After one year, the scar becomes the same color as the rest of the skin and it is very difficult to detect it visually. With the permission of your parent, yes, you should  seek doctors who offer surgeries that can shave the forehead. Differences between the male and female forehead. To gain a few extra millimeters or to smooth out irregularities and asymmetries, high speed burring offers an effective reshaping technique. If you’re experiencing a medical issue, please contact a healthcare professional or dial 911 immediately. The patient can return to his/her normal life after 7-10 days. Thank you for your question. FFS improves mental health and quality of life in transgender patients. In this case the bone can be burred a significant amount. For others, a brow bone reduction may provide better results. The hairline can be raised or lowered or kept in the same place if the patient wants this done at the same time.

It is most often a combination procedure with work on the bone, brow lift, and lowering the hairline. These can be titanium or plates that absorb over time. Women may have a flat forehead or with a slight convexity, but the supraorbital arch or eyebrows area, and eyebrows never protrude. Before & After Gallery Insurance Hairline Advancement Travel to Houston, Nurse Injector CarrieMedSpa Menu Botox/Dysport/Jeuveau Juvaderm/Restylane/HA Fillers Microneedling with PRP IV Therapy/Slimshot/B12 Shot, Rhinoplasty Sinus Sugery Image Guided Surgery Septoplasty (Deviated Septum) Turbinate Reduction Balloon Sinuplasty, Dr. Regina Rodman Face Forward Houston o. I've noticed the female brow bone is so flat, and the males sticks out.

Hope that helps ! The forehead will remain insensitive for a few days, and little by little it will recover the sensitivity during the following 6 months.

Eye asymmetry can result from differences in the position of the lateral brow bone edge. Thanks to the ultrasonic equipment we can make the cut design more precise, make the bone shaving much more efficient and always making sure not to injure the soft tissue with the ultrasonic saw. While we do connect people with vetted, board-certified doctors, we don’t provide medical consultations, diagnosis, or advice.

If the reduction needed is less than 4mm between the pupils (vertical line draw up superiorly) where the frontal sinus lies, bone burring can create an effective reduction. Beyond the female who has an isolated tail of the brow bone protrusion, this technique has proven useful in secondary transgender brow bone reductions where this part of the brow has been overlooked and even in some traditional  periorbital rejuvenation patients.

It is just under the tail of the brow bone in the lacrimal fossa.

Due to the natural differences in anatomy, women most commonly benefit from simultaneous brow … In those patients with mild to moderate brow bossing and thick skull bone over the frontal sinus (or are missing a frontal sinus), bone reduction by burring can be done with a nice result. The vertical height of the forehead in women is usually higher than in men, that is, the forehead of women is usually larger than in men. The majority of patients need to have the bone reset (Type 3) in order to achieve a dramatic difference in the contour of the forehead. Forehead feminization is performed in the hospital and under general anesthesia. One dimension of the brow bone or supraorbital rims that is rarely discussed is that of its lower edge.

These are often plastic surgeons or maxillofacial surgeons.

Reducing the orbital rims helps open up the eyes. A common feature of a masculine face is a pronounced brow bone (brow bossing). It usually takes a little over an hour if done by a facial plastic surgeon with experience in this procedure.

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