A guy in Azerbaijan told me “You’re lying!” after telling him I’m French! We are no longer looking at ‘No Negroes Allowed’ and stuff like that, but you’re looking at the same thing, which says, these are barriers here. I finally see you!” In 97% of cases, people ask for pictures in a friendly way and with kindness so I just play along. I was not going to get off the bus to try to get anything to eat. (2019). [music]. And he ran out before me, and I’m still trying to get my coat and my shoes on, talking about, ‘No, my kids is playing.’ And surely enough, as I walk across the street around a little track where I could see the kids, my son is laying on the ground with 10 police officers surrounding him. And I remember being so frustrated because we could not eat on the highway if the train stopped. I remember being about 7, maybe 10 years old in Hecht’s department store when a little girl called me a nigger and spat on me. You can’t tell us what we can’t do. People are going to stop talking to stare at you, sometimes come up to you, in some rare cases they’re gonna touch your skin… A lively restaurant with a lot of noise got more silent than a cathedral in less than 10 seconds when I got in. But I said it before and I repeat myself, in 95% of my travels, I had no problems. What about the LGBTQ community? Wanna know what it's like to travel in some areas of the world as a black person? https://www.cbsnews.com/video/green-book-traveling-while-black Planning: Broadband Internet is relatively common these days, but you should still consider the following questions: So the immigration officials search you, they check 15 times to make sure your passport is not a fake one… Several times, some officials wanted to make sure I was actually really French, so they were testing me out in French. [music] It was created by a Harlem postal worker, Victor Green, and his colleagues, who gathered a listing of restaurants, bars, hotels and private homes that welcomed black travelers across the country. This was an interesting read.

Young black people don’t have the ‘Green Book’ in front of them, but they have it in their head. People often asked me if I’m annoyed by all those requests, it can be on a very regular basis sometimes (about 50 times per day in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, I’m not lying, and I don’t even count all the invitations at various buffets, to have tea, to have dinner…). But like you, I don’t let these incidents deter me from my love for travel. But I’ve never seen a heads up section to tell a Muslim traveller if they’re going to a country where mosques are firebombed, or a black person that they will draw attention, nor risks for LGBT ones either. I'm Roobens, from Paris. They also let me ride in the front seat as a passenger.” “Of the police car.” “Of the ambulance.” “Of the ambulance.” “So I never even got a chance to get back close to my son, to hold his hand, to kiss him and let him know that it was going to be all right. I posed with people who were walking alone and spotted me, with groups of girls, with entire families “Hold my baby in your arms and let’s take a picture all together!“, even military men at the border in Tajikistan wanted to get their picture with me! Traveling while black means developing reflexes without realizing it.

Obviously, if everything goes well, they’re gonna roll out the red carpet for the next black person stopping by! Let me know in the comments! However, winter comes and the animals soon realize that their lives are in danger. If we were running out of ice, they’d say, ‘Hey, Joe, go get some ice for me’ — kind of place. And I am really frightened for black men traveling while black. So it was terrible. I chose to go with Tamir, and I had to leave two children at the scene of a crime.” [music] “Everybody see what happened to my son. Whether you’re driving coast to coast or flying from JFK to Narita, here are the watches that will keep you on time. And I was like in denial. • Were there any surprises?

I first start to talk about racial profiling because it’s the first obstacle you’re gonna potentially face when you travel (at immigration before getting in a country). When you twist the watch’s bezel, it moves the hour hand on the main dial, meaning that when traveling you don’t need to fiddle with the crown when you change time zones.

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