Combat veterans with PTSD are (depending on the case) at higher risk of suicide, at which point firearms can become too convenient. I've been there, too. If you pray hard enough and long enough, they might even modify their plan to your benefit. [10] The challenge to simplistic descriptions in psychology presented by Maze extended to critique of purposivist accounts of psychological homeostasis (1953/2009)[11] and the logically plausible foundations of a concept of attitude (1973/2009).[12]. They migrated independently to Australia as young adults before the First World War, met in Sydney and were married there.

If these are not to your liking, we apologize, but we will enforce: Good for you.

The message about Antifa doesn't say that they're not welcome. Happy capitalism fantasy. This feature is only available to registered users. Most of us really do not want to kill other people. See, that's the problem right there. They are explicitly banhappy for anything not right-leaning enough.

Someone has to be the arbiter. The teacher who refused to give him good grades. And, look, if Parler had come out and said that from the beginning, cool. I think you need to stop pussy-footing about the actual argument you want to carry - that you (for some reason) find it "unfair" that a certain type of vocal minority doesn't get to promote their message to the vast crowds on the popular platforms because the views that minority has to bring is extremely unpopular and very few want to hear it. Just because the corporation can do it, doesn't mean it isn't an abuse of their corporate power. I just realized Antifa is the attack wing of the Deep State. So, anyway, on Monday, we noted that Parler was actually banning a ton of users for a wide variety of reasons -- most of which could be labeled simply as "trolling Parler." It has 1.6 million active users (so about the population of Idaho). “That’s how society works, right?

Communism ultimately intends to be a system with no hierarchy, where wealth and power are evenly distributed to the people. Oh? You're much more honest and intelligent than the other retards around here. They're doing it right!". I'd like to contribute to my attorney to SUE Techdirt in court for Defamation like Yours, but he keeps telling me it's CHEAPER to just post here.
Furry (porn only) had similar restrictions.

Here IRL Walmart wins because Walmart has more money and can move into a region and undersell all the small businesses. We've had no shortage of them ourselves, here in europe, at one time or other. And will resurrect old rules and invent new rules as they see fit. Over the last few weeks Parler has become the talk of Trumpist land, with promises of a social media site that "supports free speech." It's important to recognize -- just as we said -- that any website that hosts 3rd party content will eventually have to come up with some plan to enforce some level of content moderation. Fosta, i don't think any website in America can have ads for illegal drugs or sell guns to people under 18,

And if humans weren't human that might be true - but by those criteria communism is also a perfect political model which will work as long as we obtain perfect people to populate it with. Like Parlor if it ever gets a noticeable share of the social media market.

I wonder if Parler, like Conservapedia is just a middle-aged man's personal journey to discovering that he's been wrong all along, and how he processes this new information. So yeah, usually fascism is an endgame while plutocrats fill their coffers from collected taxes and looted detainees hoping to escape before either the people catch on or the Soviets roll into Berlin. Yet here, a Parler fan is embracing this role that is entirely opposite of the site's public statements. But a robust mental health system (along with de-stigmatization of mental healthcare) could put a whopper of a dent in all these things.

I think my grandson is more likely to become a superhero when he grows up. When looking at Conservapedia (the allegedly Conservative leaning Wikipedia) they went from telling the truth without the liberal bias to For the rest of us pretty quickly. Fortunately she never needed it.

You’ve implied in the past that you think the law should force services to adopt such a policy. I'd bet you agree with that.

4chan moderates a bare minimum; it mostly boils down to “illegal content” (mainly CSAM) and “furry art”.

[3],,, Facebook is worth $615 billion.

No doubt because of the leftists. No, the United States is Fucked with a capital F. And it speaks volumes, Anonymous Coward that neither you nor the President of the United States can acknowledge it.

Koby, you apply very very different rules to your friends. The technology is now trivial.

It's one thing to advocate gun control in a society with a functioning social contract.

It sounds like an exciting combination of investing and inventing. I don't know who's paying for Parler's AWS fees, but I doubt it's Ted Cruz, a notable fan, along with everyone else. Would that cheer you up? Parler seems to be going through this growth process in the course of about a week. While I can imagine a nation of laws, I know from experience that is not the nation we have.

On Twitter though, the corporation decides, not the people.

That’s not what free speech is, but whatever.

So, you admit it can never be the size of Facebook, even if every American agrees in lockstep with what's on there (hint: they won't)? (How it does that and sustains that, and can still govern is not made clear in Marxist / Leninist models.). Maze received a Nuffield scholarship in London in 1958. And you don't kill someone dead, rather just wreck their day.

The front page of the site insists that its content moderation is based on the standards of the FCC and the Supreme Court of the United States: Of course, that's nonsensical. That's a policy.

Elsewhere, Parler's CEO says that "if you can say it on the street of New York, you can say it on Parler."

Like the Measles. I'm rich, I'm living near the beach, there are literally hundreds of ladies who will suck my dick for a few pesos right down the block, and LIFE IS GOOD! Anti-fascism is a political ideology. Most conservatives have probably never read much—if any—of her work (not that I blame them; that stuff isn’t really fun or interesting to read).

We have the technology. While realizing, with contempt, what gullible fools they are. Technically, fascism is an inherently right-wing stance.

[2], Hate speech is not a bannable offense on Parler according to its company's CEO, John Matze.
A few years ago, Breitbart went on an extended rampage because Google had created an internal document struggling over the biggest issues in content moderation, in which it included a line about "the good censor". I'm detecting a lot of animosity towards such a platform. Rather, it appeared to demonstrate the level of knowledge of a 20-something tech bro skimming a Wikipedia article about exceptions to the 1st Amendment and just grabbing the section headings without bothering to read the details (or talk to a 1st Amendment lawyer). I never had a problem, but hey, not everyone has my level of obvious charm. And things got tricky.

You’re confusing fascism with corporatism.

Also, more importantly, I've spent a few hours digging through Supreme Court precedents regarding the 1st Amendment and I've failed to find the ruling that says that posting a picture of your shit violates the 1st Amendment. Somehow, I get the feeling that the Breitbart/Trumpist crew isn't going to react the same way to Parler becoming "the good censor" as it did to a Google document that just highlighted the impossible challenges of content moderation. Welcome to my life. Have a job? The address on file for this person is 209 S Stephanie St #b135, Henderson, NV 89012 in Clark County. 4chan's moderators do a lot of moderating, but the rules are mostly about keeping the site running. or sell stolen items like military weapons or explosive devices. But wait...that means the state actually DOES own the means of production, the CEO essentially just being the government official in charge and the board of shareholders just being another political committee. "I think you’re assuming capitalism is the same as laissez-faire economics...".

A tree has many leaves (one leaf, two leaves). But that doesn't work. But those spammers' and trolls' speech is, again (I feel like I'm repeating myself) very much protected by the 1st Amendment. It might be they'll ban based on fraud.

Not sexy enough.

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