I couldn't admit that with either Ark Royal, Nelson or Warspite since I already guessed they'd think I spend a lot of time drinking coffees than appreciate fine English tea.
"HMS Vanguard, as a knight of the Royal navy, it is your duty to dedicate your body and soul for our beloved nation.

You only returned two days after Nagato's fleet returned alive", "I wish I could have witnessed the unusual events that transpired but I could never deny her majesty's summons.

We're here to help.

Please note that you can save your old progress so that you can always go back and play on your old account. With the Wisdom Cubes turning the famous battleships into girls, they are no longer just tools of war. Is she perhaps lost as well much like that other Tirpitz or does she have sinister intentions?". This is the least I can do since I wasn't able to fulfill my purpose to why I was born to this world before.

Every battle I participated, I made sure we will all return home.

If you have Ayanami in your fleet, you will want to make sure that she equips the best torpedo available in your inventory. and you want to use it again, you cannot use this method. HMS Queen Elizabeth gently drew a silver sword with intricate designs on its blade and hilt. While her Gun and AA efficiencies are well below 100%, her Torpedo weapon efficiency is on a whole different league with a staggering 165%.

To support the backline and the rest of the vanguard, this team brings Yukikaze to battle, a ship with tons of utility. You haven't met the Tirpitz from Iron Blood as my sister called you. You're gaining weight that you've become heavier than me". Perhaps even if I am not told by King George V, I would have been behave towards Warspite as she is someone I already admired even before serving for the Royal navy. To link progress to an email, click on Link Yostar account and enter your email address.

Pardon but would mind brewing Earl Grey tea for me before you report of your investigation". The remaining destroyer is being reserved as the last reward for the collection of the starter squad. As an additional note, the third starter ship available will differ depending on the language version you're playing. First, let’s look at the method you use to delete the game. And if you want to redefine yourself because you just want to start over, then you have to. However, Laffey is distinguished for having the highest anti-air and reloading stats; the latter means she will be able to fire rapid shots in succession, and this stat may get boosted even further later on. If you want to make a new profile, go ahead.

Once I sortie, I only focus on the battle and fight without the intention of losing. She is the first ship in the Type 1936A destroyer class and also the first Zerstörer not to be named after a German sailor. ", "She is. ), its drop rates for SSR ships is a whopping 7%.

She was well known for her participation in Japan's conquest of Southeast Asia and the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. The fleet leader of the Royal navy shipgirls, her majesty HMS Queen Elizabeth. In Azur Lane, Ayanami is a unique destroyer with impulsive damage output. Kantai Collection + Azur Lane/碧蓝航线 Crossover.

If you have the option to save cached files and other application data when uninstalling the application, do not save it. "T-thank goodness there were no sea monsters" Gambier Bay's are visibly shaking, "Whatever you saw in the Bermuda had surely left you terrified" I raised an eyebrow, "It was a sea monster!

Each starter ship has her own strong and weak points.

As I pull her away, I pet her head before heading my way. The mysterious being muttered to herself, ignoring my speechless and baffled existence. Using Twitter or Facebook is the easiest and quickest way to link your account, because you just login to your account and click the login button. To link an account, the progress is only stored locally on the device, so linking the account is a good idea in any case.

"If I were to encounter such a beast, I will put an end to it so it may not harm any of my allies. I am must say I am impressed", "Thank you, your majesty" I restrained my joy of being praised, "As the last battleship to be built, I expected you will perform well in the front lines as a proud capital ship of the Royal navy", "I will do my outmost best to perform my duty as a battleship who was never able to fulfill its purpose".
Now that you can easily move new ships through the farms throughout the game, and you can end the campaign with almost any fleet, there is no particular incentive to refocus to get better traction in the early stages. A unique code, valid for 30 minutes, will be sent to this e-mail address. I wasn't present when Bismarck's fleet brought home another version of her sister as Queen Elizabeth had me temporarily return to London" I curiously asked since I have no idea what exactly happened two months ago, "That's right. Though she briefly turned towards me, noticing me silently staring at her. Much like the others, I was reincarnated with a human body but as if struck by fate, I met her - the elegant noble who became the human incarnation of the battleship Warspite. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! I participated in several battles, with protecting my allies and sinking the Abyssal ships right before me. When scrolling or resuming current progress. In addition, there is only a limited number of servers and therefore a limited scrolltime. Then click on Generate code and open the message you just entered. After completing their retrofits, they can learn a new skill that has a 40% chance of activation for every 20 seconds during battles.

