With the exception of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, and to the extent that copyright subsists in a third party, this publication, its logo and front page design are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia licence. Close the Gap gives preference to the mean, as median figures underplay the fact that there are a few extremely high

It has been eight years since the Closing the Gap framework was established, but only half the Closing the Gap targets are on track to be met. CTG Working Paper 4: Statistics In his national address, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull spoke of "mixed" progress against the seven targets across health, education and employment.

Figure 1: Indigenous and non-Indigenous life

Indigenous people make up three per cent of the Australian population but account for more than 25 per cent of the prison population.

All of the states and territories reported changes

Join the electronic mailing list and keep up to date with the latest news. Closing the Gap in 2020. Participation in employment provides financial and economic security and assists in opening the door to self-determination. He waka eke noa (a canoe on which everyone may embark). We have a large number of supporters, and a government who are sympathetic to our goals. Outcomes are worse for male students and decline drastically with remoteness. This short paper discusses the gender pay gap statistics, how they are generated and why different figures are reported for Scotland and the UK. Close the gap in life expectancy within a generation (by 2031) This target is not on track to be met.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull delivers his Closing the Gap report speech in Parliament.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen.

Join with over 220,000 other Australians and pledge your support to the ‘close the gap’. This makes up more than 83 per cent of the 611 Indigenous children who died in the same period. in 2008 to 58.5% in 2012–13. Our Mission. In general, pay gaps are higher in male-dominated occupational groups such as skilled trades and process, plant and machine operatives, while pay gaps in female-dominated occupational groups tend to be lower, for example, caring, leisure and other service occupations, and sales and customer service. Labour market.

Aboriginal women are the fastest-growing demographic in the justice system. Close the Gap: Indigenous Health Campaign, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice, Copyright © Australian Human Rights Commission, 2019 Close the Gap report – “Our Choices, Our Voices”, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice / Indigenous Social Justice. For women, it is 73.7 and 83.1 respectively.

The Close the Gap campaign has achieved a lot amount since its launch in 2006, but we need continued support from all corners of the Australian community to make it a success. Justice Report 2005, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social

expectancy: actual, projected and target rates.

The Close the Gap Campaign aims to close the health and life expectancy gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians within a generation. In response to high levels of Indigenous incarceration, there is strong stakeholder pressure to add an Indigenous Justice target.

We want a fairer and more equal New Zealand, for all. Responsive website design and development by fuzzylime. New Zealand has one of the highest levels of income and wealth inequality in the OECD. This review assesses the most significant national effort to date to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: the 2008 Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) Closing the Gap Strategy with its target to achieve life expectancy (health) equality by 2030.

In 2015-16, 4.8 million scripts were issued under the Closing the Gap co-payment measure, assisting more than 277,000 … Close the Gap SCIO (known as Close the Gap) is a Scottish charity, SC046842. Inequality is damaging for us all, not just those at the bottom.

In his Social Close the Gap Working Paper 17: Gender Pay Gap Statistics

In "The Spirit Level," British social epidemiologist, Richard Wilkinson, charts data that proves societies that are more equal are healthier, happier societies. The complementary National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Mental Health and Social and Emotional Wellbeing 2017-2023 needs an implementation plan and funding as appropriate. Indigenous organisations are calling However, the Closing the Gap target is on track and the gap has narrowed significantly, down 83 per cent since 1998.

sustained effort over the past 10 years to close the gap in the areas of health, education and employment has delivered better outcomes However, policy makers should not take their eyes off the ‘main game’: sustainable long-term improvement to the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by addressing the underlying structural factors – treating the causes rather than focusing on symptoms. Women represent over half of workers in only six of the 20 Standard Industry Classifications, whereas men tend to be more evenly Close the Gap's written submission to the UK Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace. To date, almost 200,000 Australians have formally pledged their support.

These targets include achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equality within a generation and halving the mortality rate gap for children under five years old within a decade. Please note that you can be a “private” supporter ie marked as “with-held” on the list (see below), and/or withdraw from the mailing list and still be a supporter.

The close the gap approach then is founded on an evidence-based understanding that health outcomes will sustainably improve on a population basis if there are sufficient, purposeful and effective inputs to address these underlying factors. Time—Time for Doing.

This paper is an update to the previous statistics publication, Working Paper 4. This target was Indigenous life expectancy is improving, and –– An effective health equality plan was not in place until the release of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan Implementation Plan in 2015 – which has never been funded. Key Issues thought to be 17 years; better

spread across industry groups. organisations (NGOs) responded with a Close

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