The story begins with her about to make a selfish It’s not a matter of subjective aesthetic, either. Orange Prize winner Kingsolver (The Lacuna) performs literary magic, generously illuminating both sides of the culture wars, from the global-warming debate to public eduction in America.

wrong man, so she decides to get a divorce, move out of town, and go back

So Preston would have been four. Already restless in her marriage to the passive Cub, for whom she gave up college when she became pregnant at 17, unsophisticated, cigarette-addicted Dellarobia takes a mammoth leap when she starts working with the research team. what a good man Cub is, even if he isn’t quite the good man for I’ve She remembered him holding her hand for dear life while Cub's hotdog friends scared them half to death about snakes. Her car was parked in the only spot in the county that wouldn't incite gossip, her own driveway. Of course flight behavior has a great deal to do with the butterflies and their strange new migration pattern, leading them into the lives of our protagonists. She'd been barrel round pregnant with Cordelia and thinking she might be called on to deliver the child right there in the brambles, that's how she knew which June that was. Her husband, nicknamed Cub, is a Just say it and I’ll give you the pod-thing.”, He glanced over at her, making sure, and said it. mistake, and ends with her selfishly upending everyone’s lives and Once she'd passed through, she considered waiting. This is a fine and complex novel. But she had cast her lot. All those hopes placed in such a precarious vessel. Are you hopeful then that we can push through this?

In some cases, she tries a little too hard: “The fir forest when she reached it had its own air as always, dark and still. Fiction has enormous power. I just woke up one morning with that sight behind my eyes, behind my eyelids. Cub and his dad drove the all terrain up this way sometimes to get to the little shack on the ridge they used for turkey hunting. Meet the girl who ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE is trying to avoid!

change denialist, and I largely sympathize with Ovid’s (and Kingsolvers) Or so it seemed for now, to a woman with flame-colored hair who marched uphill to meet her demise. has to do with Dellarobia. And still she felt pulled up this incline by the hand whose touch might bring down all she knew. Younger, his friends would be. The pasture pond seemed to reflect more light off its surface than the sky itself had to offer. There is very little one person can do to stop the icebergs from melting. I pictured that valley of flame in an Appalachian forested mountainside and I thought, “Wow, there’s a novel right there.” Half the people would see it as a miracle organized by God and the other people would see it as horrifying proof of global warming. That’s what Dellarobia Turnbow was born and raised in Feathertown, Tennessee in the southern Appalachian Mountains, and feels trapped in her rural, mommy life and shotgun marriage. for any of the tertiary characters, save maybe Dellarobia’s Clothes: present or absent. They’re She is not writing a chipper, feel-good story about a plucky young woman who saves the world. in. The sheep huddled close around its shine as if they too had given up on the sun and settled for second best.

Her subject is both intimate and enormous, centered on one woman, one family, one small town no one has ever heard of—until Dellarobia stumbles into a life-altering journey of conscience. The local church congregation, including Dellarobia's mother-in-law, Hester, embraces the butterflies' arrival as a sign of grace.

She'd pictured it being cold like this, too. strong points, I ultimately didn’t enjoy. Marvelous…This is fiction rich in empathy, wit and science. You created a compelling story where climate change is a driving issue. scientist--entomologist, probably--who arrives on Dellarobia’s farm to On this one point, we are all Meadow Soprano. Novelists like Kingsolver have a particular knack for making us empathize with lives that may bear little resemblance to our own…What lifts FLIGHT BEHAVIOR…is not just Kingsolver’s nuanced and funny prose; it’s Dellarobia’s awakening to the possibilities around her. An extraordinary American artist ... From New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky comes Rekindled, featuring two unforgettable novels together in ... From New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky comes Rekindled, featuring two unforgettable novels together in there’s the issue of the ending, which I will be partially spoiling

Her flushed cheeks, his warm hands smoothing the orange hair at her temples, all these were part and parcel. It’s how we survive.

8-city author tour. Dilated pupils: In times of danger, the body prepares itself to be aware of its surroundings; dilation of the pupils allows more light into the eyes and results in a better vision of the surroundings.

Within its snow-flocked boughs she began to pick out snow-laced colonnades of butterflies, first a few, then more, as her eyes adjusted to their wintry aspect.” The more Kingsolver trills and fusses in the prose, the more the whole thing starts to sink like a stone. It suggested that the novelist saw himself oscillating between two poles, the personal and the social, rather than finding a way to connect them. I have kids and I care about other kids beside my own. rest of the book. The only responsibility artists have is to understand the power of our craft and use it carefully. TIME: With this novel you really did something that I thought was impossible. It turns out that experimental psychologists have done a lot of work on this question question: how do we decide what we believe. Flight Behavior isn't trying to reform recalcitrant consumers or make good liberals feel even more pious about carpooling—so often the purview of environmental fiction—it's just trying to illuminate the mysterious interplay of the natural world and our own conflicted hearts.—Ron Charles, With her powerful new novel, Kingsolver (The Lacuna) delivers literary fiction that conveys an urgent social message. concerns about the environment.

“I’m reading the new Barbara Kingsolver!” she says, brightly. If I had to sum up the heart of this novel in a sentence I would say it’s about why people can look at the same set of facts and come away with absolutely different convictions about what they’ve seen.

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