I have to work harder to stop this girl from becoming a true princess. To save the Ivy Brick Wall they needed to get magical water the only problem it's surrounded by all the bad fairytale characters. Right.

Boots: (singing) A Fairytale Land, so just come on in. Dora: I know.

Silly Broomstick: Sorry, boss. Can you watch over Boots while I try to become a True Princess? Here's the magic music box, if we play it near these rocks.

• 2015-06-02 Dora Saves Fairytale Land, Part 1 (S08E20) is the twentieth episode of season eight of "Dora the Explorer" released on Tue Jun 02, 2015.

Dwarf 3: But, there are no True Princesses in all of Fairytale Land! Dora the Explorer Season 6 Episode 15 – Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures, Part 3: Dora Saves King Unicornio online for Free. Brrrr! That's why he's feeling grumpy.

Benny: Group hug! The white one has a toothbrush, the blue one (that Backpack asked about it) actually has a vest, the green one has sunglasses, the purple one has a comb and the black one has a boot], [Dora opens the bag and the Sun floated to the sky]. You found the red ring, you taught the giant rocks to sing. Here, have a banana.

Boots: Will the 3 little pigs come play with me?

(gives it to Boots. Witch: You'll never find out! Orion Sandbox Enhanced Help me wind up the music box.

And look, the snowmen, the snowballs, the storm clouds, and the witch are all going away. Cuidado!

Dora: Maybe if we all sing the song, we can get the Giant Rocks to sing. & 8,491 people watched this episode I've always wished you would come to see me! [Dora quickly rushes to Winter Valley. Gracias, Dora. Dora has been invited to a party at the king's castle and for this party she has dressed herself as a princess.

Dora: The first path, OK. Come on.

Giant Giant: Fee Fi Fo Fum! Dora: Gracias, Tico. You found the puppy. Dora and Boots return to Fairytale Land to help the King and Queen when Fairytale Land was losing it's magic. Map: Winter, right.

Fiesta Trio: You've passed the third test for becoming a true princess. Ooooh! To proceed with comment posting, please select temporary avatar: We use cookies for advertising, content recommendations, and traffic measurement.

Dora needs a bag of sunshine to help her turn winter into Spring. Hi Moon! (She gasps.) Hi there!

She never gives up! There goes another one. Both: Boingy boingy boingy bing, we'll get these rocks to sing. All rights reserved.

We have to figure out where we go next. PNG or JPG.

This is the transcript for "Dora's Fairytale Adventure". Pigs: (singing) Or play catch with the very friendly gnome. Group hug! Witch: What's happening?

Yikes! Save the Magic. So tell Dora, next we go to Winter Valley. I'll sing it first and then you sing it.

It's getting cold. I can't believe it. Are they on the first path, the second path or third path? I'm getting dizzy!

You found the bag of sunshine. She looks so cute and she's excited to go to the party but just when she got closer the mean witch appeared and made a spell. (dings.)

We're upside down!

Dora: Si, alli esta. Witch: Be quiet! Look, she’s coming to you! Fiesta Trio: (playing fanfare) You have passed the fourth test to become a true princess!!!

We've got to watch out for the dragon. Dora: We're helping the Sun and making it fun. The Giant Rocks. Rocks: Boingy boingy boingy bing, you've taught us rocks to sing.

We'll get these rocks to sing.

My mistake. Dora the Explorer stars Kathleen Herles, Jose Zelaya and Chris Guifford. [There is not enough stars to completely reach the top]. Come on.

Dwarf 1: There's only one way to break the spell. What a great present. Buy from $1.99 Bookmark [The Witch sees Dora going to get the Moon to the Queen and King]. Giant Giant: Muy bien, Dora. The castle has been taken by a large cloud all the way to the moon.

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Show More. [Dora climbs up the steps and reached to the top of a high tower].

[Then the bags got their other items shown. Dwarf 4: Many have tried to pass the test to become a True Princess.

Oh, great, the song goes like this. Grumpy?! Dora: Ooooh!


Check. Vamonos! Witch: YOU BROKE MY SPELL! I took away the steps!

Seasons & Episodes. Dora: That's great, Isa. Boots: Will the 3 little pigs come play with me? (hugs Moon).

I'll have to keep it frio. Put your arms out in front of you and catch her, catch her, catch her! ), Dora: Gracias, Estrellas! Giant Giant: Thanks for finding my puppy.

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