All rights reserved. Between 1600 and 1776, the South relied heavily on agriculture and farming. Because back then, families would sit down together to enjoy supper—not dinner—whether it was at noon or 6 o'clock in the evening. Supper vs Dinner Supper Definition and Examples. Dinner and supper. The English Language & Usage Stack Exchange, a forum for linguistic enthusiasts, suggests that farmers "ate larger meals at noontime to give them the strength to keep working through the afternoon." Depends on which Southern generation you ask. Dinner and supper are understood in the same sense although there is a difference between them. And thus, dinner usurped supper, leaving us younger generations wondering why our elders had a confusing habit of calling lunch by its successor's name. It indicates a lighter evening meal. Just as important, though, is the fact that whichever word takes precedence in your food lexicon may explain more about which side of the generational fence you straddle. It is a lighter and less formal meal of the day. Southern Living is a registered trademark of, These Haircuts Are Going To Be Huge in 2021, The Best Casserole Recipes for Cozy Nights In, Use These Quick Tricks to Keep a Halloween Pumpkin from Rotting, 50 Books Everyone Should Read in Their Lifetime, According to the English Language & Usage Stack Exchange. late-evening snacks. According to Zoe Veit, this trend started to change when "more Americans were working outside of the home and farm, so they couldn't readily return home to cook and eat in the middle of the day." According to the English Language & Usage Stack Exchange, families would put on a pot of soup to simmer throughout the day and eat it later in the evening, which was also known as "supping" the hot soup. I’ll have instant noodle for supper. Supper, on the other hand, has three definitions: In other words, what we refer to as the lunch hour today was actually reserved for dinner. So we'd like to know which term you frequently heard in your household growing up, and which one you prefer to call the final meal of the day? Whereas supper, traditionally speaking, was thought of as a light meal following dinner. Traditionally, it was the first meal of the day, taken before noon. Supper stems from the word "sup," and it's also related to the German word for soup ("suppe"). Merriam-Webster establishes dinner as "the principal meal of the day." But, the two terms couldn't be more different, both in origin and meaning. First, let's define both terms. It is an informal meal, not associated with grandeur, e.g. What do you call the evening meal? Vocabulary and Social Class . Supper is a meal in the evening.It indicates a lighter evening meal.. Supper Examples: What do we have for supper today? In other words, a lighter, informal meal eaten in the evening is known as supper, e.g. Of the many indicators of social class in Britain one of the most common is the choice of meals and names for these meals.

Stockbyte/Getty Images. In some parts of the world, dinner is the last meal of the day, whereas, in some other parts, supper is the last meal of the day. It is said that Supper is the last meal taken by the Jesus before the crucifixion. This concept of dinner and supper changes from culture to culture. © Copyright 2011-2018 Mail us on, to get more information about given services. Two simple words often used interchangeably to describe the general setting of the last meal of the day. Dinner is the largest and most formal meal of the day, which today for most people is eaten in the evening. It is eaten only in the evening after dark, e.g.

However, it always refers to the main meal of the day. It means the Evening meal. Dinner vs Supper . Difference between Supper and Dinner | Infographic, MACRO vs MICRO: What’s the Difference between …, FORMER vs LATTER: Useful Difference between Latter …, FLIER vs FLYER: Useful Differences between Flyer …. Actually, the term ‘supper’ is derived from French souper.

If you grew up in the South post-colonial era, however, chances are your association with the words have more to do with colloquial etymology, rather than the time of day you sat down to eat. The Supper and the Dinner both words are used for the evening meals. This could explain why, in recent times, the word dinner for young working professionals is referred to as the last meal of the day, and lunch is, well, the new version of supper—only eaten earlier in the day.

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