Primitive camping is available on the monument. A dazzling display of spring wildflowers result from abundant winter rains. There are no developed facilities at the monument. Continue on Silver Bell Road to travel through the monument. Les moutons et les chèvres domestiques sont interdits pour la protection du mouflon du désert. EXPLORE through hiking, wildlife viewing, and educational quests. More than 200 sites from the prehistoric Hohokam period (600 A. D. to 1450 A. D.) have been recorded in the area. Ironwoods, which can live in excess of 800 years, generate a chain of influences on associated understory plants, affecting their dispersal, germination, establishment and rates of growth. Several endangered and threatened species live here, including the Nichols turk’s head cactus and the lesser long-nosed bat. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 14 juillet 2020 à 23:44. Do not make contact.

The Waterman Mountains, adjacent to the Silverbells on the south, are composed of ~300 million year old sedimentary rocks, including limestone. Please contact the office if interested in a field trip for your students. Recreation on state trust lands requires a permit from the State of Arizona. The national monument contains mixed land ownership including state trust lands and private lands. Keeping company with the ironwood trees are mesquite, palo verde, creosote, and saguaro, blanketing the monument floor beneath rugged mountain ranges named Silver Bell, Waterman and Le site n'offre presque aucune eau de surface mais possède des ressources d’eaux souterraines suffisantes. Taking your vehicle off roads or trails is prohibited. Tucson Field Office Claire Crow, Ironwood F… The landscape here has the highest concentration of ironwood trees found anywhere. Le cheptel des mouflons du désert de l’Arizona situé dans le site est la dernière population relique restante de mouflon du désert dans le sud du désert de l’Arizona, après avoir émigré à l’époque du Pléistocène en Amérique du Nord. L’Ironwood Forest est gérée pour de multiples usages dont les loisirs, le pâturage du bétail et l’exploitation minière. Ils extrayaient de l’andésite, qui était utile pour faire des couteaux d’agave. The Silverbell Cemetery is all that remains of the town of Silverbell. The Ironwood Forest National Monument is located 25 miles northwest of Tucson and about one hour by highway south of Phoenix. With over 674 species, eight mountain ranges and the last indigenous population of bighorn sheep in southern Arizona, Ironwood is a little known Sonoran gem. Des ornithologues ont recensé plus de 80 espèces d’oiseaux migrateurs et non migrateurs[3].

Leash Laws: Most parks require dogs to be on a leash in some or all areas, however, some parks allow dogs off leash in certain locations, please consult the parks website before going off leash, Thank you! Claire Crow, Ironwood Forest National Monument Manager

The nearest hospitals are in Tucson or Casa Grande, AZ. Un spécimen de l’espèce menacée leptonycteris curasoae (petite chauve-souris à long nez) et un gîte ont été recensés dans le parc par des chercheurs de chauves-souris Karen Krebbs et Yar Petryszyn. VOLUNTEER by citizen science and ecological restoration. LEARN through hands-on field trips. Humans have inhabited the area for more than 5,000 years. Elevations here range from 1,800 to more than 4,200 feet. Camping is allowed up to 14 days. Un ou deux spécimens de la chevêchette brune des cactus, qui a été déclarée espèce menacée en mars 1997, et a été retirée de cette liste par une ordonnance du tribunal le 14 avril 2006, ont été trouvés à côté et dans le site par des experts agréés[4]. More than 200 Hohokam and Paleoindian archeological sites have been identified from between 600 and 1450 AD. With over 674 species, eight mountain ranges and the last indigenous population of bighorn sheep in southern Arizona, Ironwood is a little known Sonoran gem. Extinguish all campfires before leaving them unattended. Note your location and call 911, or report it to the BLM Law Enforcement Dispatch at (623) 580-5515, as quickly as possible. BLM public rooms in Arizona are open to serve the public with capacity limits and physical distancing measures in place. The 129,000 acre Ironwood Forest National Monument contains a significant system of cultural and historical sites covering a 5,000 year period. The Ironwood Forest NM offers a variety of environmental education programs for all age groups. There are no facilities. Visitors can return to I-10 at Sasco Road. EXPLORE through hiking, wildlife viewing, and educational quests. Hunting is allowed within the monument in accordance with Arizona Game and Fish Department regulations. In between, desert valleys lay quietly to complete the setting. Tucson, AZ 85756 All suspected illegal activities should be reported to BLM or local law enforcement authorities. Vehicles must stay on existing routes. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands in southern Arizona continue to experience illegal activities, including drug and human smuggling. Please leave gates as you find them. More than 200 sites from the prehistoric Hohokam period (600 A.D. to 1440 A.D.) have been recorded in the area. For more information on hunting the Western U.P. Some roads are rugged: high clearance or four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended in those areas. Please explore more for information regarding history, flora/fauna and Ironwood as it stands today.

