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Cookware is probably the first thing you think about when cooking with wood. For this reason it's a great tool to keep your food warm but will generally not be used for actual cooking. Here is what we made today:In a cast iron fry pan, pour in some olive oil and add a few chunks of coconut oil.Then add:2 pieces of chicken, any cut2 handfuls of bite size pieces of butternut squashOne fresh minced turmeric rootMinced fresh ginger to tasteA grated burdock root (found in health food stores or known as ‘gobo’ in Asian groceries)Sliced fresh shittake mushrooms. I can be found at chicken coop outfit on Facebook. Then using my fire shovel, I push the coals to the back of the firebox. The picture to the right is what you want. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. I can’t wait to cook with it.

Let the flames die down and cook the food on the red hot coals. Thanks. I have a cast iron pot that fits perfectly inside my woodburner, but it is indeed coated with enamel. I prefer the ovens with legs in the woodstove because it lets oxygen flow. After all, this is the only heat source for our house! I like t… Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more interesting videos about life on our homestead! Of course this is not a good method for baked goods. Learning to control the heat while cooking has taken me a little practice, along with some trial and error. I use metal trivets that I have had for a long time, but I believe cast iron would be even better. All you need is a, A trivet elevates the food off the wood stove surface, forming the base of the 'oven. We wake up to a warm house and coals in the morning.

That’s not really a consideration for cooking on my woodstove because the cookware never comes in contact with an open flame, so I can use anything that I would use on an electric or gas stove. Also, lids are your wood stove cooking friends. Thank you for visiting our Flagstaff based herbal medicine course and consulting site. Adding a teaa ketttle today. That’s a reasonable question when my goal has always been to cook with wood as much as possible. Let the fire burn down. I started this blog to share my adventures in homesteading and self-sufficiency.

Cover and place on a metal hotplate on the stove. Have you ever put clay pots filled with water on top of stove-to add humidity-we have used metal pots but I found these and am wondering if they would work…. This will obviously make the baking oven hotter.

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