The court is discharging him/her from trial on special conditions that they must abide by. Pled Guilty – Conviction: The defendant has pled guilty to the charges against him/her and the court accepts the plea as a conviction. On the other end of the spectrum an Acquitted ruling could come much later in the chain of events most likely after a trial.

Not Guilty – Non-conviction: A jury or judge trial finding that the defendant is innocent. Dismissed, the catch-all, occurs in different time periods throughout a case. Not enough evidence to convict.Burgl: Burglary. No Information Filed – Non-conviction: Mostly found in Florida. Concurrent: Sentence taking place or existing at the same time as another. Therefore the court finds him or her guilty.Nolle Prosse – Non-conviction: Latin for “Not Prosecuted”. Convicted – Conviction: The defendant has been found guilty of the charges.

All matters initiated by a law enforcement agency relating to the care and treatment of individuals with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Considered State Jail Felony.Waived – Conviction: Mainly found in the state of North Carolina. This includes a number of unusual abbreviations that may be used only in certain states.

DOCF - DOCG - DOCHIE - DOCIQ - DOCITA - DOCKETED - DOCL - DOCM - DOCMA - DOCMOD. Theft Check 20: Theft by check for less than $20. If they do not dismiss in that particular county/state, then the disposition remains adjudication withheld and the case is closed. The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. Therefore, the case is technically pending, however, the paperwork was never served.

In general, a felony is a crime that is punishable by a sentence of more than 365 days of incarceration all the way up to death.

The state rejected the hearing of the case.

Refused – Non-conviction: The case never went to trial. Find out what is the most common shorthand of Docket on! For example, with worthless checks it gives the defendant a chance to pay the check before being charged.Pre-Trial Intervention – Non-conviction: A program the defendant is placed in before going to trial. Dangerous Drugs: Possession/Delivery of Controlled Substance. The judgment is set-aside for a deferred amount of time and the defendant must comply with any conditions give to him/her. MisdemeanorsC. The case is dropped.Non-Adjudication of Guilt – Non-conviction: Same as adjudication withheld.Not Guilty – Non-conviction: A jury or judge trial finding that the defendant is innocent.Other – Non-conviction: Defendant is given special provisions for one year to abide by since this is a first offense. This includes a number of unusual abbreviations that may be used only in certain states. Eligible to be re-opened for one year if a violation is committed during that time. UPF = (unlawful possession firearm by felon), Uuev = (unlawful use of emergency vehicle), Uumv = (unauthorized use of motor vehicle), Aa by pub serv = (aggravated assault by public servant), Aa/dw = (aggravated assault with a deadly weapon), Aa/sbi = (aggravated assault causes severe bodily injury), Aa/witness = (aggravated assault against witness), Aa/pub serv = (aggravated assault against public servant), Aa/po = (aggravated assault against peace officer), Act phys asst w/o lic = (act as physician asst without license), Agg aslt dw = (aggravated assault with a deadly weapon), Agg aslt sbi = (aggravated assault causes severe bodily injury), Agg prom prost = (aggravated promotion of prostitution), Agg rob dw = (aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon), Agg sex a-v ch drugs = (aggravated sexual assault child), Agg sex a-v ch dw = (aggravated sexual assault child), Agg sex a-v ch fear = (aggravated sexual assault child), Agg sex a-v ch sbi = (aggravated sexual assault child), Agg sex a-v ch/14 = (aggravated sexual assault child), Agg sex a-v concert = (aggravated sexual assault), Agg sex a-v concert ch = (aggravated sexual assault), Agg sex a-v drugs = (aggravated sexual assault), Agg sex a-v dw = (aggravated sexual assault with deadly weapon), Agg theft r& c 20k = (theft >=$20K<$100K) Agg theft 100k r&c = (theft >=$100K<$200K) Agg theft 200k r&c = (theft >=$200K), Agg theft 50 pub serv = (theft >=$50<$500 public servant), Att burg building = (burglary of building), Att burg com = (burglary of coin operated machine), Att mfg cs 400g = (poss with intent man/del controlled substance), Att tres hab = (criminal trespass of a habitation), burg com = (burglary of coin operated machine), c/f us gov doc = (counterfeiting/forging of government doc), cf/tm 100k = (counterfeiting trademark) cf/tm = (counterfeiting trademark), del cs = (delivery of controlled substance), del mj = (delivery of marijuana0 dispense cs = (unlawful dispense dangerous drug) fsra = (failure to stop and render aid), flid = (failure to id) fwi = (flying while intoxicated), int oral comm = (interception wire/oral/electronic communication), keep gamb place = (keeping a gambling place), interfer po = (interference w/duties of public servant), mfr dang drug = (manufacturing dangerous drug), sedd = (securing execution of document by deception), vssa = (violation of state securities act), Terms and Meanings of Criminal Non-Convictions. For example: there are writs of capias ad respondendum, writs of capias ad computandum, writs of capias ad satisfaciendum, etc., each especially adapted to the purposes indicated by the words used for its designation. In turn, these categories have differing levels of severity and are subdivided.

