12.2 km from at 16:31 September 30, 1999 UTC, Location: Latest earthquakes in Mexico: interactive map & list / VolcanoDiscovery. The magnitude 7.4 quake struck at … 16.2 km from 5.2 km from Mexico hit by magnitude 7.4 earthquake that triggered a tsunami alert for Pacific coastlines along Central America.

(19.2 miles), 2017-09-19 18:14:38 UTC 7.2 km from (5.2 miles), 1997-01-11 20:28:26 UTC Federal civil defense authorities reported two more deaths: a worker at the state-run oil company, Pemex, fell to his death from a refinery structure, and a man died in the Oaxaca village of San Agustin Amatengo when a wall fell on him. MEXICO CITY -- A powerful earthquake centered near the southern Mexico resort of Huatulco on Tuesday killed at least five people, swayed buildings in Mexico City and sent thousands fleeing into the streets. at 18:02 March 20, 2012 UTC, Location: If the application does not load, try our legacy Latest Earthquakes application.

Diabetic and with high blood pressure, Juárez said she thought about her five children. Find articles, news, videos, pictures, links and facts about Mexico. About 200 houses in the area were damaged, including 30 that were badly impacted, according to a local official. The U.S. Geologic Survey said the quake hit at 10:29 a.m. along Mexico's southern Pacific coast at a depth of 16 miles. Groups of people still milled around in close proximity on streets and sidewalks in some neighborhoods of the capital about an hour after the quake. Otherwise it requires prior written permission from the institution. Santiago Taboada, mayor of Benito Juárez in Mexico City, told Telemundo News that his town suffered minor damage and that phones lines went down temporarily. Santiago Llano Grande Guacamayas 31.2 km from Santa María Zapotitlán Pantla (1.2 miles), 2017-09-08 04:49:21 UTC It was felt in Guatemala and throughout south and central Mexico. A man from Iztapalapa was taken to a hospital after "a high voltage cable fell on him," Sheinbaum said, adding that a child was also taken to a children's hospital. No earthquakes reported today. 24.2 km from 2020-06-23 15:29:04 UTC 5.2 km from at 19:52 November 29, 1978 UTC, Location: at 15:35 October 09, 1995 UTC, Location: Otherwise it requires prior written permission from the institution. Servicio Sismológico Nacional, Instituto de Geofísica, UNAM. #PemexInforma que por sismo con epicentro en costas de Oaxaca, la refinería "Antonio Dovalí Jaime" en Salina Cruz fue puesta en paro seguro por registro de disparo en los turbo generadores y caldera, lo que provocó un conato de incendio que fue sofocado de inmediato.

Epicenter at 18.048, -102.084 (18.2 miles), 1995-10-21 02:38:57 UTC

"The man was 15 meters below ground, with an earthquake shaking everything, in almost darkness and in a small space. Mexico has had: (M1.5 or greater) 7 earthquakes in the past 24 hours 26 earthquakes in the past 7 days; 158 earthquakes in the past 30 days; 2,228 earthquakes in the past 365 days Santa María Zapotitlán A major earthquake measuring 7.4 in magnitude struck along Mexico's west coast off the state of Oaxaca Tuesday, triggering a tsunami warning stretching from Acapulco to … In the past 35 years, there have been at least seven magnitude 7 or greater earthquakes, killing around 10,000 people — most of them in a 1985 8.0 quake. Epicenter at 15.068, -93.715 Seismic alarms sounded midmorning with enough warning for residents to exit buildings. in MX, Light earthquake: M4.7 quake has struck near Puerto Madero in Mexico, Light earthquake, 4.1 mag has occurred near Colonia Aeropuerto in Mexico, Light earthquake, 4.4 mag strikes near La Esperanza (El Zapotal) in Mexico, Light earthquake: M4.6 quake has struck near Magallanes in Philippines, Light earthquake 4.3 mag, 4 km S of Mancuernas, Mexico, Light earthquake: M4.3 quake has struck near Vicente Guerrero in Mexico, Moderate earthquake, 5.1 mag strikes near Buenos Aires in Mexico, Light earthquake 4.4 mag, 7 km SSE of San Miguel del Puerto, Mexico, Light earthquake, 4.7 mag has occurred near Loreto in Mexico, Light earthquake, 4.1 mag strikes near La Esperanza (El Zapotal) in Mexico, Minor earthquake: M2.88 quake has struck near Niland in CA, Light earthquake, 4.5 mag strikes near Champerico in Guatemala, Minor earthquake, 3.29 mag was detected near Calipatria in CA. “The important thing is how fast the plates are moving relative to each other.”. at 02:38 October 21, 1995 UTC, Location: In 2003, a M 7.6 earthquake in Colima, Mexico, resulted in 29 fatalities, destroyed more than 2,000 homes and left more than 10,000 people homeless.

