Igneous Geology: Both mafic and felsic igneous and meta-igneous rocks may be found throughout the mapping area in the form of dykes and plutons. The cuspate shape of the bedding in the silstone points toward the younging direction which is again upward on that outcrop. 1). In the evenings, you will tidy your maps and plan your route for the next day.

A good field geologist does not fall in the trap that consists in replacing sketches by photographs. This lines represent the intersection of the surface topography with bedded rock formations. In the field, a geologist is in a situation similar that the one experienced by our little ant. The Cambrian Delamerian Orogeny caused the folding of the 'Adelaidean' sequence and resulted in the development of discrete zones of high strain within the Early Proterozoic gneisses (Clarke et al., 1986). This blue fabric is an older metamorphic foliation. Part IV Geologic Cross Section with qProf Plugin.

This intersection appears to draw lines that run more or less parallel to each others. Closely related geologic units have similar colors--yellow and gold for unconsolidated Quaternary and Tertiary sediments, purple for mafic igneous rocks and pinks/reds for felsic igneous rocks, blues for limestone, and brighter colours for metamorphic rocks. Here the change is composition is revealed by the grow ofth metamorphic minerals (andalusites) in the pelitic beds. The orientation of structural elements such as bedding planes, fold axes and folds axial plane, cleavages, lineations etc have to be measured and reported on the map as well as on a field book. There is no cleavage or foliation without folding. NB: in folded terranes, form-lines usually run parallel to each other in fold limbs. Upright folding and overprinting of mineral assemblages occurred during D4, the new (retrograde) mineral assemblages including fibrous sillimanite and kyanite in Zone II and prismatic sillimanite and kyanite in Zone III. Bedding surfaces (S0) separate beds of different composition. Every sketch must be properly referenced with its GPS coordinates, it must have a scale and an orientation (arrow showing the North for instance). Only in mapping the distribution of rock formation would the 3D geological structure be revealed to be cartographer.

In succession with pelitic layers there are a few quartzo-feldspatic layers.

Understanding this third dimension is particularly important for the discovery and assessment of mineral and energy resources.

In addition to the beddings (in red on the picture below) there is another planar features (in green) that cuts accross the bedding planes. The cleavage (in green) strongly disrupts the continuity of the bedding plane (in red). Sediments of the Burra Group overlie these rocks with local unconformity, and are characterised by a basal sandstone-conglomerate unit passing up into an argillite-carbonate succession. The lines in red underline the eroded top surface of sand dunes. These lines are called form-lines and can also be mapped, a technique called form-surface mapping.

Measurement of the strike-dip-dip direction of the beds and other foliations along with the record of way-up criteria would complete the data collection on this spot. We suggest that you make rough cross-sections each evening to help you grasp the structure as you map.

In addition, way-up criteria combined with S0-S1 relationships help to define the fold vergence. The undeformed sediments, which comprise the Stuart Shelf (Sprigg, 1952), unconformably overlie the Archaean to mid-Proterozoic crystalline basement comprising the Gawler Craton (Webb et al., 1986; Fig.1).

A good geologist will record on her map the form lines and will go the check whether or not this rock formation is folded. It is on the basis on these sketches that your tectonic models will be designed. General purpose geologic maps address all of these themes, however, your task is to create a geological map showing lithology and structure. A close observation reveals that the dark thick bed running in the middle of the picture show is affected by a successon of short wavelenght folds whose axial plane is parallel to the cleavage. Folding in a micaschist. This story should be backed-up by sketches of key field observations accurately located on a map including GPS coordinates. Using geologic maps, cross-sections can be generated which predict the strata of the rocks sub-surface, and estimate the rock shape above ground prior to erosion. The bedding is emphasized by a strong variation in color. It commenced with a glacial sequence which contains massive tillite, arkose and quartzite. Understand how to create and customize cross-sections using EnviroInsite. The Olary Block has been divided into three zones on the basis of assemblages in metapelitic rocks, with higher grade conditions in the southeast (Clarke et al., 1987). The cross-section will help you to define your lithostratigraphic column as well as helping you to understand the overall regional structure of the area you have to map. These beds are cut by a strong steeply dipping cleavage plane. In this example differential erosion emphasizes minute change in composition. A close look would confirm that there is no deflection of the flattening plane across the red planes and no stretching lineation. Structural Geology: Our exercises in structural geology are done in at least two different areas that are gradational in their complexity of folding, faulting and tectonic history. Form-lines help the geologist to visualize the structure at the scale of the landscape and help them to identify key area such as large scale fold hinges, unconformities etc. This deformation is said to be hydroplastic as it occurs when the sediment was water-rich and poorly consolidated.

