Meanwhile, the rate of removal of Indigenous children by various authorities has increased. The words came from Don Watson, one of the few Australian historians to have engaged with Australia's genocide. 26 That Manne and I both choose Margaret Tucker's story to make the point each of us seeks to make is no doubt also instructive. (36.92 MB). Since the Turnbull Government’s rejection of a requested Indigenous voice to parliament by the 2017 Uluru meeting of national Indigenous delegates, relations between many Aboriginal leaders and the Commonwealth have been marked with heightened animosity. They wanted to make the Aborigines disappear.” ABC Lateline, February 14, 2008. Moses, Genocide and Settler Society, p 18, van Krieken, pp 134–135. An English translation is in J. Zimmerer “Colonial genocide: the Herero and Nama War (1904–8) in German South West Africa and its significance,” in: Stone, The Historiography of Genocide, p 323. The Apology’s profound symbolism has translated into few positive improvements in the economic, social, medical and educational outcomes of Indigenous Australians, who remain among the world’s most disadvantaged people. At a May 1997 Aboriginal Reconciliation Convention, delegates booed and turned their back on Howard as he declared: “Australians of this generation should not be required to accept guilt and blame for past actions and policies over which they had no control. John Hirst, Sense and Nonsense in Australian History (Melbourne: Black Inc., 2006)—”not shocked” at settler violence during the dispossession but “cannot be calm” at “cold-blooded cruelty” of child removal. Jack Latimore is a daily editor at IndigenousX, and writes regularly for Guardian Australia on Indigenous affairs, politics, culture, tech and media. Inga Clendinnen, True Stories (Sydney: ABC Books, 1999 and Melbourne: Text, 2008)—without genocide. The Apology became the first item of government business in the House of Representatives after Rudd Labor’s election in November 2007. Paul Daley is an author, Walkley Award-winning journalist and essayist. Wilson said using the word genocide “gave the government an out because the first thing they could do was to reject the report on its finding of ‘genocide’,” and “come out fighting.” P. Carlyon, “White Lies”, The Bulletin, (June 12, 2001), pp 26–32, quoted in Innes. Wednesday, 13 February 2008 . Outside Parliament House the lawns of Federation Mall were crowded with thousands of Indigenous witnesses to an apology so historically noteworthy that posterity has come to record it as The Apology.

See also the introductory essay by Moses, pp 3–48. It has not been reintroduced in the years since. It was a necessary, and potentially transformative, step toward the righting of egregious wrongs. We pay our respects to the people, the cultures and the elders past, present and emerging. Few histories spoke of genocide in 1979. The discussion is in Part 2, more than 100 pages of national and state-by-state history. The commission recommended that governments, police, churches and non-government agencies apologise for involvement in forced separations. The ruling against them in 2000 was a significant decision, asserting legality over morality, individual damage and historical wrong. The practice was genocidal in its intent insofar as it aimed at assimilating those children into non-Indigenous, ‘European’ culture - thereby accelerating the disappearance of Aboriginal cultures, communities and, eventually, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people themselves. 3099067 We use cookies to improve your website experience. The Museum of Australian Democracy acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of country throughout Australia. By 2001 all state and territory governments had apologised. 19 Tony Barta, “With intent to deny: on colonial intentions and genocide denial,” Journal of Genocide Research, Vol 10, No 1, 2008, pp 111–119. For an important qualification see van Krieken, p 153, n.65. “How Sorry Can We Be?” p 90. This was a moment of immense promise, a time to reflect on the long, arduous and continuing journey towards reconciliation – or conciliation – still unrealised. We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.”. Download What Good Did the Apology Do? For early and continuing protests about child removal see Henry Reynolds, This Whispering in Our Hearts, (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1998).

. Rudd spoke at the National Press Club on Monday, almost a … We took the traditional lands and smashed the traditional way of life. pp 217–243.

Has Trump revealed democracy’s fragility or resilience. Jack Latimore is a daily editor at IndigenousX, and writes regularly for Guardian Australia on Indigenous affairs, politics, culture, tech and media.

7 Bringing Them Home, Terms of Reference, 2 August 1995. On national television the conservative commentator Gerard Henderson noted that the report's “central” reference to genocide was not in Rudd's speech. The facts were of no interest. 32 The disparities in material circumstances and consciousness are flagrant in the week of the apology.

She retells the story of her removal and experiences at the Cootamundra Domestic Training Home in the documentary film Lousy Little Sixpence, (dir. Don Watson, Caledonia Australis : Scottish Highlanders on the Frontier of Australia (Sydney: Collins, 1984).

It was provided by the Australian Government in recognition of policies of past governments. Caroline’s mother, grandmother and sister were all … Australian Aboriginal history in international perspective,” Aboriginal History, Vol 25, 2001, p 146. Aboriginal communities, without adequate housing, employment or health services, are in a catastrophic state. I agree. 31 The Rudd government is likely to uphold a Howard initiative for 99-year private leases of Aboriginal community land, so that individual home ownership will encourage cultural, social and economic integration with “mainstream” Australia. 22 For the determination of the NSW Aborigines Protection Board to remove children, especially “half-caste” girls, from their family environment see Heather Goodall, Invasion to Embassy: Land in Aboriginal Politics in New South Wales, 1770–1972 (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1996) Ch. He would not say sorry, not even for the assertion in a government document that there never was a “stolen generation”. See also Simone Gigliotti, “Unspeakable pasts as limit events: the Holocaust, genocide, and the Stolen Generations,” Australian Journal of Politics and History, Vol 49, No 2, 2003, pp 164–181 and Anna Haebich, “Between knowing and not knowing: public knowledge of the Stolen Generations,” Aboriginal History, Vol 25, 2001, pp 70–90. The Commonwealth spent millions defending the suit of two removed children, Lorna Cubillo (aged nine in 1947) and Peter Gunner (aged eight in 1956). Member’s Hall, Parliament House, Canberra. 4 For the wider context, and the role in it of the new Australian democracy, see Marilyn Lake and Henry Reynolds, Drawing the Global Colour Line: White Men's Countries and the Question of Racial Equality (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008).

Then came a flood of applause, cheers and tears. His book Beersheba: A Journey Through Australia’s Forgotten War (2009), was shortlisted for the 2010-11 Prime Minister’s Australian History Prize.

5 Howick Place | London | SW1P 1WG. Apart from one objection to the idea of miscegenation, no one took exception to his view that the growing “half-caste” problem might be solved by “the ultimate absorption into our own race of the whole of the existing native race”, Manne in Moses, pp 236-237. The Apology had been a long time coming, originating with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s 1997 report – “Bringing Them Home”. The voters who have shown themselves unsure whether spending on Aboriginal disadvantage should be increased will receive 31 billion dollars in tax cuts. We recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and community. 3 Michael Christie, Aborigines in Colonial Victoria 1835–1886 (Sydney: Sydney University Press, 1979) p 205.

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