In March 2012, a M 7.4 earthquake 250 km to the northwest of the June 23rd, 2020 event killed 2 and injured 11 in the Oaxaca region. Vallecitos de Zaragoza Follow NBC Latino on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Information and facts about all earthquakes today. Epicenter at 18.481, -102.996 Information earthquakes of magnitude greater, is published in about 5 minutes when preliminary data are generated automatically or about 30 minutes after the occurrence of the event, already reviewed by a seismologist analyst information. Ajuchitlán del Progreso Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said at a news conference that more than 30 buildings in the capital suffered damage, including several government buildings. (25.2 miles), 1985-09-21 01:37:13 UTC Delta The USGS estimated that some 2 million people felt strong or moderate shaking and another 49 million felt weak or light shaking. Oaxaca Gov. Epicenter at 16.081, -95.867 (3.2 miles), 2010-04-04 22:40:43 UTC at 20:42 June 15, 1999 UTC, Location: Earthquake breaking news, Light World Earthquakes Magnitude 4-4.9, Earthquake breaking news, Minor World Earthquakes Magnitude -3.9, Earthquake breaking news, Moderate World Earthquakes Magnitude 5–5.9, © 2020 Earthquakes today - Current and latest world earthquakes breaking news, activity and articles today. Epicenter at 16.558, -98.358 Champerico Churches, bridges and highways also suffered damage during the quake. Moreno told NBC News. Join the discussion on Facebook or Twitter and find more about temblor, tremor or quakes that have occurred in Mexico quakes. 2.2 km from (3.2 miles). For more information, see our Earthquakes catalog, Made in Mexico, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), all rights reserved 2016. (22.2 miles), 1970-04-29 14:01:35 UTC José María Morelos In Juchitan, Eunice Pineda, 26, told Reuters she feared her house would collapse. (10.2 miles), 1999-06-15 20:42:05 UTC

It was felt throughout south and central Mexico and Guatemala.

Tehuacán 6.2 km from Inside a Mexico City military barracks converted to COVID-19 hospital, medical staff suited in protective equipment tried to calm anxious patients. San Luis The teacher said the earthquake“was two minutes of torture.”. 31.2 km from To access USGS earthquake information without using javascript, use our Magnitude 2.5+ Earthquakes, Past Day ATOM Feed or our other earthquake feeds . Epicenter at 18.219, -102.756 We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Alejandro Murat said a second person was killed in an apparent house collapse in the mountain village of San Juan Ozolotepec and a third died in circumstances he did not explain. Armeria 11.2 km from

69.2 km from List of recent and latest earthquakes recorded in and close to this area today and now.

An earthquake of magnitude 7.5 struck Mexico’s Pacific coast state of Oaxaca Tuesday, damaging roads and buildings and leaving at least six people dead in the state, authorities said. All information you need to know about Mexico. Earthquake news and analysis on current events, Plate Tectonics, Seismometers, quake prediction, environment, Tsunamis, Seismologists, Prediction, live now, videos, information, pictures and much more. (6.2 miles), 1981-10-25 03:22:15 UTC

Epicenter at 18.386, -97.436 She reports, writes and produces stories for NBC Latino and NBCNews.com. Earthquakes in Mexico today. San Agustín Loxicha Epicenter at 16.01, -96.591 “It is not unexpected to see a magnitude 6 at this point and a number of smaller ones.”. “You’ve got all sorts of plates and they’re moving quickly,” Earle said.

Epicenter at 18.77, -104.104 Epicenter at 17.397, -100.972 (8.2 miles), 1979-03-14 11:07:16 UTC 41.2 km from Nicole Acevedo is a reporter for NBC News Digital. Pemex also said the quake caused a fire at its refinery in the Pacific coast city of Salina Cruz, relatively near the epicenter. at 18:14 September 19, 2017 UTC, Location: Epicenter at 18.404, -102.973 This page can be reproduced for non-profit purposes, with the provision that it cannot be altered, and that it quotes the complete source and electronic address.

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