I was confused but I was thankful someone interrupted before the finishing blow.

The third reason is that some players just want to play the game from the start and play the campaign again.

Each of them has a skill that temporarily enhances their stats and can be activated with a 5% chance per each shot fired from the main gun.

Laffey's skill, the Solomon Wargod, further emphasizes her all-around ability as it gives a probability to boost her firepower, reload, and evasion by 20% each for 8 seconds. After Z23 has been retrofitted, she can learn a new skill: Destruction Mode. As I pour the tea she requested me to make, I noticed she's visibly troubled.

With the first anniversary celebration of the side-scrolling shoot ‘em up Azur Lane now in full blast, there has been some uptick in the playerbase as the game's climb in popularity continues.

It was an unidentified cruiser".

", "Those Abyssal looking beings with advanced technology? So there’s no point in scrolling if you’re already far enough advanced in the game. I have to report to milday. It's afternoon so of course she'd ask for her regular afternoon tea. Ayanami can also learn a new skill post-retrofit. I shall offer my life for the cause of retaking back our seas, as a knight of the Royal navy". Although she is offense-oriented like Z23, she has an exclusive focus on torpedoes.

The Royal Navy is one of two major nations of the Azur Lane, the other being the Eagle Union. The Royal Navy is a Nation of ships based on the (British) Royal Navy. Once you have obtained the fourth destroyer, you'll also unlock the chance to build her in the light construction pool.

I fought one who called herself Tester and I almost lost my left arm and eye". She is then given a task to track down a certain someone whom she will cross paths soon. So, should you reroute your current progress in the Ruelle d’azur or just continue? I learned that my previous life was the ship who awakened too late so its purpose to why it was built...had long past. The second method you can use to get to Azur Lane is the server change method. "They managed to open a rift to a world two months ago. In fact, she gave me the permission to investigate this" Warspite confirmed. From this day forward, I shall dedicate my existence to serve and fight under the banner of the Royal navy and your majesty the Queen. The Z vanguard is okay, but You have now linked your progress to an external account so that you can access multiple devices if you lose your phone, etc.

Here, too, access to old achievements via Facebook or Twitter is easy, as all you have to do is log in. "The seas has been peaceful for the past two months but it seems there will be trouble soon" She speaks worryingly, "Vanguard, you have witnessed the Sirens, correct?

"If the shipgirl poses a threat to our fleet, do not hesitate to engage in combat. The three starting ships are of similar use, and you’ll have them all later anyway. At first I didn't understand why everyone admired and respected her but upon entering service, I was set to meet her first before the others. Her weapon efficiency rates also start at 120%. It was Nelson and Ark Royal who had experience in that world and they didn't stop talking about it to me for the first two weeks.

I am not sure of a shipgirl would be capable of taking down a mythical sea beast which is completely different from Abyssals who are monstrous ships formed by grudges of sunken warships, oftenly our shadows. The unknown person who had said my life had pale skin and glowing yellow eyes. According to Aquila, along with her fellow Regia Marina allies, she encountered the unknown cruiser in Sardinia who was investigating a wreck they found", "What would an unknown cruiser be doing in Sardinia then on the Bermuda triangle? Umikaze ran after her two energetic sister ships, her gentle and soft-spoke personality contrasting Yuudachi and Kawakaze's loud and energetic personalities. Not only I became an ally of justice but a loyal knight to someone I viewed as my queen, Warspite, a battleship belonging to the same class as Queen Elizabeth. Allows you to start from scratch on a new server while keeping the old progress on the original server. In the end, it all depends on what you want to do. With these fleet building tips and examples of great fleets by top players, you are ready to build your own amazing fleet in Azur Lane. My past life as the battleship itself was filled with regret and agony, yearning to serve in the front line for the sake of our beloved United Kingdom. Once you are in the settings, click on the Account tab in the left menu. "They managed to create a rift to this world.

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