This means there was not enough evidence to convict the defendant. DIS TRCON DEV: Disregard of a Traffic Control Device. Prayer for Judgment – Non-conviction: Deferred Prosecution, meaning state did not prosecute. Process Other – Non-conviction: Defendant was not charged on this count due to being charged for another count. Considered State Jail Felony. for Sentence Continued for Sentence — refers to a suspended action that can be initiated by the court at a later date should Subject be brought to court on a subsequent chargeConc Evid — Concealing EvidenceCPCS — Criminal Possession of Controlled SubstanceCPDD — Criminal Possession of Dangerous DrugsCPSP — Criminal Possession of Stolen PropertyCR — Civil RightsCr to Ani — Cruelty to AnimalsCrim Neg — Criminal NegligenceCRSP — Criminally Receiving Stolen PropertyCRV — Conditional Release ViolatorCSA — Controlled Substance ActCSCS — Criminal Sale of Controlled SubstanceCtfg or Ctft — Counterfeiting or CounterfeitCU&PFC — Criminally Uttering and Publishing False CheckCVA — California Vehicle ActCW — Concealed WeaponsCWIK — Cutting with Intent to KillD & D — Drunk and DisorderlyDAA w/o OP — Driving Away Auto without Owner’s PermissionDAMV — Destruction of Aircraft or Motor VehiclesDC — Disorderly Conduct, Deering Act CCW — Carrying Concealed Weapon, Dram Act — Possession of Open Liquor Container in Vehicle, Dyer Act ITSMV — Interstate Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicle, EGP — Embezzlement of Government Property, Entic Fem U Age — Enticing Females Under Age, FAD ADW — Flourishing a Dangerous and Deadly Weapon, FERIC — False Entries in Records of Interstate Carriers, FHVC — Failure to Have a Vehicle Under Control, Forg Dr Presc — Forging Doctor’s Prescription, FRLA — Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act, FUUSTC — Forging and Uttering U.S. Treasury Check, GABM — Giving Alcoholic Beverages to Minor, IPAB — Illegal Possession of Alcoholic Beverages, IPGP — Illegal Possession of Government Property, ITAR — Interstate Transportation in Aid of Racketeering, ITOM — Interstate Transportation of Obscene Matter, ITSMV — Interstate Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicle, ITSP — Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property, ITWI — Interstate Transmission of Wagering Information, JC Mitt — Juvenile Court Mittimus (warrant to put juvenile already Misdemeanors charges includes minor theft, minor assault, some forms of drug possession, harassment and serious motor vehicle / driving violations. Adjudicated Guilty – Conviction: The defendant has been found guilty of the charges. Web. Ref 32A to K — Assault to KillAA PO — Aggravated Assault on Police OfficerAAWW — Aggravated Assault with WeaponA&B — Assault and BatteryA & Rob — Assault and RobberyABC ACT — Alcohol Beverage Control ActAbd — AbductionAbndn MV — Abandoning Motor VehicleAbus Lang — Abusive LanguageABWIK — Assault and Battery with Intent to KillAcc — AccessoryAcc