The very hide of that man when Fortescue provides so much to fuel the WA economy; the absolute hide.

I believe they are basically right. ’30 years of Creative Resistance’ is a compilation of writing and art celebrating the work of Friends of the Earth Australia over the last thirty years. Imagine being spat upon, kicked, sworn at, cursed, or threatened. William Ferguson (Australian Aboriginal leader), Brian Manning (trade unionist and activist),, Template Category TOC via CatAutoTOC on category with 101–200 pages, CatAutoTOC generates standard Category TOC, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 July 2020, at 20:12. Georgatos: Why do 40% of Australia’s First Peoples continue to live in poverty, with a significant proportion in Third World-akin poverty? Me: Many people are put off from discussing true racism where it exists, given that the victim brigade are constantly crying wolf, claiming racism is around every corner.

“Twiggy” should give the aborigines a bucket and spade and say, “there you go, mate; start digging”. There is so much to learn from the stories of past collective action for social and ecological justice. A 4 part podcast series from community radion station 3CR celebrating 45 years of direct action by environmental group, Friends of the Earth FOE. When non-Aboriginal Australians are told constantly that they are racist for celebrating Australia Day, applying black face for a costume party, or bombarded with the endless, accusatory rhetoric of ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white privilege’, don’t be surprised that the reaction of some will be an emphatic “Stuff you!”. The next time an Aboriginal woman is being battered by her partner the victim should consider contacting Ms McQuire, rather than the police, for help and protection and we’ll see how that works out.

Energy directed at Australia Day protests and promoting the view that this is a racist country would be better directed at leading the people to locations where more opportunities exist. A talk about how the squatting of empty houses and military camps forced governments in Australia to provide emergency shelter in the 1940s. He claimed that saying “Anglos” built the basic infrastructure of our society was like saying Queen Victoria built her yacht! Both revel in victimhood; both insist on a special status in society based on supremacy; both blame all their problems on others; both insist on perpetuating their medieval/stone age “culture”; both are insatiable when it comes to being granted special privileges and material assistance; both wants their “tribal” laws and customs acknowledged a d applied by the Australian judiciary; … What a weird coincidence! I am certainly all for stopping any inappropriate treatment by police of anyone. Telling your own story is powerful! Maybe the NJP would be better off investing the $40,000 they aim to raise in preventing domestic violence, given that Miss Dhu’s father testified she had told him that her boyfriend had “flogged” her and broken her ribs. Subscribe to the newsletter for new resources every month. Redfern: Aboriginal Activism in the 1970scovers a dynamic and turbulent time. This is why they were an underclass in “settled” areas. It is worth noting an eerie parallel between Australian Aborigines and Muslims. Originally from Queensland, he now lives in Sydney and is a researcher at the Australian Catholic University, For those who delight in promoting ‘white man is evil and the cause of all our problems’, here’s a message I wish you would take to heart: while your agenda might be winning popularity contests, Twitter friends and Facebook ‘likes’, it might also be costing lives. In the 2019 Australian federal election, two local campaigns stood out. Now consider what must be one of the most deplorable examples of promoting racial hate: a campaign aimed at encouraging the exposure of “police harassment” by a group calling themselves the National Justice Project (NJP). Consider, for example, the infamous case of Julieka Dhu. Creative tactics for social change: A number of examples of fun, empowering and engaging actions incorporating a creative approach. For privacy information see the About page. Your articles are a perfect example of seeing racism where it isn’t. A list of small actions and major events which challenged the state of Australian society and pointed to better ways forward. I agree with WA Coroner Rosalinda Fogliani’s finding  that police and hospital staff were negligent and their actions — or rather, inactions — contributed to her death. We’re referring of course, to Indi in regional Victoria, and Warringah in Sydney. In addition to expressing my enthusiastic agreement with every word of Anthony’s article, allow me to offer some observations of my own. Its aim is to promote Aboriginal Sunday as a day to draw community attention to Indigenous people in Australia. Learning social movement history can provide insights about strategy, a vast toolbox of potential tactics, and abundant inspiration. Dolly Parton? Georgatos: How can people, all people on this continent, be included in discussing substantively racism and the ways forward but without the pitchfork standoffs?

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