[10] Hoist, Petrel and Tringa brought 150 qualified divers who searched to 120 feet with compressed air, to 210 feet with mixed gas, and to 350 feet (110 m) with hard-hat rigs;[15] but the bomb lay in an uncharted area of the Rio Almanzora canyon on a 70-degree slope at a depth of 2,550 feet (780 m). [4], While serving on the salvage ship USS Hoist (ARS-40) during recovery operations, Navy diver Carl Brashear had his leg crushed in a deck accident and lost the lower part of his left leg. Déroulement de l'incident. However, no indication of health issues has been discovered among the local population in Palomares. Deux, dont les parachutes ne se déploient pas, sont détruites à l'impact au sol : leurs explosifs conventionnels explosent en dispersant une quantité de plutonium estimée à 4,5 kg[réf. En 2008, en pleine frénésie immobilière, des promoteurs s’intéressent à cette partie de la côte d’Almeria mais le taux d’américium est très largement supérieur au maximum autorisé.

Des quatre bombes H de type Mk 28 que le B-52G transportait[2], trois sont retrouvées à terre près du village de Palomares en Andalousie. An email that Otto Kosa sent in 2013 describing his experience as part of the cleanup crew: "USAF Major General Delmar E. Wilson Presents Commendation Medals", Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). ", The Air Force settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. Cet accident nucléaire se produit dans le cadre de l’opération Chrome Dome, programme militaire de l'United States Air Force pendant la période de la Détente qui vise à assurer la protection totale du territoire nord-américain. La zone est déclarée inconstructible[9] : des terrains de Palomares restent clôturés et une partie de ses 1 500 habitants voyagent à Madrid, deux fois par an, pour subir une inspection médicale. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero a parlé aussi du sujet avec Joe Biden, mais les États-Unis craignent un précédent - un accident semblable eut lieu aussi à Thulé, Groenland, en 1968, et il y a une liste d’incidents nucléaires moins graves, mais significatifs, dans d’autres pays. Party Time "U.S. On rocky slopes with contamination above 120 kBq/m2, the soil was removed with hand tools and shipped to the United States in barrels. Air Bases in Spain WE QUICKLY MADE FRIENDS WITH OUR SPANISH FRIENDS AND PASSED THE TIME SMOKING AND GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER, THEN DINNER TIME ARRIVED AND AL AND I EACH HAD A BOX OF K-RATIONS TO EAT. [7] All four men on the KC-135 and three of the seven men on the bomber were killed. US to Clean Up Spanish Nuke Disaster", Click here to view "USAF Major General Delmar E. Wilson Presents Commendation Medals" (no audio), Home The Angry Staff Officer & Taylor Swift, U.S. landing craft Control 60, Sgt. AL VASQUEZ AND MY SELF WERE POSTED ON BOMB NUMBER ONE ON THE BEACH ABOUT 300 FEET FROM THE MED SEA. [24] Additional tracts of land have also been appropriated for testing and further cleanup. Une autre, tombée en mer, ne sera récupérée qu'après d'intenses recherches près de trois mois plus tard. The KC-135 was completely destroyed when its fuel load ignited, killing all four crew members. Tough Tiger [3], At 10:40 a.m. UTC, the accident was reported at the Un énorme dispositif aérien et naval cherche pendant presque trois mois la quatrième bombe : une fouille de 80 jours impliquant 3 000 hommes et 38 vaisseaux de l'US Navy permet à un sous-marin ALVIN de retrouver la bombe à 869 mètres de profondeur, à 8 km du rivage. The non-nuclear explosives in two of the weapons detonated upon impact with the ground, resulting in the contamination of a 2-square-kilometer (490-acre) (0.78 square mile) area by plutonium. The U.S. and Spain agreed to share the cost of the initial investigation. Pedro Caicedo, le maire de Cuevas del Almanzora, commune dans laquelle se trouve le village de Palomares, mais il faut le faire et nous le demandons à notre gouvernement. [20], To defuse alarm of contamination, on 8 March[21] the Spanish minister for information and tourism Manuel Fraga Iribarne and the United States ambassador Angier Biddle Duke swam on nearby beaches in front of press. The planes collided, with the nozzle of the refueling boom striking the top of the B-52 fuselage, breaking a longeron and snapping off the left wing,[5][6] which resulted in an explosion that was witnessed by a second B-52 about a mile away. [19], Barrels of contaminated soil being prepared for removal to the United States for processing. [30], In August 2010, a Spanish government source revealed that the U.S. has stopped the annual payments it has made to Spain, as the bilateral agreement in force since the accident, "expired", the previous year. Moron AB - pg 3 The fourth, which fell into the Mediterranean Sea, was recovered intact after a 2½-month-long search. [3], Operation Chrome Dome flight route over southern Europe, showing refuelling tracks, The B-52G began its mission from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina, carrying four Type B28RI hydrogen bombs[3] on a Cold War airborne alert mission named Operation Chrome Dome. pp. Initial probability input is required for the grid squares, and these probabilities made use of the fact that a local fisherman, Francisco Simó Orts,[3] popularly known since then as "Paco el de la bomba" ("Bomb Paco" or "Bomb Frankie"),[11] witnessed the bomb entering the water at a certain location. It is thought the radioactive material will most likely be shipped to an area of Nevada already contaminated from nuclear bomb tests carried out in the 1950s. Selon un rapport de la Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA) de 1975 : « Palomares demeure l'un des quelques sites dans le monde servant de laboratoire expérimental, probablement le seul offrant un regard sur une zone agricole ». Air Police [5][6] Montanus was seated on the lower deck of the main cockpit and was able to eject from the plane, but his parachute never opened. MMS Area This included residential areas, farmland (especially tomato farms) and woods. However, airborne alerts continued—as did the risks. It reported that the Obama administration was told to remove Palomares soil contaminated with half a ton of plutonium 'without delay.'. Elle y gagna son célèbre surnom, conféré par la presse, de Duquesa Roja (Duchesse rouge). 29 tests de contamination positifs sont écartés car jugés « statistiquement insignifiants ». Remembering Photo Gallery L’Espagne exige des États-Unis de reprendre ce qui reste de terre polluée et de la transporter dans son territoire[5]. Pistol Team The other three surviving crew members landed safely several miles out to sea. [22] First the ambassador and some companions swam at Mojácar[21] — a resort 15 km (9 mi) away — and then Duke and Fraga swam at the Quitapellejos beach in Palomares. "Bond's mission was to find atomic bombs that had been lost at sea." There is a procedure they have in refueling where if the boom operator feels that you’re getting too close and it's a dangerous situation, he will call, 'Break away, break away, break away.' Pour éviter d'autres peines de prison à la suite de la parution de son roman La Grève — à cette époque illégale en Espagne — elle s'exila en France en 1970 pour sept ans. Moran pointed out the almost eerie similarities between the James Bond movie "Thunderball," released in December 1965, and the B-52 crash a month later that resulted in "lost" hydrogen bombs. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Durant la première opération de décontamination, 1 400 tonnes de sol légèrement contaminé sont expédiées vers le centre de retraitement de Savannah River Site à Aiken en Caroline du Sud. By the time of the Palomares incident, Chrome Dome was scaled back to four airborne alert aircraft. "The film's plot had strong similarities to what subsequently happened in real life", says author Barbara Moran. Les plants de tomates contaminés sont enterrés ou brûlés. Quand l’accident a eu lieu, les explosifs non atomiques ont explosé, mais pas les engins nucléaires. [5] Glessner and Snyder were on the upper deck, near the point where the refuelling boom struck the fuselage, and were not able to eject.

