An almost heartbroken Tony remembers how much his old friend means to him, but refuses to acquiesce, and a defeated Gordon strides out. Michael Christopher Sheen OBE (born 5 February 1969) is a Welsh actor and political activist. When the production moved from the Theatre Royal in York to the Edinburgh Fringe, time constraints forced the director, Chris Bush, to make several cuts from the original script. The appearance of Diana telling Tony that he has let the people down is the final straw, yet, even at the last, he pathetically reprises a desperate version of "Evita Peron" as everyone leaves him alone on stage. Powell would listen to conference calls between Blair and Gordon Brown at home for hours.

He's quite careful about how he chooses those he wants to draw close to him. After this, Tony introduces George W. Bush with a recitative, who bounces on stage as a delinquent cowboy with a toy horse and screeches the bluesy song "George's Entrance." This means that Miniclip will no longer be able to host Dancing Blair after that date. Tony is then left alone on stage to tell the audience that all political leaders make mistakes, but attempts to convince them of his much-admired integrity. And the fact is that his own brand of loyalty is genuinely very honourable. Tue 12 Jul 2011 16.00 EDT Tony then tells the audience of his need to bring in "a professional" to better his public image and introduces the notorious spin-doctor Alastair Campbell.

TONY! He then kneels to pray, attempting to sneakily ask God for a report on how he's doing so far, before being interrupted by the angelic ghost of Diana, Princess of Wales. It's ridiculous. However, in a nightmare sequence, he is again interrupted by Gordon with a reprise of "We Had A Deal," and, gradually, Peter, Campbell and George return and revive various themes in a final medley. Loyalty by Sarah Helm opens at the Hampstead theatre, London, on Thursday, Available for everyone, funded by readers. By clicking "Add Dancing Blair to Your Website", you agree to the Webmaster Terms and Conditions. TONY! In the play, Laura tries to convince herself that her husband doesn't really believe in the war. "If there are 500,000 on the march, that is still less than the number of people whose deaths Saddam has been responsible for," he said. And while her husband was steadfastly supportive of his boss's outlook, she watched the decisions unfold with dismay. He can be quite quirky, and difficult to completely believe in." There must have been a temptation to try and convince her husband of her perspective – even to try and influence Blair from a distance. I liked him.

As with Campbell, Tony is taken with the gutsy George, though as the president leaves, Gordon once again enters to moodily remind Tony of their deal, and scold him for forgetting his own people. As part of the prize the production transferred to the Pleasance Theatre, Islington, for a limited run in late September 2007. ), The UK motives seemed more genuine to her, "but I think they were depressingly naive. And, for Helm, "there's an element of that probably still now. She has significant expertise in this area. He is then thrown to the ground to the crash of a drum fill, where he begins to sing the opening number, "Tony's Entrance," in which he declares his intention to recount the past ten years of his career to the audience, while the ex-pallbearers perform an ironic 1990s boy band-style dance. With guitar in hand, he introduces his "average-Joe-public-school-boy" character and his ambitions as a youthful, people's prime minister. "I thought it was so inappropriate, so demeaning, so patronising.

follows the premiership of former British prime minister Tony Blair from his landslide election in 1997 to his resignation ten years later. ", And so she has written the play, Loyalty, a "fictionalised memoir" of the period, which features a prime minister called Tony, and a couple called Nick and Laura. She says she thinks the responsibility was much wider: "Parliament bears the most massive responsibility for being seduced by Tony's arguments, without asking the right questions. TONY! .

Tony Blair i Oslo sammen med daværende utenriksminister Jonas Gahr Støre i 2011. They were living and breathing all the key decisions, she says, "and when it's something you're strongly, viscerally opposed to, that's difficult". Helm is the long-term partner of Jonathan Powell, who was Blair's loyal chief of staff throughout his premiership; during the run-up to the Iraq invasion, Powell attended the war cabinet, and his job spilled into their home even more than usual. The production returned to the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2008, alongside its sequel Tony of Arabia. Nonetheless, the play won the NSDF & Pleasance Edinburgh Competition 2007. Wouldn't it be much worse if he had privately disagreed but supported his boss anyway? An excited George Bush returns and the pair exchange various crude jokes on the subject of Islamic extremists and the like. follows the premiership of former British prime minister Tony Blair from his landslide election in 1997 to his resignation ten years later.

