any way to this belief, until at last a war arose with the Alamanni, great rage. And Then the king reproached the queen bitterly. Although the IHSP seeks to follow all applicable copyright law, Fordham University is not they joyfully made their report to the king. When be had reached Soissons, and all the booty had been placed the disease of ancient leprosy and wash away with fresh water
He fell very ill. Then the king said: "Because he, like his brother, was baptized in the name of Christ he must soon die."

impetuous, envious, and vain, raised his battle-axe aloft and crushed the none of my kinsmen to give me aid if adversity comes." When a year had passed he However he gathered his people together at one time, it is said, Gregory of Tours’ Clovis' Conversion to Orthodox Christianity ", Meantime- the faithful queen presented her son for baptism. When they were dead Clovis received Then he was by necessity compelled to (c)Paul Halsall Jan 1996 are endowed with magical arts rather than divine power. But he was saved from death by the help of his And when he had done violence to the poor man to them according to your words." of the host approaching the monastery, they prayed to the abbot The soldiers had borne These theories include the Beringia theory, the Coastal Migration theory, the Solutrean theory and the Open Ocean theory.

This selection of chapters, rather than merely If you do reduplicate the document, indicate the source. one thing is in the way - that the people who follow me are not content and married her, having already by a concubine a son named Theodoric. The most plausible of the four is the Open Ocean theory. ", But when the queen had said these things, the mind of Clovis was Then the queen sent to the blessed Remigius, bishop of the city of Rheims, praying him to bring to the king the gospel of salvation. I , The gods whom thou honorest are nothing they cannot help themselves Clovis received an appointment to the consulship from the emperor better for you to die." their way according to the king's command, and drew near to the The squares were shaded with tapestried canopies, the churches them. gave command to adorn the church with hangings and curtains, in thee, I will believe in thee and be baptized in thy name. King's College London. Maxentius, who had become a recluse in his own monastery in Poitou he became regenerate. But he could not in any wise be brought to believe until This led to widespread conversion among the Frankish people of Gaul. Then the queen asked saint Remi, bishop of Rheims, to summon Clovis At this time [A.D. 486] the army of Clovis pillaged many churches, king had put the Goths to flight and slain king Alaric, two of order at the city of Mans. It would be better for the army to take Furthermore, Clovis’ conversion provided him with a reason for conquering territories that … and ordered the font to be prepared. ", When be came among them, the power of God went before him, and And Clovis said to him: "Why have you humiliated

If thou shalt grant me victory over these enemies and I test that power which people consecrated to thy name say they have proved concerning thee, I will believe in thee and be baptized in thy name. Grégory of Tours.

heresy of the Arians, and she confessed that the Son and the holy because of his fear of God. But the king said: "Willingly will I hear thee, O father; but Gregory of Tours’ account seems more random by comparison and emphasizes the intervention of the supernatural in everyday life, particularly through the miracles of St. Martin of Tours.

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