Melson, Lewis B., CAPT USN (June 1967). [citation needed], Once the bomb was located, Simó Orts appeared at the First District Federal Court in New York City with his lawyer, Herbert Brownell, formerly Attorney general of the United States under President Dwight D. Eisenhower, claiming salvage rights on the recovered hydrogen bomb. K-9 Snails have been observed with unusual levels of radioactivity. [16], The recovered hydrogen bomb displayed on the fantail of the submarine rescue ship USS Petrel (ASR-14) after it was located by DSV Alvin at a depth of 2,500 feet (760 m), Alvin located the bomb again on 2 April, this time at a depth of 2,900 feet (880 m). The Navy’s recovery of the fourth bomb was dramatized in the 2000 film Men of Honor, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Robert De Niro. The flight plan took the aircraft east across the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea towards the European borders of the Soviet Union before returning home. Command Post of the Sixteenth Air Force, and it was confirmed at 11:22. The amount is nominal, usually 1 or 2 percent, sometimes a bit more, of the intrinsic value to the owner of the thing salved. 2009 Reunion This incident was given the movie treatment in a semi serious film, The Day the Fish Came Out, which covers the story of a plane crash alongside a Greek (not Spanish) Island and the surreptitious attempts by plainclothes US Naval personnel to find the missing bombs. [25] On 25 January, as a diplomatic concession, the U.S. announced that it would no longer fly over Spain with nuclear weapons, and on 29 January the Spanish government formally banned U.S. flights over its territory that carried such weapons.

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