It was very close . "I don't think he was a war criminal. Helm's position was more pointed than most. tony room should go to the steelers What nicknames does Blair Irwin go by? . A clearly uninterested Diana tells him to become the next princess, the people's prime minister, and then warns him against a future of joining George W. Bush in invading Iraq, before drifting mysteriously away, leaving a completely nonplussed Tony in the spotlight. Peter was very nice and he said: 'Well, you should write something.' The thundering rock number "Newsnight" then begins, in which Tony is grilled by Paxman, and, without Campbell's help, completely flounders. Blair had fostered a very particular relationship with his advisers, of whom Powell was sometimes described as the closest. Such remarks "stayed with me", she says. Performed at York's Theatre Royal, the Edinburgh Fringe and the Pleasance Theatre, Islington, TONY! ", She says she's tried to create a nuanced depiction of Blair, and he's the source of some of the play's humour. I'm not saying they were best friends. "I thought: why is he writing this? Some marched under esoteric, homemade banners (War is Menstrual Envy), most under more straightforward ones (Don't attack Iraq), and among the throng were Sarah Helm and her daughter. The phone calls, the emails, it was constant." "If there are one million, that is still less than the number of people who died in the wars he started." Play Dancing Blair - Make Tony Blair dance like you have never seen him before. So he closed down, because he had this ranting woman going on at him. The song features after "I Am Evita Peron," immediately before Mandelson's dismissal. Tony re-enters with a jealous Peter, before being joined by Gordon Brown, who probingly raises the issue of their deal (for Tony to hand over the premiership to Gordon in due course), their "little chat." Butterflies bask. "I don't think I thought that very seriously; I may have thought I ought to have a shot. We sit in the garden. So she knew the overall territory and arguments much better than most.

Although the others are sceptical, Tony is totally taken in by Alastair's promises of glory and together the two of them sing "Evita Peron," an overdriven song in which Tony narcissistically declares himself to be the love-child of Madonna and Martin Luther King. (She points out, in fairness to her husband, that he was writing a series of emails to Blair, giving advice; "he was probably the only one asking the right questions". A single spotlight then illuminates Tony for his first monologue, in which he tells of the wonder of these first glorious days in power, and of how he became the 'people's prime minister.'

Tony Blair, the then leader of the Government as Prime minister. Previews were performed at the Oxford North Wall and the Theatre Royal, Wakefield, in July 2008. There were calls from George W Bush as she was trying to put their two young daughters to bed. It is told to the audience by Blair himself, in the form of an interplay of spotlit monologues and musical flashbacks to various moments in the former prime minister's career. The solitary Tony then breaks down in tears, but is disturbed by a little boy - Tom - who asks him why he is crying and tells him he's come with his family to meet the prime minister. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message,!_The_Blair_Musical&oldid=960791547, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Prelude/Tony's Entrance - Tony and Chorus, My Mate Tony - Gordon Brown, John Prescott and Peter Mandelson, Open Politics - Tony, Gordon, John and Peter, I Am Evita Peron - Tony and Alastair Campbell, I Did It For Tony (2008 Edinburgh Fringe) - Alastair and Peter, Tory Barbershop Quartet - John Major, William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard, No Me In Tony (Reprise 2) - Alastair, Cherie, Gordon and Peter, Newsnight - Jeremy Paxman, Wife and Husband, Medley/Diana's Lament - Gordon, Alastair, Peter, George and the ghost of Princess Diana, Michael Slater as Gordon Brown, Michael Howard and Jeremy Paxman, Alex Stevens as John Prescott, William Hague, George W. Bush and Husband, Ellie Cox as Princess Diana, Cherie Booth and Wife, Jethro Compton as Peter Mandelson, John Major and Tom, Ed Duncan Smith as Alastair Campbell, Iain Duncan Smith and News Reporter, Gavin Whitworth as John Prescott, William Hague, George W. Bush and Husband, Ellie Cox/Alice Boagey as Princess Diana, Cherie Booth and Wife (Boagey performed during the July previews and once during the Edinburgh festival). Did she ever become friends with him? As she joked at her wedding in 2007, "there were three of us in this relationship" – with Tony Blair as the ultimate third wheel. Make Tony Blair dance like you have never seen him before. But in that period, she says, "life just spilled in. Tony Blair, in full Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, (born May 6, 1953, Edinburgh, Scotland), British Labour Party leader who served as prime minister of the United Kingdom (1997–2007). Bathed in a soft, romantic light, Tony and Peter both tell the audience of their mutual admiration. Foto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix Foto: NTB scanpix Storbritannias tidligere statsminister og tidligere Labour-leder Tony Blair vil ikke svare på om han kommer til å stemme på eget parti ved neste valg. "I thought about calling them Jonathan and Sarah, but that simply didn't work, because they're not us, although aspects of them are." "That's a question I can't answer," she says.

image caption Tony Blair entered Downing Street following Labour's landslide victory in 1997 That deal with Clinton was the making of his relationship with Bush. "[1] It has also been criticized for crude caricatures and cheap one-liners. Tee-off in this fantastic free golf game for real courses, real-time multiplayer duels, tournaments and our unique Golf Royale mode! Jonathan was as aware of the arguments on the Middle East as anyone, but I think they had convinced themselves that, first of all, whatever Bush's motives, this was a chance to get rid of Saddam, and of course that was their best argument." "Yes," she says. But there was a loyalty he won that wasn't just to a government or an institution.

The production begins with a news reporter announcing the fall of Tony Blair, before the erstwhile prime minister is carried onstage, funeral-style, by four pallbearers, to melancholic chants of "Tony!".

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