Visitors should not trespass on private lands. In the past, encounters with drug smugglers have typically been non-violent in nature; however, recent BLM law enforcement reports indicate smugglers may be armed and have displayed aggressive behavior toward people working or recreating on public lands in southern Arizona.

About the Ironwood Forest National Monument Taking its name from one of the longest living trees in the Sonoran Desert, the 129,000-acre Ironwood Forest National Monument safeguards an incredible landscape recognized for its rugged scenery and serving as a biological anchor point for conserving some of our rarest flora and fauna. 5 (octobre 1996), pages 635 à 644, Commentaires publics soumis au Bureau of Land and Management concernant le projet du plan de gestion des ressources et de la déclaration sur l'impact environnemental de l'Ironwood Forest, le 30 mai 2007, 'Wildlife Water Developments and Desert Bighorn Sheep in the Southwestern United States.' Arizona Trails Association, Arizona Native Plant Society, and the Friends of Ironwood Forest partner with area schools to provide educational hands on projects with ecological restoration, cultural awareness, and outdoor recreation skills and ethics education. VOLUNTEER by citizen science and ecological restoration. There is no first-aid available on-site. The archeological artifacts include rhyolite and brown chert chipped stone, plain and decorated ceramics and worked shell from the Gulf of California. Terms & Resources. Since local conditions may vary across the state, we encourage you to call your local office for specific information about on-site operations, including hours of operation and other restrictions. We do our best to keep all information current and accurate - If you see an error or think we have missed something please contact us directly.

There is no first-aid available on-site. Il est déclaré monument national américain par la proclamation présidentielle 7320, le 9 juin 2000, par Bill Clinton. Les brebis des mouflons du désert préfèrent agneler dans les zones de résidus miniers car elles sont hautes, raides et en terrain ouvert, ce qui leur permet de voir et d’échapper aux prédateurs. Hunting is allowed on National Forest lands with appropriate state hunting licenses. In more modern times, the area was a source of minerals and continues to support active mining operations today. Hazards include poisonous snakes, africanized bees, and potential encounters with illegal users of public land. Routes are subject to frequent “wash outs” by storms and may be impassible or hazardous. Respect the land, wildlife and other visitors, tread lightly and leave no trace. Ses fleurs couleur lavande fournissent également du nectar pour les abeilles et les autres insectes, ainsi que du fourrage pour les animaux. Visitors should stay safe by avoiding contact with persons exhibiting suspicious behavior or engaged in dangerous activities. Your email address will not be published. 3201 E. Universal Way Le peuple Hohokam furent les premiers à exploiter les ressources minières de cette zone. Dogs must wear a collar with current tags at all times, Pick up after your dog at all times – Leave no trace, Never leave your pet unattended or alone inside a vehicle, Never off leash – unless inside a vehicle, tent, dog crate or other portable kennel, Untagged dogs or dogs with uncurrent tags, Be aware of animal traps and hunting areas. Ironwood Forest National MonumentTaking its name from one of the longest living trees in the Arizona desert, the 129,000-acre Ironwood Forest National Monument is a true Sonoran Desert showcase.

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