As much as possible try to use the following standard colors, patterns and symbols.

Painter Block (Coates and Blisset, 1971; Fig.1), and are divided into two sequences; (1) the Lower Callana Beds which include basaltic and andesitic volcanics, conglomerate, altered limestone, and sandstone; (2) the Upper Callana Beds which represent a thick sequence of phyllite, conglomerate, sandstone, siltstone and dolomite. The plunge and plunge direction of the intersection between Sn and Sn+1 will give the orientation of the F2 fold axis. Transect. Mineral assemblages developed during peak metamorphism, which accompanied D3, include andalusite in Zones I and II and sillimanite in Zone III. On her base map the geologist would use a pale color to map the area covering the entire outrcop and a few lines of the same color but darker to underlines the orientation of the form lines. Contrasting with the extensive data available for the Broken Hill Block is modest mapping of the Willyama Complex within the Olary Block by the South Australian Department of Mines and Energy (Pitt 1977, Forbes & Pitt, 1980) and structural work of a fragmentary nature with limited regional context (Talbot, 1967; Berry et al., 1978). Geological mapping is more than putting dots of color on a base map (aerial photograph or topographic maps). These layers are more fine grained, a bit stronger and devoid of andalusites. Post-D3, pre-D4, albite-rich and less abundant microcline-rich granitoids are prevalent in the southern part of the Olary Block and are accompanied by numerous and widely distributed sodic pegmatites (Forbes & Pitt, 1980, 1987; Clarke et al., 1986; Ashley, 1984). The Olary Block is cut by retrograde shear zones that post-date both the 'Olarian' Orogeny and the latest granitoids, but began prior to the deposition of the Late Proterozoic 'Adelaidean' sediments (Vernon & Ransom, 1971; Etheridge & Cooper, 1981). Inverted limbs that are several kilometres long suggest F3 folds of a similar scale. Construct maps using interpretive, not mechanical, mapping techniques. In addition it is a good idea to measure the plunge-plunge direction of the intersection between the two planes. In the Northern Flinders Ranges, and southwest of Adelaide (Fig.1), the Wilpena Group passes with apparent conformity into limestone and shale containing Cambrian fauna (Daily, 1956, 1963). Make maps and sections at the same scale—in depth, not seismic time (if possible)—and internally consistent to one another. In a folded terrane this pattern would suggest that the geologist is walking across a fold limb. In silica-rich fluid quartz (white area on that picture) can precipitate in the pillar. The yellow lines underline the base of the dunes where the dunes internal layering merge tangentially with the bed underneath. A tectono-lithostratigraphic unit is a package of rock that share the same origin and have the same tectono-metamorphic history.

Therefore the foliation (in green) is better expressed in the pelitic layers. This way-up criteria develops when a high-porosity water-rich layer such as a silstone is overlain by a layer with lower porosity such as a sandstone. Remember however that, on cross-sectins, the vertical and horizontal scale must be the same. As she walks across mountains and valleys the geologist experience first hand the contrast between the human scale and that of the region she tries to understand. We will help you identify key metamorphic minerals and relate these back to the protolith. You will make structural measurements using a geological compass and take copious field notes and drawing numerous sketches (2D and 3D) as you go.

Digital cameras will never replace a field book, a pencil, a rubber, and a brain. In green is a cleavage plane cutting through a more pervasive planar fabric in blue. Movement on these zones resulted in the outcrop pattern of the Olary Block (Clarke & Powell, 1988). For more information, see the section on Field Exercises. Geologic maps normally include cross sections or block diagrams that reveal the structure or arrangement of rocks below the Earth’s surface. In the field this translates into a succession of fold limbs with alternating younging direction. In the field, you may locally be able to spot the intersection of prominent beds with the surface topography. Geologic maps graphically communicate vast amounts of geologic information.

Sketching involves more detailed analyses and give more time to the geologist to think about what she is sketching. We will examine their mineralogy and timing with respect to deformation and metamorphism. A detailed geologic map shows what it is you are standing on; where similar rocks or sediments may be found; how old they are; what they are composed of; how they formed; how they have been affected by faulting, folding, or other geologic processes; and what existing or potential mineral resources and geologic hazards are nearby. On this outcrop strike-dip-direction of both the bedding and the cleavage must be measured and reported on the map and on the field book along with an oriented sketch showing the angular relationship between both planar features.

An L3 mineral and stretching lineation, indicating a regional D3 transport direction, occurs at a high angle to recumbent F3 fold hinges. The bedding is emphasized by a slight change in color and a change in the average grain size. The geometry of folding says a lot about the depth at which these folds developed and about the tectonic regime responsible for the deformation.

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