Aft Fact Rec — Accessory after the Fact, ReceivingAccomp DD — Accompanying Drunken DriverAccpl — AccompliceAccpt Brb — Accepting a BribeAcc to L — Accessory to LarcenyACDA — Failure to Maintain Assured Clear Distance AheadAct 292 — Buying, Possessing, or Partaking Alcoholic Beverages while a Minor under 21 yrs of ageADA — Assistant District AttorneyADW WITK — Assault with Deadly Weapon with Intent to KillAEA — Atomic Energy ActAFA — Alien Firearms ActAffr WDW — Affray with Deadly WeaponAFO — Assaulting Federal OfficerAgg A — Aggravated AssaultAIDA — Automobile Information Disclosure ActAIM — Assault with Intent to MurderAP — Aircraft PiracyAPIPOCC — Appropriating Property in Possession of Common CarrierAPO — Assaulting Police OfficerAR — Anti-RacketeeringARL — Antiriot LawsARL-SFCAA Antiriot Laws — State Firearms Control Assistance ActArmed WDW — Armed with a Dangerous WeaponATL — Anti-Trust LawAtt Burg — Attempted BurglaryAtt L — Attempted LarcenyAuto T — Auto TheftAVIN — Altered Vehicle Identification NumberAW — Article of WarAWOL — Absent Without LeaveB — BreakingBB — Bank BurglaryBR — Bank RobberyBC — Bad CheckB Dw NT — Breaking into Dwelling, Night TimeB&E Dw DT — Breaking and Entering Dwelling, DaytimeBECOM — Breaking and Entering Coin Operated MachineBE&L — Breaking, Entering, and LarcenyB&E NT & PL — Breaking and Entering in Nighttime and Petty LarcenyB Store NT — Breaking into Store, NighttimeBF — Bail ForfeitedBF&E — Bank Fraud and EmbezzlementBIND — Breaking into Non-DwellingBL — Bank LarcenyBLA — Bills of Lading ActBlkml — BlackmailB&L — Burglary and LarcenyBlind Pig Raid — Raid of a Disorderly House or a Red-Light DistrictBNIAD — Burglary Not in a DwellingBNID — Burglary Not in a DwellingB&P Business & Professional Code — Drinking, Disorderly Conduct, Vagrancy, Dope, etc.B of P — Breach of PeaceBR — Bank RobberyBrby — BriberyBRCSP — Buying, Receiving, Concealing Stolen PropertyBS — Suspicion of BreakingBSL — Blue Sky LawsB&T — Burglary & TheftBT — Bomb ThreatsBW — Bench WarrantCapias A — writ directing an officer to arrest the person namedC to D of M — Contributing to Delinquency of a MinorCAA — Crime Aboard AircraftCAG — Custody of Attorney GeneralCAID — Criminal Activity in DrugsCrnl Knldg — Carnal KnowledgeCCDW — Carrying Concealed Deadly WeaponCCF — Carrying Concealed FirearmCD — Careless Driving to Common DrunkCDC — Contributing to the Delinquency of a ChildCDTP — Criminal Damage to PropertyCDW — Carrying a Dangerous WeaponCGR — Crime on Government ReservationCHS — Crime on High SeasChild Deser — Child DesertionChild Neg — Child NeglectC&I — Careless & Inattentive or Careless & Imprudent (driving)CIR — Crime on Indian ReservationCKFM — Carnal Knowledge of a Female MinorCOC — Contempt of CourtCo Ct Mitt — County Court Mittimus (see Mittimus)COD — Court’s Order of DismissalCOI — Conflict of InterestComn Aslt — Common AssaultConsp — ConspiracyCont.

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