Follow our journey from backpacks and tents to sustainable development and events. It also doubles as a seat cushion when you want to rest on the floor or anywhere else. It includes a chest strap to keep shoulder straps in place on small children (7 litre) Kanken Laptop- it has a separate padded laptop compartment and padded shoulder straps; available in 13"/ 13 L, 15"/18 L, and 17"/20L Great combination. Fjallraven has outdoorsy roots and a high-minded mission to create lasting products that encourage spending more time in nature. At work I had my Cambridge, red, backpack batchel (backpack satchel), on my back, and my Fjallraven kanken mini slung over my shoulder.

And, it's the one you've definitely seen around your home city, the airport, the streets of Europe—probably everywhere except the moon. Explore the best of the world. Use a little bit of oil or a clear lip balm to loosen the zip. And the brand thought of all the details when designing this go-to bag, like the leather handle and fleece-lined pocket (which might just convince you to put your phone away for a while). The worst one is warm yellow. Since I just retired early, a little over a month ago, I'll now find other uses for the mini. A practical Swede, who also loved a good High Coast adventure, started the company in 1960 after using his mom's sewing machine to create his ideal backpack. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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It has the same genius design as the original, but now reinvented from a recycling/recyclable perspective that saves natural resources.

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Instead of carrying books, I am repurposing this new backpack to carry all our travel essentials and a whole lot more. It includes a chest strap to keep shoulder straps in place on small children (7 litre), Kanken Laptop- it has a separate padded laptop compartment and padded shoulder straps; available in 13"/ 13 L, 15"/18 L, and 17"/20L, Re-Kanken- a special edition Kanken made from SpinDye, recycled polyester (16 and 7 litre), Kanken No.2- Kanken backpack in durable G-1000 HeavyDuty with handles and details in leather (16 litre), Photo insert- holds a medium SLR camera, extra lens, memory cards, filter etc. Please visit and share: this entry can help a lot of bag lovers out there! Thank you so much for the advice, I appreciate it! I can safely say that the material that Fjällräven utilises for the Kånken is one of the lightest I've ever come across.

Both have mirrored letter "Z" stitched on it. Member. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Shoulder Pads-extra padding for Kanken and Kanken Mini's shoulder straps. It depends on how much you want to spend.

I was able to convert those points into SODEXHO Premium Pass gift certificates. There are 4 labels/tags stitched inside a Re-Kanken. What do you guys think of the fjallraven kanken backpacks? There's a matching one at the lower right portion of the bag too. Fjallraven recently introduced an Art Collection of Kanken backpacks in unique graphic prints, as well.

These tips are the result of my research online, compiled and posted to help buyers not to get fooled by unscrupulous seller. I like both bags but am worried that the Kanken laptop 15'' is a bit bulky for my liking because I like a minimal look and the classic Kanken look (I am 170cm and quite petite). I stuffed the mini with my lunch items and water bottle. Across the board, Fjallraven bags have a timeless feel, but are just quirky enough, thanks to distinctive features like top handles, square-ish lines, and that eye-catching logo. Oh, enough about justifying my purchase ; p. It's a bit expensive compared to Jansport.

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According to an article I read in a French newspaper yesterday, backpack are coming back.....Especially the printed ones!

The simple, streamlined design of the Greenland Zip is somehow even less obtrusive than other Fjallraven backpacks. I must say that I detect an hint of resentment in your question, nonetheless I readily admit that the Kånken’s reached the level of popularity where you'd probably want to avoid buying one just because you've seen enough of it. Small whistle in the middle. I’m aiming to get it in a color that is long-standing, won’t look horrible if it fades and doesn’t stain easily. She stood out in the crowd as the rest of the students all had bulky American backpacks on their backs that made them look like they were going hiking.

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