This is a great system with the main … Product Description: This GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen review is about an incredibly functional camping cooking station with plenty of useful features for cooking in the camp.
There are sinks made of a soft material, while some are hard plastic. But we do use services by third parties that either use cookies or may be doing so, yet we do not have any control of it. The whole structure folds in itself for transportation. Your email address will not be published. Note that you also have a drain on the sink. As you see it packs thin and it easily fits in narrow spaces. Buy Ozark Trail Portable Camp Kitchen and Sink Table with Lantern Pole at You can use the sink also as a storage area close at hand. | is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You have practically all you need for your outdoor cooking. Tiawudi 2 Pack Collapsible Sink with 2.25 Gal / 8.5L Each Wash Basin for Washing Dishes, Camping, … « 10 DIY Off Road Trailer Plans To Build Yours Quickly, 10 Best RV Inverter Installation Guides to Fix By Yourself », 15 DIY Roof Top Tent Ideas for Car, RV, and Camper. This makes it easy to use, just unfold and add the tabletop and the other removable pieces. This includes several side tables, storage elements, and a lantern hanger. 30 DIY Camping Sink. You should know that its total weight capacity is more than 170 lb (8o kg). This cooking station is with a non-removable sink, and it is built from a soft material. So when you fold the system, the sink remains in place.

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You will notice that all these items remain relatively large in one or even in two dimensions, but they all pack thin. If so, check the height and see if it fits there. This is a beautifully designed and very functional structure with a cooking tabletop and a sink, plus its side stand for a grill. Affiliate Disclosure: This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen Review, Tangkula 1-Person Tent Cot Review (Foldable Camping Tent with Air Mattress & Sleeping Bag), EasyGo Product Camping Chair for 2 People, Outsunny Folding Zero Gravity Rocking Lounge Chair, Mac Sports H807S-102 Collapsible/Foldable Folding Hammock, 22 Best Reclining Camping Chairs for 2021, Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support, 11 Best Camping Chairs With Cooler & Extra Features. Your email address will not be published. For more details please check in our Privacy Policy page. Required fields are marked *. Some have a drain system and some not. Some sinks are removable and some are not removable.

The dimensions are 13.4 x 9.5 x 3.7 inches (34 x 24 x 9 cm). Make a list of what the table must have, and then check the other features. So they will fit in narrow spaces, no matter if this is in transportation or when you store them at home. This DIY $30 camping sink will prove to be quite a functional project when you … Frame Material: … All the tables are with sink and this is why they are here in the list. This makes them very tall. The dimensions are around 15.75 x 11.4 inches (40 x 29 cm), and it is 4.33 inches (11 cm) deep. The weight is 33.07 lb (15 kg) of weight, and the packed size is 39.5 x 20 x 7 inches (100 x 51 x 18 cm). If you have a small car or a limited space in your trailer, this might be one of the most important parameters to consider. This is a folding system and this is why it is also in our list with best folding camping tables. Stay informed, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, there is a subscription form below. Please read more here. It can hold up to 1.8 gallons (7 L) of water. There are also some differences in the size of these sinks, so check what suits you best. In this site we do not have any cookie tool. It is included in my list of best tables with storage elements. In this case the sink is a removable plastic dishpan without a drain.

So you will use your camp table at places with a car access, therefore the weight may not be the most important parameter. Product Name: GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen. This is a plastic tub and it cleans up easily, it is without a hole to drain it out. Obviously, those are real camping cooking stations and they have many features. It will be updated whenever we find an item worth adding here. But the weight can be of importance for elderly users, and you will notice that the differences in weight can be very substantial. Here is the list with the tables listed by weight from lighter to heavier so if you are choosing by weight this should help: This table is here because of its sink which you see on the right of the tabletop. Side Tables: 4.

As you realize, you have some with a lantern hanger.
So this is the matter of preference, there are big differences so choose what is most essential for you. The sink is around 14 x 10 inches (35 x 25 cm) and it is around 4 inches (10 cm) deep. Shelves: 2.

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