Jagger told Maysles they all agreed that if they abandoned the show at that point, the crowd would have become even more unruly, perhaps degenerating into a full-scale riot.

Stefan Ponek, who hosted a December 7, 1969 KSAN-FM radio broadcast of a four-hour, "day after" post-concert telephone call-in forum (and who also helped organize the event), provided the following for the 2000 release of the Gimme Shelter DVD: What we learned in the broadcast was pretty much startling: These guys—the Angels—had been hired and paid with $500 of beer, on a truck with ice, to essentially bring in the Stones and keep people off the stage. [5] Woodstock was held in Bethel, New York, in mid-August, less than four months earlier. “They met at a Grateful Dead show,” podcast co-creator Payne Lindsey told The Post, maintaining that the man convicted of the homicide (who later died in jail) was actually innocent. Denise Jewkes, lead singer of the local San Francisco rock band the Ace of Cups, six months pregnant, was hit in the head by an empty beer bottle thrown from the crowd and suffered a skull fracture. I don't believe the Stones ever really recovered from it as artists.”, Today Selvin takes issue with the idea that Altamont represented the death of the ‘60s. I was talking with them, because I was interested in the security of my band—everyone's security, for that matter. In a matter of days, the staging was set up, albeit in somewhat makeshift fashion (the stage was so low, creating not much of a barrier between performers and fans). A series of gently sloping, grass-covered hills ringed the track. “It's such an anomalous event in our history. [8] The Grateful Dead were also scheduled to perform following CSNY, but declined to play shortly before their scheduled appearance due to the increasing violence at the venue. Biden names Trump-fired surgeon general as a head of his COVID-19 task force, New mammals, who dis? Guitar music, casual laughter and clouds of marijuana smoke filled the air. (Photo by Bill Owens/20th Century Fox/Hulton Archive/Getty Images), Ironically, the Stones performed, in Selvin's opinion, a great set. Grateful Dead were also scheduled to perform but they refused upon realizing first-hand the event was becoming dangerously violent. And that's what I went there to do. They blocked the interstate highway. We're not a security force. Post-concert, Mary Gioia and Greg Kniffin, 22 and 18, respectively, from Schenectady, NY, and Wilton, Conn., planned to crash there for a night or two. Word got to The Grateful Dead, who planned to play their set later in the afternoon. A woman who called in to the program revealed that she had seen at least five fist fights from her vantage point near the stage and that the Angels were involved in all of them. Altamont at 50: How 1969 went from peace and love to murder and mayhem. There were a number of reasons why the free concert happened. Then there was the hitchhiker whose face was dismembered beyond recognition from a 1995 car accident. The conspirators reportedly used a boat to approach a residence where Jagger was staying on Long Island, New York, the plot failing when the boat was nearly sunk by a storm. And although the Angels are not security guards, "If we say we're going to do something, we do it. When she tried to speak about this at the concert, she was warned to be quiet by the people around her, for fear of being beaten. Not just for us, but for everybody."

Not this time, man.

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