product that is both lightweight and highly packable. Trade secret, blah, blah. *Note: You really do have to use liquid detergent for this one. While GORE-TEX has become the most popular and well-known, DryVent is by far the lighter and more flexible of the two. An extra spin cycle will also remove excess water. The best option would be to use a tumble dryer. DryVent™ is a waterproof, breathable technology from The North Face that's been lab and field-tested to ensure the best possible durability and function while also maintaining an optimum level of breathability. This fabric is equipped with a DWR treatment located on the outer face, which allows water droplets to form and be repelled from the surface of the fabric keeping the wearer dry.

Whatever you choose, these technologies allow you to get outside and stay there. Wash in warm water with a mild powder detergent (without bleach) on a gentle cycle. Hi All Does anyone have specific experience of washing North Face Hyvent clothing ie jacket and trousers? The good news is that it covers every range of weather and is flexible enough to protect you during any activity. Your email address will not be published. Primarily used for high-performance products where the user is engaging in more extreme activities, in more severe conditions where durable and breathable products are necessary. Hier findest du alle Händler und Filialen in deiner Nähe. You’ll usually find DryVent 2.5L in unlined clothing and accessories. Alle Produkte, die vollständig versiegelt, wasserdicht und atmungsaktiv sind, tragen das Dryvent™-Zeichen. Each multi layered textile is engineered to allow water vapor to …

Then make sure you have a mild liquid detergent handy, and pour a very small amount of that in with your jacket.

The North Face® Artikel sind nicht nur robust und haltbar, sondern auch pflegeleicht. Consider your type of activity and the weather you’ll be facing before choosing DryVent apparel. This is used mostly across all categories and is often found in clothing and accessories which are lined with a secondary fabric to increase the warmth of the user.

Dryvent™ fabrics are engineered to be fully waterproof, windproof and breathable. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website. In fact, washing your jacket regularly will help maintain the DWR coating on the outside of the fabric, which causes water to bead up and shed off, rather than being absorbed.

If the care instructions allow it, you can machine wash your synthetic fill jacket.

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