The wider the wick, the brighter the light will be.

chimneys are required at elevations of 3,000 ft. and above for proper burning; at sea level, they can increase brightness up to 20%.

The drafts could be in the room or caused by the flame itself within the container. Olive oil burns the cleanest and the best, but the following may also be tried, but may not produce consistent results: sunflower, canola, safflower, peanut, sesame, walnut, grape seed, corn, hemp, and soy. Website for the National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors, Inc.: The flame is probably too high, so turn the wick down.

No, because olive oil does not wick up like other fuels. Yes.

The wicks are flat because the opening in the burner is a U-shaped slot. Turn the gas flow to the lamp “ON”.

Consider switching to KleanHeat or Aladdin lamp oil. Sputtering is usually caused by water in the wick. Pay attention to wick size.

Want a catalog mailed to you? It may say “Aladdin” or have a model number – if the lamp uses a mantle, it’s an Aladdin.

Olive oil cannot be used be used because it will not travel up the wick.

There is a little more than with a flat wick lamp because they use a mantle will need to be replaced several times a year if used regularly; the wick will also need to be cleaned from time to time as well as the burner, gallery and flame spreader. Look on the wick raiser. Experiment with a few drops at first.

When this happens, you will probably need to change wicks. Often an olive oil lamp will smoke because the wick needs trimmed.

Sometimes a wick is too long or ragged and will draw more fuel than can be evenly handled and will cause flickering. If the wick has 2 tails and it round on the top, it is an Aladdin. As the wick is fed through the burner to the top, the wick is formed into a circle, making it round. Wipe the lamp with a piece of tissue or paper towel to remove as much oil as possible.

Smoking can also occur if the lamp is sitting in a draft or if it is making its own draft because of uneven drawing of air into the flame. When you clean the jar, make sure that it is completely dry before adding oil. After that, the flame becomes erratic and a lot of smoke is produced. Yes! Without a chimney, the lamp will not draw oxygen and the lamp could overheat.

You will not have a nice flame if the wick is not even. Aladdin lamps come complete with a mantle, wick, chimney, etc. They are specifically designed for high heat – other chimneys could crack. We stand behind our products and want to make sure you are pleased. Commonly mistaken for Aladdin Lamps: “Rayo”, “B&H”, “Rochester”, “Miller” (hint: Rayos don’t use a mantle).

Rinse the jar and blot it, and then let in a warm place to dry thoroughly. Using a non-Aladdin shade is NOT recommended!

The light produced is equivalent to 6-7 flat wick lamps combined. Yes. New MAXbrite parts: knob, burner basket and outer wick tube, flame spreader, chimney; staying the same: gallery, wick, wick raiser, There is no difference in the working parts--burner, mantle, etc. If they are all on the same gas line, the further the light is from the source, the dimmer each one will get.

It is to heat the mantle to around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit which causes the mantle to glow. Yes--Aladdins use a mantle which provides the light instead of the wick.

Turn on: Light a match. The mantle is the light emitting portion of the lamp.

Then wash the jar in warm, soapy water. All Aladdins have the name “Aladdin” and the model # printed on the wick raiser knob (models 1-4 don’t have the number), If there is no name on the knob, check on the fuel cap or flame spreader (inside the round wick) for wording, Commonly mistaken for Aladdins: "Rayo", "B&H", “Rochester”, “Miller” (hint: Rayos don't use a mantle), If it doesn't use a mantle, it is not an Aladdin; Aladdins commonly have taller, more slender chimneys than other types of lamps.

Aladdins commonly have taller, more slender chimneys than other types of lamps. Yes--Aladdins use a mantle which provides the light instead of the wick. The light produced is equivalent to 6-7 flat wick lamps combined. For an existing shade ring, measure the inside diameter of the ring, or for a tripod, measure from the end of the tripod to the center of the burner and multiply by 2.


Keep your wick trimmed neatly (no stray strings or excess carbon build-up; shaping your wick to a point or with trimmed corners can often produce more light than wicks cut straight across or rounded. Without the flame spreader, the wick will not burn with a blue flame and the mantle will not glow.

If there is nothing on the wick raiser knob, look at the flame spreader (metal part inside the wick) – it may say a name on it, like “Rayo”, “Success”, or “B&H”, which most likely means you have a Rayo. The wick should not be visible after it is lit. Unlike conventional wick lamps the purpose of the flame is not to give off light. The burner has been tightened up and closes gaps to improve air leaks, which then creates brighter light and less spiking.

; table lamps are preferred for reading, as the light is higher off the table, Table lamps will not fit into a wall bracket—only shelf lamps can be hung on the wall.

Do NOT add fuel if the inside of the font has any moisture! High Output chimneys are about 3” taller than regular chimneys to increase the amount of draft which in turn, creates a brighter light, H.O.

The more lights that are on the same gas line, the dimmer each one will be. If you are an American with a disability we offer a toll free disability services phone line at 800-438-5346 during regular business hours and one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will help you navigate through our website, conduct advanced searches, read you the specifications of any item and consult with you about the products we carry.

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Measure the width of the wick opening on the underside of the burner.

Chimney height and bulge diameter are not too important, however, the base diameter needs to be measured closely. » View Our Store Events - Family Fun Events Every Weekend!

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Measure the fitter size on the burner (in between the tines) to determine the base diameter you need. Some parts for very old Aladdins are no longer made; check eBay or antique stores (see the Antique Aladdin Lamp Dealers list). This site tracks visits anonymously using cookies. Liquid paraffin should not be used in a lamp with a wick over 1/2” because it is too thick to travel up the wick. If the wick is flat at both ends it is probably a French round wick lamp if the bottom of the burner looks like a “U”. Keep your font at least 1/2 full so the fuel doesn’t have as far to travel up the wick. Keep your chimney clean; excess soot build-up will dim the light. All of the parts that we have are matched with the model #s that they will work for.

Without a chimney, the lamp will not draw oxygen and the lamp could overheat. Click here!

If there is no existing shade ring/tripod, usually any size will work as long as you buy the correct shade ring and tripod. All parts are extremely important, and the lamp cannot function properly without all of the parts in working order. It may also smoke if it has burned all of the oil that it can draw up to the burning height of the wick, and it will then begin to burn the wick instead of the oil. Turn off: Turn the switch to the gas flow “OFF”.

Cold rooms can be a cause of flickering, as the difference in temperature inside and outside the jar may cause turbulent air exchanges.

If the lamp still has a wick in it, measure the diameter of the old wick.

If it doesn’t use a mantle, it is not an Aladdin Lamp.

Aladdin shades are specifically designed for high heat – other shades could crack (glass) or catch fire (parchment).

Do NOT use: Ultra Pure or paraffin oil (because they are too thick to travel up large wicks) or colored/dyed oil. The key reasons consumers were willing to purchase the more expensive Aladdin lamp were economy in use, … Finally our customer service representatives will explain our privacy policy and terms of service and take your order if you so desire. Then the homeowner was offered a mantle lamp with fuel to use for one week. That is why the top of the wick and the flame is so close to the oil in an olive oil lamp.

Boat heater using a Aladdin Lamp without a mantle - YouTube You must use an Aladdin chimney! PLEASE ORDER EARLY FOR DELIVERY BY CHRISTMAS - OUR WAREHOUSE IS ONE TO TWO WEEKS BEHIND AND MAIL CARRIERS ARE ALSO FALLING BEHIND. Aladdin oil lamps mantles are easy to assemble & install, giving a bright glow thanks to the mantles.

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